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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Bombardier has handed the first of its new CS100 aircraft over to Swiss International Airlines. The narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliner is designed to hold between 100 and 150 passengers and is due to enter service later this week.Read more
We recently spent some time putting Samsung’s latest activity tracking smart(ish) watch through its paces. So read on to find out whether the heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and music playback of the Gear Fit 2 are enough to help it compete against rivals from Fitbit and Garmin.Read more
When you live in one of the world's most densely populated cities, green space can seem almost non-existent. That won't be the case for people who frequent Ingenhoven Architects' Marina One development in Singapore, though, centered, as it is, around a huge, lush and green biodiversity garden.Read more
A common complaint with tiny houses is that they don't usually contain a proper bedroom. The Indigo tiny house offers both a loft bedroom and a full-size ground floor bedroom that can double up as a home office – however to do so it makes significant sacrifices in living space.Read more
​An international team of astronomers has succeeded in capturing the most comprehensive infrared view of the famous Orion Nebula to date, highlighting a surprising amount of failed stars and small planetary bodies.Read more
​​Moving motorcycles around just got a whole lot easier. These nifty bike stands use omnidirectional wheels, so you can pop your bike up off the ground, then spin it around and push it easily around the garage in any direction. A great idea from Australian company Dynamoto.​Read more
A ​team at Tel Aviv University's (TAU's) Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology​ have developed an alternative​ to the invasive needle electrodes used in electromyotherapy, in the form of an electronic "tattoo" that unobtrusively monitors muscle activity.​Read more
​As a company founded on go-anywhere capability, Land Rover needs to think about autonomy slightly differently to most brands. The way a Discovery or Range Rover tackles a trail is intrinsic to its appeal, an appeal engineers are trying to autonomously recreate in their new research project. Read more
Bottpower's XR1R is an American-style flat tracker from Spain built from an American legend (Erik Buell's XB12) that was built from another American Legend (Harley-Davidson's Sportster 1200). With more than 150 hp and less than 150 kg to shift, it should be a mad little racetrack carver.Read more
Global cloud patterns have changed since the 1980s, and scientists have found these shifts are consistent with predictions from climate model simulations that take into account human influences. The cloud changes are likely to have a further warming effect on the planet.Read more
​Scientists at the University of Kansas say that a pair of supernovae that exploded 300 light years away could have released radiation that seriously affected life on prehistoric Earth and may even have triggered an ice age.Read more
Some dinosaurs may not have roared as they do in the movies, according to a new study. Instead, they may have even cooed like birds. Read more
​​Earlier this year, scientists made news by embedding a transparent window into the head of a fruit fly​ to watch its thoughts. But researchers elsewhere have been working on developing a transparent window to the human brain since 2013. Now two new studies have bolstered the concept's feasibility.Read more
Dutch-style cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular outside of The Netherlands. That said, they can be pricey, plus they're a lot of bike to be riding around when they're empty. Well, that's where The Lift comes in. It lets you temporarily convert your regular bike into a cargo bike.​Read more
​​Using data collected by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, an international team of astronomers has created a Map of the dwarf planet Ceres' northern hemisphere detailing regions that exist in permanent shadow.Read more
Engineers Tina and Luke Orlando decided to design their own tiny house. Their unconventional approach resulted in a tiny house on wheels that's jam-packed with storage space, pet-friendly features, and sustainable technology to allow it to operate off the grid.Read more
A light plunger. It sort of sounds like something from a sci-fi novel, doesn't it? In fact, it's a new product just launched on Kickstarter that looks like it combines the concept of a French coffee press with a table lamp, and lets users plunge the light to turn it on or off.Read more
​It’s been a while since anyone’s wandered the streets blasting tunes from a boombox on their shoulder, but the basic idea might be about to make a comeback. Meet the BeatBringer, a backpack boombox that cranks the portable Bluetooth speaker up to 11.Read more
​It’s estimated that some 230,000 tennis balls get tossed each year after the four Grand Slam tournaments. Now London-based design company Rogue Projects hopes to turn those used balls into functioning and highly portable wireless speakers.Read more
By now, we're familiar with the benefits of Ford's EcoBoost downsizing – more power, more torque and less weight. The latest EcoBoost V6 to make its way into the F-150 is more efficient and torquier than V8s almost twice the size.Read more
Although a webcam may appear to be inactive, it's possible for someone to hack into your computer and use it to watch you without your knowledge. The only way to be sure that this isn't the case is to cover the lens, which is just what the Nope 2.0 magnetic privacy shield is designed to do.Read more
While you may not notice it, when you're on the internet, you're interacting with a mountain of code, much of it based in JavaScript. There's good reason it's the internet's most commonly used language, and there's even better reason for you to get up to speed with this popular language.Read more