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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


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Ala. couple rescues paramedics, patient after ambulance crash
Fall from helicopter kills FF during training
Va. man dies after 911 call goes unanswered
NY fire, EMS depts.: Don’t play Pokemon GO at stations: Catching Pokemon at fire stations poses a threat to fire and EMS crews as well as the public
Firefighter-paramedic couple battle wildfire that destroyed their home:The couple worked to save their neighbors’ homes even after their own was burned
Pa. paramedics train for active shooter scenes: The agency has begun to consider sending in medics right behind police, before a scene is deemed safe
Fire, EMS work to rescue Italy train-crash victims
Maine council considers EMS billing policy
NH firefighters, paramedics show up for autistic boy’s playdate
EMS depts. release photo tributes honoring Dallas police
Pokémon Go gamers help save overdose victims in moving car
Fla. woman dies after falling into Grand Canyon
NEW: Halyard Health Launches Innovative BLACK-FIRE* Exam Gloves
QUICK CHECK* technology offers the unique ability to detect rips and tears by revealing a high-visibility orange inner layer through the breach. These dual-purpose gloves can be reversed and worn with the bright orange side out in situations that call for high-visibility.
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Rescuer® Emergency CPAP System
This state of the art, non-invasive ventilator was designed with both the operator and patient in mind. The controlled airway pressure provides rapid relief for maximum patient benefit with minimal oxygen consumption.
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Paramedic's viral post is a perfect PSA
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
The image, viewed and shared by millions, informs civilians about the consequences of gun violence and that all lives matter to EMS providers.
'This is hard' 
6 alternative funding sources
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Columnist
A diversified portfolio of revenue streams will help ensure that the organization has the funds to meet current and future needs.
Try crowd funding 
Operative IQ Inventory, Asset and Fleet Management Software
P3 Pro Hideaway Free Sample Giveaway! Act now -limited availability 
From 911 Signal
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FOAMed: How to find and evaluate medical information on social media
By Rom Duckworth, EMS1 Contributor
Understand the advantages and challenges of community-created content and where to find it to improve your clinical practice and system operations.
Getting started 
How to buy an incident-management system for EMS operations
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Columnist
Look for these six features when adding technology to incident management, especially for large-scale incidents.
What to consider 
Aggressive EMS treatment of sepsis
Steve Whitehead discusses two EMS interventions for patients with moderate or severe sepsis
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Sepsis: Special considerations for geriatric patients
Machine keeps lungs awaiting transplant perfused
1,211DC Fire and EMS considering Uber for low-priority patients
719Video: Inmates break out to save corrections officer
631Military use of chest seals and tourniquets: Lessons for EMS
549Pa. paramedics train for active shooter scenes
392The EMS confession that's going viral: 'This is hard'
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