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Friday, July 15, 2016


One of our most anticipated tech products of the year, the modular Moto Z and Moto Z Force​, are now in house. We'll be spending much more time with them before running our full review, but our early impressions show possibly the most innovative smartphone we've seen in years.Read more
Understandably, drones aren't usually welcome around airplanes, but Airbus is making an exception to that rule. The aerospace firm has been testing and demonstrating how drones can be used for quality inspection before planes are delivered to customers.Read more
​​A team of researchers from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Flanders, Belgium, has discovered a link regarding the level of friction between an exoplanet's lower atmosphere and the surface of tidally-locked exoplanets, and their potential for supporting life.Read more
We spent a week with the Beetle Dune that harkens back to the Baja Bugs of the 1960s and 1970s. Although this modern rendition isn't built to tackle the open desert, sand dunes and beaches​ like the vehicles that inspired it, we found the Beetle Dune to hold a lot of appeal nonetheless.Read more
RIBA has announced the six finalists taking part in this year's annual Stirling Prize. Outstanding projects include a luxury concrete house, an Oxford University building with a dazzling glazed facade, and a public art gallery featuring artist Damien Hirst's private collection.Read more
For the most part, the remarkable modern TV screens we get to enjoy are surrounded by dull, gray or black plastic. Samsung is aiming to change that with the 4K Serif, which features a frame designed to look at home in an art gallery.Read more
Smartphones can take the place of cycling computers, but comes with their own set of problems. Bycle is a new mount that angles the camera to the path in front, but keeps the screen in a flat, accessible position, and includes an app to let you record videos of your ride with a stat overlay.Read more
Most factory robots don't have the ability to stop or subtly adjust their motion, so anyone who gets in the way is at risk of injury. Ford thinks it's found a way around this problem, putting humans side-by-side with robots in its Cologne factory. ​​​Read more
​The BMW 7 Series has been boosted with V8 and V12 options, but there's been no hybrid variant to cater for oligarchs with an environmental conscience. That hole has been plugged with the 740i ePerformance, a limousine with claimed economy figures to rival three-cylinder hatchbacks. Read more
Broadsword Spine is an electronic textile device incorporated into a soldier's clothing that acts as an invisible data network and power supply by replacing wires and cables with conductive fabrics.Read more
Shen Ao shovels are like larger than life Swiss Army knives. The latest, the 3.9-foot (1.2-m) Z3, relies on a modular handle and multipurpose blade to light up camp, cut wood, start fires and charge your phone. And it can even dig a hole.Read more
Octopi are well-known for their grabby tentacles. Now, scientists have developed a material that mimics the sucker discs on those tentacles. It could be used for adhesive pads that are reversible, reusable, fast-acting, and effective even in wet conditions.Read more
Researchers from New York University Shanghai and the University of Hong Kong discovered that playing action-based video games can strengthen a person's visual motor skills and possibly improve real-world skills such as driving.Read more
Ants, the micro icons of industriousness and organization, apparently can teach us something about how computer networks work and how they can be improved as well. Read more
Adding something that gives it a bit more bling without tarnishing the original patina of a classic motor car makes for a special day. After adding new wheels to a 1965 Dodge Dart GT, we added RimBlades protectors and then tested everything out in a local parade.Read more
​Thanks to a new NASA video, you can get some sense of what a trip to Pluto would feel like – including an almost-landing on its surface near the big heart-shaped feature now known as Tombaugh Regio​.​Read more
Earlier this year, Jeep announced that it would be releasing limited edition models of its entire lineup to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Today, it's provided a little more info of how the 75th Anniversary special edition of its Wrangler will shape up.Read more
The Zenmuse Z3 is an integrated zoom camera for aerial photography. The 12-megapixel camera from DJI offers drone snappers the ability to zoom in on subjects from the sky and uses an updated version of DJI's gimbal technology to help deliver quality images.Read more
A new amber discovery showcases a drama that took place about 50 million years ago when a bug go so startled, it jumped out of its own exoskeleton.Read more
Having broken the news that its new console won't be making an appearance until next year, Nintendo has unexpectedly pulled an old one out of the bag. The Nintendo Classic Mini will let you relive NES games of yore and comes loaded with old favorites like Mario, Zelda and Metroid.Read more
Einstein starred at Christie's London auctions on July 13 alongside a number of landmark scientific works by Besler, Rheticus, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Schoner and Luca Pacioli.Read more
A simple, versatile light powered by the sun, the Suli brings light to everyone from outdoor lovers to those living off the electrical grid. It meets that diversity of needs by screwing onto a bottle to create a simple lamp, mounting to a bicycle to serve as a safety light and more.Read more
​​A teaser video has started to make the rounds showing what appears to be a resurrection of one of Honda's most famous and beloved motorcycles - the CBR250RR "babyblade." If it's as lightweight, quick and mean-looking as its predecessor, this mini-supersports machine should be a ton of fun.​Read more
Your iPhone is precious, and precious things deserve to be taken care of. What your phone really needs is The Anti-Gravity Case. With an understated, classy design and nano-suction technology to stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal and more, this case will keep your iPhone safe from harm, and look great doing it.Read more