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Monday, July 18, 2016


SpaceX scored a double success today by sending a Dragon cargo ship​ into orbit and nailing another ground landing​ - the first such landing since the Orbcomm 2 mission last December.Read more
While Nintendo’s second ever mobile effort has already won a legion of fans, a lot of people out there will be scratching their heads and thinking “What the hell is this Pokemon Go thing all about, anyway?” Dive in as Gizmag takes the plunge and boots up the hottest mobile game of the summer.Read more
Less is more when it comes to a tiny home's weight, but when it comes to floorspace, more is more appealing. With its spacious and light-filled interior, plus a high-end finish, this as-yet-unnamed tiny house ticks all the right boxes.Read more
Robotic cooking aids are gaining traction in the modern kitchen, but the team behind Obi has a goal more noble than just cooking up a gourmet storm. This little robot arm is designed to empower people afflicted with physical disabilities, giving them back the dignity of feeding themselves.Read more
The ambitious Square Kilometer Array​ (SKA) project has started to bear fruit. Despite being only a quarter of its final size, the partially completed MeerKAT radio telescope in the Karoo region in South Africa ​has already delivered a fresh perspective on the cosmos. Read more
With a garage full of hypercars and a helicopter in the hangar, the next logical step is to get into the superyacht game. Should it see the light of day, this Hareide Design Concept could be the yacht to fill that multi-million dollar floating hole in your life.Read more
Propel RC has announced a line of Star Wars “Battling Quad” drones, including the Speeder Bike, Tie Advanced X1, X-Wing Starfighter and of course, the Millennium Falcon. Each hand-painted model can get up to 40 km/h (25 mph) and comes equipped with lasers for dogfights with other pilots.Read more
A lot has changed since Willys-Overland won the contract to build off-roaders for the US Army in 1941, but the basic Jeep formula has remained largely the same. That lineage is thrown into focus with the Wrangler Salute concept, a modern car dressed up to celebrate its 75 year-old forebears. Read more
Anyone who commutes on two wheels will know there's a world of gadgets that can be strapped to your bike to make life easier and safer. Volata’s new bike is designed to be the antidote to this overload, neatly integrating those various bits and pieces into one cohesive package. ​Read more
​​NASA's Mars 2020 rover looks to be on track with the space agency announcing that the unmanned explorer has gone on to the fourth phase of its development, which includes final system assembly, testing, and launch. Read more
The Venture OHV (off highway vehicle) teardrop trailer from North Carolina's Inka Outdoor makes an immediate impression, whether on-highway or off. Its gullwing doors give it a distinct look, while a rugged chassis and build allow it to go places other trailers wouldn't dare. Read more
Join us as we take a look at seven of the very worst video games controllers ever made. And there isn't an N64 controller in sight …Read more
​British defense and aerospace company BAE Systems is looking to revolutionize how we measure airspeed, replacing conventional, air-pressure-based systems with tech that bounces around ultraviolet lasers to get the job done.​Read more
​​New York-based robotics startup Autonomous is looking to merge real-life drone racing with a virtual reality experience with its new Drone Racing Kit. Read more
Astronomers say they've made the most precise measurements to date of dark energy, while pinpointing the positions of 1.2 million galaxies in the largest ever 3D map of the universe. The map covers over a quarter of the sky, spanning a volume of 650 cubic billion light years.Read more
Despite its equine logo, even Ford is unsure whether its iconic Mustang was named after the wild horses of the American West or the P-51D Mustang plane. Fortunately, the carmaker is happy to play fast and loose with the story so as to create cars like the P-51D-inspired "Ole Yeller" Mustang.Read more
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you're aware of the sensation that is Pokémon Go. We can't help but think Lenovo's upcoming Tango-enabled Phab2 Pro smartphone​ is going to be the perfect meeting of hardware and global software phenomenon.Read more
Renowned Italian designer Aldo Drudi in co-operation with Honda created a custom interpretation of its VFR 1200F sport tourer. Born at the Air Garage installation in Rimini, Italy, the Burasca 1200 showcases some very exclusive parts while declaring its uniqueness with Drudi’s one-off carbon livery.Read more
​Though heavily leaked before the official reveal, Microsoft’s slimmed-down console, the Xbox One S, was one of the biggest announcements of E3 2016. Now, the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, with the company announcing exactly when the compact machine will arrive.Read more
New York's massively successful High Line has spawned several similar projects around the globe, but an even more unusual park could now be coming to the Big Apple. Following years of planning, the underground Lowline park has finally received a conditional thumbs-up from officials.Read more
If you've ever fantasized about being a Jedi, VR can take you there better than any other medium. The Star Wars Trials on Tatooine short game will be available as a free download for HTC Vive owners starting on Monday.Read more
A third-party app called Josh builds upon Alexa to make Amazon's Echo and other voice-controlled systems even more powerful. ​Read more
Got a new DSLR camera? Interested in photography? This comprehensive course bundle will give you tips and instruction to master your DSLR and start optimizing all the settings and tools provided by modern cameras. With an in-depth discussion of photography theory as well as practical instruction on how best to take certain types of photos, this bundle will have you taking pictures like a pro in no time.Read more