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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


​Jupiter got a little less lonely today as NASA's Juno deep-space probe arrived after a five-year journey capped by a dramatic engine maneuver that placed it in orbit around the Solar System's largest planet for a 20-month science mission.​Read more
New Frontier Tiny Homes looked to Scandinavia for inspiration when building its Riverside tiny house. Sure to turn heads with a distinctive ebony stained cedar board and batten siding, the tiny house is offered as a turnkey model, so contains everything required to move in right away.Read more
The mystery of the origins of the moons may have been solved by a new study that gives weight to the theory a huge collision between Mars and an ancient protoplanet resulted in the creation of Phobos and Deimos, as well as several other now-missing moons.Read more
A team of Belgian scientists has developed what is billed as the most sensitive "electronic nose" yet. The chemical sensor detects pesticides and nerve gases and has a design that could see it integrated with electronics such as your smartphone. Read more
Dutch telco KPL reported last week that the Netherlands was the first country to switch on a nationwide IoT network. Now SK Telecom reports that it has also completed its own network across South Korea, announcing prices for its IoT services and its future plans for the network.Read more
Kyburz is a Swiss company specializing in electric vehicles for delivery and industrial businesses. The eRod, which was first presented at this year's Geneva Motor Show and comes in three variants, is its first foray into the world of sports cars.Read more
Prostate exams are difficult for med students to learn, thanks to the internal nature of the examination and a lack of willing test subjects. Scientists are developing a robotic rectum that recreates the feel of the real thing and even provides haptic feedback.Read more
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) called ALPHA has consistently beaten other AIs and a retired United States Air Force Colonel in a high-fidelity, air-combat simulator using a genetic-fuzzy system to do what was thought to be the job of supercomputers.​Read more
Those monitoring the post-Fukushima situation have received some good news, with scientists reporting that after experiencing the largest ever release of radioactive material into the world's oceans, radiation levels across the Pacific are fast returning to normal. ​Read more
A new floating home combines the UAE's penchant for the finer things in life with Dutch maritime engineering expertise. The Waterlovt is aimed at providing its owners with all the bells and whistles of a luxury apartment, the freedom of a waterborne lifestyle and the autonomy of off-grid living.Read more
The Biomimicry Institute has announced the 10 winners of the 2016 edition of the food systems challenge. Contestants were asked to look to nature to create solutions for any aspect of the food system. Some of them will now compete for a grand prize of $100,000.Read more
​​​Electric mobility scooters are sedate li'l things, designed simply for helping their riders make it down smooth, forgiving sidewalks … right? Well no, not necessarily. Toronto-based Daymak Inc. has just announced the Boomer Beast, a rugged AWD three-wheeler.Read more
Having previewed the competing teams and tried out one of the cars ourselves in the run-up to the event, we're now able to reveal the results of the 2016 Shell Eco-marathon Europe, which was held in London over the weekend. The overall winning team was French team Microjoule-La Joliverie.Read more
Swedish musician and maker Martin Molin has redesigned a 4 year-old manual music box used by his band Wintergatan live on stage. Programming paper is wrapped around a large collapsible wooden wheel and pulled through a tinkle-tinkle music box mechanism by a motorized Lego paper feeder.Read more
The latest effort to improve gun safety comes from Israeli startup Zore, which has developed a lock that provides access to a firearm in response to a personalized pin code, offering what the company claims is fast access to the weapon in any circumstances, including the dark.Read more
The harsh reality is you waste time typing the same thing over and over, whether you notice it or not— but that’s where TextExpander comes in. This highly popular app allows you to create custom shortcuts that populate any set of text or images you want to save you the time and effort of typing. Whether it’s HTML formatting, a salutation, or even a lengthy email, you’ll find minutes and hours freed up.Read more