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Monday, July 11, 2016


Modern bikes are lighter and more efficient than ever before, but their basic design is rooted in the past. Cyclotron is trying to change that with a hubless carbon creation, complete with lighting fit for a sci-fi film.Read more
We’re in a golden age for hot hatches at the moment, with a surplus of front-drivers able to shred the Nurburgring at the weekend and pick the kids up on Monday. It’s a class full of talented cars like Ford’s Fiesta ST, and standing out is difficult. So, how does the Peugeot 208 GTi stack up? Read more
A host of major engine and electronics updates make the new Tiger Sport a vastly different beast from its predecessor. Comfy, quick, smooth and refined, the new big cat makes effortless work of commuting, touring or hard twisties riding.Read more
The luxury sport utility market is small, and the exclusive club of offroad-ready vehicles in it consists of only a handful of models. Of those, Lexus offers three strong contenders, including the well-established GX 460. After a week in this SUV, we learned the good and the bad.Read more
Scientists have created “super-sniffer” mice that are able to detect specific odors with increased precision, opening the door for new sensors for explosives and diseases – as well as a better understanding of our own olfactory system.Read more
A team made up of researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington has broken a new record for DNA data storage, managing to store and retrieve 200 MB of data on strands of DNA.Read more
Researchers at Oxford University claim computer simulations have demonstrated it is possible that microscopic wind farms could be built and powered by bacteria to provide a steady, albeit small, source of power.Read more
Solar Impulse 2 has begun the penultimate leg of its round-the-world flight. Today at 9:22 pm PDT (4:22 GMT), the single-seater, solar-powered aircraft took off in the predawn darkness from Seville, Spain on course for Cairo, Egypt, with pilot André Borschberg at the controls​. Read more
The LUKE arm, which was previously known as the Deka Arm, was developed under DARPA's Revolutionizing Prosthetics program by DEKA Research & Development Corp. It received marketing approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014 and is now set to hit the market later this year.Read more
Sitting for long periods of time is known to be bad for your health. The Sprang Chair encourages active sitting while also providing lumbar support, thereby being a legitimate alternative to ergonomic office chairs and exercise balls.Read more
BMW has revealed the updates to its current lineup, spearheaded by the new F 700/800 GS and the return of the special R 1200 GS Adventure Triple Black. The announcement also disclosed the pricing of the long-awaited R nineT Scrambler that will start rolling off the production line in September.Read more
We'll likely have our full review of the Moto G4 and G4 Plus​ on their US launch date next week, but our first impressions of these phones are extremely positive. Considering they start at US$200 and $250 full retail (respectively), these phones are nothing short of incredible values.Read more
An add-on electric drive like the ElectraFin is a great way to take some of the "paddle" out of paddle sports. The all-new Bixpy Jet is the latest, and it packs serious versatility. It'll power your kayak, your canoe, your stand-up paddleboard ... and even you. ​Read more
Ikap Robotics' Olive may look like an ordinary piece of airline luggage, but it's actually a robot that can remind you to catch your flight, follow you along the concourse, charge your phone, and even carry you like a stand-up electric scooter.​Read more
If you're a OnePlus 2 owner who's been wondering whether the new model is worth the upgrade, perhaps we can lend a hand. Join us as we compare the features and specs of new and old budget flagships: OnePlus 3​ vs. 2.Read more
A new study from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia discovered how the bacteria that causes melioidosis makes its way to the brain. The finding could explain how other infectious bacteria make their way to the brain and spinal cord.​Read more
By building a robotic version of the mudskipper fish, scientists have learned that its tail plays a crucial role while it's crawling on the land – the finding could have implications for the design of walking robots.​Read more
Not only do cilia clear out unwelcome particles from our airways and help us reproduce, it turns out that the tiny hairs also have a vital function in the brain, where a new study shows they act like conveyor belts moving around molecular freight contained in cerebral fluid.Read more
For those that suffer from conditions such as celiac disease, even small traces of gluten can cause big health problems. A new device is aiming to make life a little easier, providing a quick and easy method for testing that meals really are 100 percent gluten free in just a few minutes.Read more
For an outfit whose innovations include "light recipes" for indoor farming, indoor LED navigation and LED-embedded carpets, you'd expect Philips Lighting to have some pretty swish lights at its offices. And you'd be right. Its HQ has a new 1,500-leaf canopy that serves up different light scenarios.Read more
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of the super-dense neutron star at the heart of the famous Crab Nebula, which resulted from one of the earliest supernovae to be recorded by human beings. Its striking form has made it a popular target for amateur and professional astronomers alike.Read more
​How the universe began is one of the most brain-breaking questions you could possibly ask. But what if the Big Bang was preceded by an earlier universe collapsing in on itself? A new study details how this might be possible.Read more
From this month, pedestrians in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland will begin sharing their sidewalks with robot couriers. The self-driving delivery droids are being rolled out as part of a pilot by Starship Technologies, working with a number of major industry partners.Read more
As its name suggests, OOPEAA's Periscope Tower serves as an oversized periscope thanks to a pair of carefully-placed mirrors integrated into its core. No mere gimmick, the prefabricated observation tower ensures visitors can take in a raised view from ground level.Read more
TV and online coverage is fast evolving to help homebound fans feel like they’re at a game. The latest example comes from Major League Baseball, which will be offering 360-degree replays from All-Star Week, letting them relive the big plays from almost any angle. Read more
Proponents of e-bikes point out that they may open bicycle-commuting up to people who would otherwise never bother with it, thus providing them with more exercise. A new study confirms that in such cases, use of an e-bike does indeed boost the user's fitness level.Read more
Let there be light in the bathroom. Now you can add any color of LED light to your toilet bowl and see it glow. That means no more stumbling around when you have to go at night. Simply snap it onto the rim and let it shine: it will automatically turn on when someone walks into the bathroom. There are eight color possibilities and patterned illuminations, making quite the show.Read more