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Monday, July 11, 2016

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July 11, 2016|View as webpage
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Fire truck, car collision kills 2
Firefighters rescue woman, child from train vs car crash
3 FFs injured, 1 man killed in bridge collapse
New Kan. law allows first responders to carry concealed weapons on duty:Effective July 1, EMTs and firefighters can now carry firearms on the job
2 firefighters killed, 1 hurt in rig crash: All three firefighters in the single-vehicle crash worked for Nevada's Bureau of Land Management
Cal Fire Union says it's losing firefighters to local depts. over pay:Cal Fire firefighters work more hours than local firefighters but earn 33 percent less
NY station fire likely caused by rig spark
Baltimore firefighter hurt rescuing woman from manhole
Mich. chief retires after 50-year career
Fire chief's son at Dallas protest helped protect bystanders
Ga. town gets first female fire chief
Ohio firefighter/medic in wrongful death under new investigation
Introducing the CMC Response Harness™
The Response Harness™ is CMC's newest harness design specifically engineered for the technical rescuer who demands optimum performance in the ability to don quickly, adjust easily, and deliver overall comfort.
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10 EMT skills that are obsolete (or soon will be)
By Kelly Grayson, FR1 Contributor
Each of these 10 skills is something we used to commonly do, but are rarely, if ever, used any longer.
What are MSAT pants? 
Dallas shooting: How to prepare for and respond to violence at protests
By Chris Cebollero, FR1 Contributor
Chris Cebollero and Greg Friese discuss the tragic deaths in Dallas and the immediate steps EMS leaders need to take to prepare their crews for violence at mass gatherings.
Lessons, success and mistakes 
Gamber-Johnson's Motion Attachments for Tablets, Laptops and Keyboards
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Know when to stay out
Chief Wylie examines an interior fire attack that never should have happened and questions if helmet cams are distorting our judgement on when to go in and when to stay out.
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Detroit firefighters battle massive blaze
Pa. firefighters free trapped fox
7,818New Kan. law allows first responders to carry concealed weapons on duty
1,708NFL star donates $25K to hometown fire academy
531Dallas protest shooting: 5 officers dead, 7 wounded
409Off-duty firefighter husband, nurse wife honored for saving toddler
399Woman uses volunteer firefighting to cope with daughter's death
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