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Saturday, July 2, 2016

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Report on Cincy firefighter’s death reveals concerning fireground ops
Russian firefighting plane disappears with 10 on board
Cyclist slaps Chicago firefighter for stopping traffic, gets arrested
NC council member boycotts firefighter graduation: The member said she was 'very disappointed' to learn that only one of 18 graduating firefighters was black
Data: High-performance CPR works:Since first responders have been using continuous compressions, the five-year survival rate has been 46 percent
Pa. FFs give firefighting gear to flooded out W.Va. dept.: Firefighters were only able to save their rigs before the floodwaters overtook their station
Mass. firefighter fired for racist Facebook posts
2 NJ FFs arrested in heroin sting
Mass. firefighters rescue capsized kayaker during training
Pa. firefighters, ambulance agency clash over emergency response calls
Firefighters rescue 8 from stalled roller coaster
2 senior women join Texas fire dept.
Become a Full-time, Professional Firefighter Faster and with Less Effort Than you Thought Possible
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All-Terrain Vehicles are Now Available for Fire Rescue
The Fire Ranger CSV is the leader in remote terrain fire rescue moto-tractors. Proven durability in the worst terrain. Mountable on fire trucks UTV'S. Uses: Wildland firefighting, SAR, EMS, spotting, recon, evacuation, recovery.
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Private equity struggles to make EMS profitable – Is anyone surprised?
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Here are four takeaways from The New York Times investigation into failed private equity investments and mismanagement of EMS businesses.
Protect your agency 
Firsthand account: 10 lessons from a massive flood
By Michael Lee, FR1 Columnist
When 11.7 billion gallons of water overwhelmed Colorado, fire and rescue crews answered the call — here's what we learned.
Preparing for the worst 
Sobering legal advice for LAFD's new EMS program
By David Givot, FR1 Contributor
The LAFD SOBER unit for Skid Row's frequent users is a good idea, but potential dangers to firefighters and medics cannot be ignored.
Curbing abuse 
How to buy fire truck seats
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Here's a run down of the safe and practical options when ordering crew and driver seats.
Find the perfect fit 
How to verify lightweight trusses
Too many firefighters have been injured and or killed due to lightweight-truss construction failing under fire conditions. Here's how to play it safe.
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Firefighters battle NY house fire
Ill. FFs battle multiple house fires
1,49020 signs that you're a firefighter
1,227Cyclist slaps Chicago firefighter for stopping traffic
1,017What are the best pranks played on a rookie firefighter?
98720 things all rookie firefighters should know
837What's the most ridiculous complaint you've heard?
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