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Monday, July 4, 2016


​Earthrace has been criss-crossing the globe in search of illegal fishing and hunting operations since 2006. Now, the team is trying to create a new trimaran capable of assisting law enforcement on long-range, open-water missions.Read more
​​With the installation of a final triangular panel on July 3, 2016, construction has been completed on the gargantuan Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) in Dawodang, Kedu Town, Guizhou Province, China.Read more
Tiny houses are all about balance: the smaller they are, the less comfortable they tend to be. Wind River Tiny Homes recently completed an off-grid tiny home that appears to get the balance just right, offering ample storage space, a nice interior layout, and plenty of home comforts too.Read more
Swarm, a new chip architecture developed at MIT, automates critical aspects of parallel processing to speed up multi-core CPUs by up to 75 times, while requiring programmers to write a fraction of the code​.Read more
As the race to release a fully-autonomous car to consumers gets hotter, BMW is one of the first to set a date on when it plans on delivering. The iNEXT is set to land in 2021, a goal edging closer with the announcement of a partnership between BMW, Intel and Mobileye.Read more
A new study is throwing further weight behind an old idea of using electrical pulses to scare off sharks by overstimulating their senses, with a comprehensive study finding the Shark Shield can deter attacks 90 percent of the time.​Read more
Despite predictions of the death of dedicated handheld gaming consoles, a new contender is throwing its hat into the portable ring, with an enticing claim of allowing gamers to play full PC games on the go.Read more
Holding the Olympics in Rio has created a new set of adversaries for athletes: bugs and bacteria. The US Olympic rowing team will be going into battle with a new anti-microbial unisuit, designed to help keep them safe from whatever lurks within the waters in Lagoa Stadium. ​​Read more
​Modern Formula 1 might lack the drama of days gone by, but drivers still need lightning reflexes ​to make sure they don't end up in a tire wall. To prove how fast drivers react, Force India's Nico Hulkenberg strapped on some eye-tracking goggles and cut some hot laps.Read more
NASA Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) is edging closer towards the space agency's goal of 100-day-long flights, coming down to land on Saturday after 46 days in the air to set a new mid-latitude duration record for a balloon of its type. Read more
Sufferers of type 1 diabetes are required to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels and administer insulin. But the daily hassle of self-care for patients could soon be reduced, as a new study concludes that automated “artificial pancreas” systems could be available in as little as two years.Read more
​​If you've just realized that your wardrobe is lacking a spacesuit, fear not. On July 20, Bonhams is holding its eighth annual Space History auction in New York City, which will feature not one, but two near-complete spacesuits. Read more
​​Astronomers have released a stunning infrared view of the deep Universe containing a number of galaxies created in the first billion years following the birth of the cosmos​.Read more
If you're having trouble shaking your cravings for doughnuts, hamburgers and pizza, the key to curbing them could come from a new appetite-suppressing supplement based on a compound released by gut bacteria. Read more
​The Huawei MateBook​ is part sizzle, part lukewarm – a slim and sexy 2-in-1 that has a few work-related inconveniences. How does it match up next to its obvious muse? Let's compare the features and specs of the MateBook and Microsoft Surface Pro 4​.Read more
A new study suggests that changes in the ocean's acidic levels due to atmospheric carbon dioxide could change the predator-prey relationship of ocean life, by tipping the scales in favor of the predator.​Read more
​If you like stock Android and good bang for your buck, OnePlus phones are competing with Google's Nexus line as your best choices. In case you're considering the two, let's see how their features and specs compare.Read more
For avid backpackers, the search for a lightweight pack that is both comfortable and able to carry a hefty load seems to be never-ending. Kuiu believes it's come up with a solution, with its redesigned Ultra and Icon lightweight backpacking systems that can handle up to 150 lb (68 kg).​Read more
Victory successfully contested the Centennial Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the electric Empulse RR and the Project 156 concept. With wins at their respective classes, Electric and Exhibition Powersports, they managed second and third place in the overall motorcycle classification.Read more
French startup Pollen has introduced a capable-looking, high resolution machine for the professional market called Pam, which can handle up to four different materials and comes in at a fraction of the cost of the Objet500 Connex3 multi-material printer from Stratasys.Read more
Here's a big first for 2016: we have two major smartphone manufacturers launching modular flagships. Not all "modular," though, is created equal. Let's break down the specs, features and different takes on swapping out parts in the Moto Z​ and LG G5​.Read more
If the recent pace of development at Faraday Future is anything to go by, the electric car startup will fare well when it competes in the Formula E championship for the first time next season. Faraday is to become the core technical partner and title sponsor of existing Formula E team Dragon Racing.Read more
With its new Seeker backpack, and the two bike mounts launched alongside it, GoPro is looking to make it easier for amateur and professional adventurers alike to take their action cams with them.Read more
One of the best parts about becoming a coder? You can easily jumpstart a freelance career. In this bundle you'll learn essential coding skills that will translate easily to the freelance space. Say goodbye to the 9 to 5 and hello to freelance freedom.Read more