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Thursday, July 7, 2016


With design work already starting on next-generation fighters for the 2040s, BAE Systems and the University of Glasgow are looking at a faster, cheaper way to produce unmanned air vehicles (UAV), where they aren't constructed, but grown in computer-controlled chemical vats in a matter weeks.Read more
You'd think that tiny house builders would struggle to think up new ideas on how to make each project different - but if that's the case, we're not seeing any signs of it yet. Wind River Tiny Homes' Triton features a unique floorplan that includes a walk-in closet and a home office.Read more
Fujifilm has announced the X-T2, its latest high-end mirrorless camera, and the first X-Series device to boast 4K video recording. The retro-styled X-T2 also features a 24-megapixel sensor and improved autofocus options.Read more
The latest solar-powered EV concept comes from China's Hanergy Holding Group. Actually, that should read the "latest four solar-powered EVs." Hanergy unveiled a quartet of thin-film solar cell-equipped vehicles over the weekend. Read more
Samsung is the first to offer a taste of the next-gen memory cards.​Its new Universal Flash Storage cards are the same size as microSDs, but can match the blazingly-fast data transfer speeds of solid state drives.​​Samsung's new cards are the first to hit the market.Read more
The KokoNut is a serious luxury yacht, for serious buyers with a serious amount of cash at their disposal. With a luxurious sunbed, glass-walled dining room and space for 10, the KokoNut takes Wally's base model and makes it fit for a seafaring millionaire.Read more
Virtual reality drawing and sculpting programs like Tilt Brush and Medium let you tap into your creative side. In that vein comes the music-making suite SoundStage, where you can set up a virtual music studio and jam without needing any actual equipment – beyond a HTC Vive.Read more
The chip-packed boards within modern electronic devices are a mystery to most people. In an effort to make it easier to understand how these marvels of modern technology actually work, engineer James Newman​ has built a room-sized computer he calls the Megaprocessor​.Read more
Houseplants have never been known as great conversationalists, but it’s possible we just can’t hear what they’re saying. A company in the UK, Vivent, is hoping to rectify that with a device that picks up the tiny electrical signals emitted by plants and broadcasts them through a speaker.Read more
Brabus is best known for producing ultra-powerful versions of AMG Mercedes sports cars, but the tuning house also has experience making Smart cars slightly faster than they were before. In keeping with that tradition, the latest Smart Brabus packs a 109-hp three-cylinder under its boot floor.Read more
​Pac-Man’s been around for 36 years now, and in that time he’s had his fair share of remakes and reboots, but he’s never inspired anything on this scale. That’s because said scale is microscopic, with the entire game taking place in a maze less than 1 mm wide, populated by predatory microbes.Read more
Two things that scream "American summer!" are the bright, hot sun and hot dogs cooking under it. The new GoSun Solar Dogger ties those two even closer. A slimmer, more portable GoSun cooker, the Solar Dogger harnesses the power of the sun to cook hot dogs, sausages and other compact, tubular foods.Read more
The OnePlus 3​ and iPhone 6s Plus​ are about as different as two flagship smartphones can be. One crams a surprisingly high-end spec sheet into an aggressively low price; the other relies on brand recognition to use sky-high profit margins. Read on, as we compare their features and specs.Read more
A new study from Penn State finds that air pollution is having a dramatic effect on bees' pollination habits.Read more
A new study shows that the protein AMPK regulates the neurons in the brain responsible for making you feel hungry. The findings may have implications in the treatment of obesity.Read more
Hyperloop One, the proposed faster-than-airplane transport system, has presented a study highlighting the economic feasibility and benefits of creating a route between the Finnish capital, Helsinki, and the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Read more
​Growing muscle for lab-based testing is a tough process, and previous attempts to do so – making use of plastic scaffolds – have failed to produce fully-formed muscle fibers. Now, a team from USC has taken a different approach, using a water-logged gel, or “hydrogel,” as a scaffold.Read more
A Surface-inspired 2-in-1 might not seem like an obvious rival to Apple's 12-inch Macbook​, but once you get past the different form factors, there's quite a bit of overlap. Let's compare the Huawei MateBook​ and 12-inch Retina MacBook.Read more
With the ultimate goal of providing affordable homes in cities where living space is increasingly at a premium, a German company is shooting for the moon by landing on the rooftops. Cabin Spacey's small, prefab shelters are designed to be installed on top of buildings, or in other unused sites.Read more
A robotic glove that was originally designed for use on the ISS has been licensed for use back home, where it could be put to work helping manufacturing workers. Developed in partnership between GM and NASA, the RoboGlove is designed to provide the user with extra gripping strength.Read more
A team of schoolkids from the UK has built a rocket-powered mini racing car capable of reaching speeds of over 48 mph. Slim Jim won the inaugural BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition, for which participants had to use foam, solid fuel rockets and BBC micro:bit computers to build their cars.Read more
As traction control, engine mapping and suspension systems get smarter, it's become possible to change a car's character on the fly. In the Ford F-150 Raptor, those modes will let you turn your road-going truck into everything from a rock-crawler to a wannabe Baja racer. Read more
Scientists have created a thin polymer film that oscillates when exposed to sunlight, which could be used as a coating on photovoltaic panels in dusty locations such as deserts.Read more
Jaguar Land Rover yesterday fully opened a new £20 million (US$25.9 million) Technical Centre in Coventry, UK. The facility is the new headquarter of its Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) arm, which was launched in 2014, and is said to have been inspired by a Formula 1 engineering center.Read more
Toilet Foot. It might sound like a disease you get from walking barefoot in dodgy bathrooms but, in fact, it's a new invention that lets you convert any home toilet into one that can be flushed with a foot pedal. It's now raising funds – and a few eyebrows – on Kickstarter.Read more
Summer is here, and this funky portable speaker will provide your summer soundtrack on all of your adventures. Bluetooth-ready and extremely durable, this speaker will have you dancing at the beach, campsite or block party. Even cooler: LED lights on the speaker react to the music, adding ambiance and making you the life of the party.Read more