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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Watch This Wacky Automated Breakfast Machine Make Eggs, Toast And Tea 

Video: The most important meal of the day is also the most annoying to make because you’re groggy, in a rush and haven’t had your cup of coffee yet. Genius men Peter Browne and Mervyn Huggett solved that eternal problem of making breakfast by building a machine to, well, make breakfast for them. Yep, like in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the machine spits out soft-boiled eggs, perfect toast, tea and coffee, and even brings out the morning newspaper.

Hasbro Made A Wonky Version Of Mr Potato Head To Help Reduce Food Waste 

Picky shoppers only choosing the most perfectly-shaped and blemish-free produce at grocery stores has led to a tremendous amount of food waste. To illustrate how not-so-perfect fruits and vegetables are still perfectly edible, Hasbro has created a misshaped version of Mr Potato Head to serve as a spokesperson.

Reality Sucks (With Good Reason) For Futuristic Gamers In Short Pandora's Box 

Video: Virtual, or La Caja de Pandora (translation: Pandora’s Box),packs an awful lot of video-game theatrics, grimy real-world atmospherics and fiery special effects into 15 minutes. No wonder creator Daniel Hern√°ndez Torrado, an avowed lover of science fiction and video games, had dreams of making it into a feature film.

WWII Ad Promised That TV Was Just Around The Corner 

Image Cache: I came across this fantastically modern ad in the April 1945 issue of Radio-Craft magazine and just had to share it with you.

The End Of This Insane Car Chase Is Basically Grand Theft Auto In Real Life 

Video: Wow. This video shows the end of a car chase in northeast Houston and it’s totally bananas. The suspect tries to outrun a helicopter in an open field, but while making a break for it, he gets pummelled by a police SUV. Somehow, he bounces off the car, gets back up and manages to keep on running. At this point, a helicopter crew member jumps out of the chopper with his helmet still on and chases after the suspect to tackle him. It’s like watching Grand Theft Auto but in real life. What the hell.

The US Senate Will Finally Stop Using Blackberrys 

Blackberry’s most loyal customer has always been the US government. But it looks like things are changing, for the Senate at least. According to a memo, the US Senate is ending its years-long relationship with Blackberry.

The Sound Of A Spacecraft Entering Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Nightmare Fuel 

As NASA’s Juno mission continues to hurl itself toward Jupiter, the terrifying reality of flying close to the biggest and baddest planet in our solar system is starting to set in. Yesterday, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory dropped recordings that the spacecraft created based on data it collected as it crossed Jupiter’s “bow shock” and entered the magnetosphere. They’re straight-up nightmare fuel.

Speedrunner Reprograms A Super Mario Game To Beat Itself 

Speedrunners have long been exploiting 8-bit games by “reprogramming” them. Pixel-perfect inputs can be used to trigger memory events, usually for the purpose of beating games in fractions of the time it would ordinarily take. A similar exploit exists in the classic Mario Game Boy game 6 Golden Coins, but it exists in a physical, semi-playable form. Welcome to glitch hell.

The Director Of The Shallows Talks Shark Sex And Moving On From Akira 

Since The Shallows is a shark movie, director Jaume Collet-Serra researched the crap out of sharks in preparation — the result of which is a film that explores aspects of the creatures we’ve rarely seen before. The weird thing is that the director himself doesn’t see The Shallows as a shark movie.

Plants Can Make Some Decisions Better Than Humans 

Plants, they’re just like us. Or at least enough like us that they can still judge risk and make good decisions even though they happen to have a few handicaps that we don’t.

People Can't Stop Stealing Thousands Of Kilograms Of Cheese 

Before you slap a piece of bright yellow tasty cheese on your burger this weekend, consider the plight of a poor truck driver in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, whose truck full of cheese was stolen on Friday.

Those Bright Spots On Ceres Are Weirder Than We Imagined 

After months of rampant speculation, scientists announced late last year that the bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres are giant deposits of salt. Case closed, right? Not exactly. We’ve since gotten a better look at the spots, and the craters they reside in, and Ceres is shaping up to be a much weirder place than we imagined.

The Dark Tower Set Photos Reveal An Ominous Matthew McConaughey As The Man In Black  

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower has been shooting for a while now, but most of that was happening in South Africa. This week, the film moved to New York City, and the increase of prying eyes caught a glimpse of Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg, the Man in Black.