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Friday, July 15, 2016


The Moto G4 and G4 Plus continue Motorola's most-bang-for-your-buck "G" strategy. The result is two phones that may make you think twice before buying the next iPhone or Galaxy.Read more
A US footwear startup is selling new shoes that aren't new at all. Like the Adidas x Parley, Rothy's shoes are knitted using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. They also boast carbon-free outsoles, insoles and packaging that are recycled and can be fully recycled when no longer needed.Read more
Nest has added to its smart thermostat, smart smoke alarm, and smart security camera with a new Internet of Things device for outside the home. The Nest Cam Outdoor is weather proof, operates around the clock, and brings with it smarter software for spotting people when they come into view.Read more
​Researchers have been able to restore partial vision in mice by regenerating previously severed optic-nerve cables. It’s the first time researchers have succeeded in restoring important aspects of vision in mammals, and the breakthrough could lead to future work that restores sight in the blind.Read more
With the Paralympics coming up in September, athletes the world over are training hard right now. Engineers at BAE Systems have come up with an indoor, computerized training system that will allow professional wheelchair racers to speed along without moving an inch.Read more
Mazda found success with the release of the first Mazda 3, with the car offering performance, handling, styling and an interior that belied its budget price. Mazda is looking to continue that tradition with an updated 3 kitted out with a new torque vectoring system and more efficient diesel engines.Read more
Art and technology is a fascinating mix, and researchers often use art to practice or demonstrate techniques that can have more practical applications later on. Researchers have recreated a mini version of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, using precisely-folded DNA “origami” and fluorescent molecules.Read more
Forget about cheap and cheerful, Hyundai has made it clear it wants to push into the world of high performance. Meet the Elantra Sport, another baby-step towards sporting credibility from Korea's biggest carmaker. Read more
With so much focus on sustainable urban transport, there are numerous vehicles that split the difference between the bicycle and the motorized vehicle. One of the latest additions to this growing category is the Schaeffler Bio-hybrid, a pedal-assist quadricycle concept with convertible roof.Read more
​​If you should ever see a mantis shrimp rolling its eyes, that doesn't mean it's exasperated. Instead, it may simply be utilizing its polarization vision. That's what scientists at the University of Bristol have determined, and their findings could have applications in fields such as robotics.​Read more
A new company thinks that the plastic used by 3D-printing pens is expensive and wasteful, and is aiming to create a new kind of pen that does its thing using old plastic bottles, bags and even folders. It's called the Renegade and it's seeking backers on Kickstarter now.Read more
You've likely heard of snow lines on white mountains here on Earth. But newly forming stars have a snow line too and we usually can't see it, even with our most powerful telescopes. Thanks to one particular stellar outburst however, the line was pushed far out, allowing one telescope to capture it.Read more
Most cooks would be dismayed if their baking bread burned, but some researchers have been busy torching loaves to create carbon foam. The lightweight material serves as a thermal insulator, electromagnetic shield and electrical conductor, and it costs, well, just about as much as a loaf of bread.Read more
E-bikes are a great alternative to a commute by car. But if you want a little more stability combined with a tight turning circle, Jack Skopinski has built an electric-assist tricycle that makes use of the same exposed tilting mechanism as his EV4 quad bike. Read more
Guided by the belief that living space, particularly in cities, has become "too expensive to be static," furniture startup Ori Systems asked itself how to fit a living room, bedroom, closet and office into a 200-300 sq ft (19-28 sq m) apartment. Its answer is shape-shifting robotic furniture.Read more
Tesla has opened the Falcon Wing door to Model X ownership a little bit wider, adding a 60 kWh model to the lineup. It doesn't have the same long-legged range as more expensive models, but the 60D should help bolster sales of the expensive electric SUV. Read more
While companies like Local Motors are dabbling with the idea of a fully 3D-printed car, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is harnessing the on-demand benefits of producing spare parts in this way, using an environmentally friendly 3D printing process.Read more
Four years after introducing its first ear-splitting air horn for motorcycles, Screaming Banshee has introduced the Shockwave. The new design retains the features of the original, with adjustable dual volume action and pulsating headlight coupling, offers a bigger sound in a smaller form factor.Read more
One of the ever-more limited places Google's Street View cars have yet to visit is the Faroe Islands. Aggrieved that her home country, which she says is "the most beautiful place on earth" is missing out, Durita Dahl Andreassen strapped a 360-degree camera to a sheep and created Sheep View 360.Read more
Whether you're a photography person or not, you've probably still at least heard of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. That's because they are two of the most advanced photo editing softwares ever, and make creating and editing digital photography a whole lot of fun. This 8-course bundle will show you basic, right through to advanced techniques, to not just turn up the fun, but to arm you with the skills and know-how to edit photos like a professional. Who said work couldn't be fun, anyway?Read more