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Monday, July 18, 2016

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Five dishes to enjoy this apricot season in Austria
It's apricot season in Austria. Here are some 'Marillen' dishes to try out in restaurants and at home. 
'Shark' scare in tranquil Austrian lake
Photo: Gerald Herrmann/Facebook
An Austrian man caused a panic when he posted a snap on social media that appeared to show a shark in one of the country’s picture-postcard freshwater lakes. 2 comments
Knife-wielding man shot dead by police in Vienna
Photo: Paul Gillingwater
Police shoot dead a man in Vienna after he ran at them holding two kitchen knives following a domestic disturbance. 
Austria: Revival of Turkish death penalty 'unacceptable'
Austria's foreign minister describes death penalty proposals following failed Turkish coup as "absolutely unacceptable". 
Hollande cancels tour of Austria
Flowers and candles outside French embassy in Vienna. Photo: Paul Gillingwater
French President Francois Hollande cancelled part of a European tour aimed at discussing the fall-out from Britain's vote to leave the EU, after the latest terror attack to strike the country, the presidency said Saturday. 3 comments
Search underway in Austria for missing American nun
Sister Christie was last seen in Hallstatt. Photo: Ncsakany/Wikimedia
Austrian police are working with US authorities to try and track down an American nun who went missing over a week ago while on a trip to Upper Austria. 
Teachers face jail time for leading kids over railway
A group of adults who led over 80 Austrian schoolchildren over a closed railway crossing just seconds before a train came may face jail time. 
Five ways to discover 'secret' Vienna
Photo: Secret Vienna
Blogger Fabio Aromatici shares his tips on how to discover some of Vienna's best kept secrets. 
Austrian mayor slams burka ban in sports shop
Sports shop owner Hubert Wöll. Photo: Sport Wöll
A sports shop owner has come under fire after he put up a sign banning customers wearing full face veils. 
Sweet expectations fulfilled with strawberry cakes
Members of the cake jury. Photo: Patrick Sabo
Ever wondered who makes the best strawberry cake in Vienna? Yelp, the online local business guide ran a contest on Wednesday for 13 products from nine different bakers, with a 30-person judging panel, and decided they found a winner. 
The burning questions for British expats about Brexit
Photo: Wikimedia
For expats who have chosen to take full advantage of the European Union freedom of movement and make their home in Austria, the questions about the effects of a Brexit just keep mounting.  
Op ed
Expert warns Islam in Austria is anti-Western
Ibrahim Olgun, a 28-year-old Austrian-born Islamic theologian. Photo: IGGIÖ
Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He writes on his perspective of the increasing influence of Turkish Islam in Austria. Republished with kind permission from the Gatestone Institute, in whose journal this article originally appeared. 
Why we are part of the Brexit problem - and what to do
Photo: AFP
It’s been a long night, and for those of us Brits who have made our lives elsewhere in Europe, it will be a long road ahead writes The Local's managing editor James Savage.  5 comments
What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital.  3 comments
More news
Police keep pressure on refugee numbers
Photo: Paul Gillingwater
It's holiday season at Nickelsdorf on Austria's border with Hungary as families hit the highway. But although the huge numbers of refugees seen here a year ago have gone, things are far from normal. 
Mum calls firemen after child gets toilet seat stuck on head
Photo: BF Graz
While other fire services battled flooding and storms in Austria, this fire crew in Graz was called out to a more unusual emergency. 
Austrians guilty of majority of sex offences in Austria
Trishhhh/Creative Commons
Nearly 80 percent of people found guilty of sex offences in Austria last year were Austrian, figures from the government’s annual security report have shown. 
Flood alerts as thousands left without electricity in Austria
Fire service raised flood alarm in city of Steyr were warned early Thursday morning. Herbert Ortner/Wikimedia
Parts of Austria have been put on flood alert after a third night of storms that has left thousands without electricity in some areas of the country. 
Jihad recruiter sentenced to 20 years in Austria
Youtube screenshot
A Muslim preacher at the centre of an Austrian jihad propaganda network was sentenced to 20 years in jail on Wednesday for recruiting young fighters to the Islamic State group.  
From our other editions
Swiss scientists uncover ‘amazing’ anti-aging secret
Researchers at EPFL have found a 'miracle molecule' in pomegranate. Photo: EPFL/Alain Herzog
Could this be the secret to a long and active life? 
German police launch first nationwide hate speech raids
Photo: DPA
Authorities have conducted the first ever nationwide raids on people suspected of spreading hate speech on the internet. 
American parents: Is Denmark dangerous?
Parents from abroad - particularly the United States - want to be sure it is safe to send their children to play football in Denmark. File photo: Dusan Kostic/Iris/Scanpix DK
Organisers of an international children's football tournament in North Jutland have been contacted by parents concerned about security in Denmark. 
Off the beaten track: 14 best kept travel secrets in Spain
Spain has some amazing spots like Las Medulas gold mine. Photo: Jonathan Pincas/Flickr
Spain has so much to see off the beaten track so why not take the road less travelled and discover a few hidden gems?  
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