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Monday, July 11, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

5 Things Not To Do In Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go is love. Pokemon Go is life. Pokemon Go will destroy your phone’s battery life. While you’re out and about trying to catch ’em all, here are a few things that you shouldn’t do.

Microsoft Hololens: Australian Hands On 

Three months after Microsoft first opened orders for the development edition of its Hololens augmented reality headset, the expensive devices are still thin on the ground. We were invited by CSIRO’s Data61 group to try one of the few Hololens units in Australia at the moment. Here’s what we thought.

What's Better: Apple Music Or Google Play Music? 

Think streaming music, and the first name that springs to mind is probably Spotify — but there are some great alternatives out there. Both Apple and Google have music services for streaming, downloads, and playing local files across phones, tablets, and desktop. There are lots of different ways to compare the two services, but we’re going to try and simplify it by starting with all the similarities. Here’s how Apple Music compares to Google Play Music.

4 Easy Tricks To Make Firefox Run Faster 

Mozilla Firefox was helping web users avoid Internet Explorer long before Google Chrome arrived, and it’s still going strong. Like all apps though, it can slow down over time. Here are four quick ways you can try to get the spring back in Firefox’s step.

Here's A New Preview Of What Disney's Star Wars Land Will Look Like 

We’re still years away from Star Wars Lands opening at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Construction is happening as you read this, and a new image gives us our best look yet at the insanity that awaits.

The Freaky Artificial Muscles On This Human Skeleton Are The Future Of Robotics 

Using pneumatic pistons and servos to power robots makes them fast and strong, but also bulky and extremely heavy. No one is going to mistake ATLAS for a real human being. To eventually create humanoid-looking robots like the Terminator, we need to mechanically replicate every part of the human anatomy — starting with the muscles.

The Good Guys Is Using Airtasker For Installations 

Airtasker has teamed up with The Good Guys to launch a new app — an after-sales installation platform. 

Pokémon GO Just Made Augmented Reality Mainstream 

Augmented reality — the ability to witness an altered version of our world via a smartphone display, goofy glasses or through a camera — is not new. Thanks to Pokémon GO, though, people might actually start to care about it.

There's A New Dwarf Planet Far Beyond Pluto's Orbit 

Say hello to 2015 RR245, a 700km-wide dwarf planet located approximately 12 billion kilometres from the sun. It takes 700 years to make a complete orbit, making it one of the most remote known objects in the entire solar system of significant size.

This Underwater Glider Just Spent 74 Days At Sea 

A torpedo shaped underwater glider has just completed a 74 day journey through the waters of the Great Australian Bight, returning loaded with information about the bight — along with a few battle scars.

Even More Absurd Rumours About Peter Capaldi's Future On Doctor Who 

More names enter the running for the Flash movie’s lead female role. A familiar foe is confirmed for the next season of Gotham. Get a close look at the cast of Suicide Squad. Plus, a ton of new footage from Ghostbusters and Jason Bourne, and a new clip from Pete’s Dragon. To me, my spoilers!

Gizmodo Is Hiring! Commercial Editor Across Technology And Business 

The Commercial Editor will be responsible for commercial content campaigns ensuring they are delivered on time, on brand, to the satisfaction of readers, publishers and clients. The role will offer the opportunity to work with various departments across the business in order to brainstorm, write and deliver great sponsored content. 

Pokémon GO Is Already Bigger Than Tinder 

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, only safety and physiological comfort are more important than love in our search for self-fulfilment. Maslow was wrong. A stronger driving force than love, apparently, is the need to catch ’em all, seeing how Pokémon GO has already been installed more times after a week than Tinder in five years.