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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Fire Critic with Rhett Fleitz

Roanoke 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

However, to me it isn't that you climb or even how you is that you take the time to remember...take the time to share with younger firefighters, friends, and family about the sacrifices made on that day. 
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Helmet Cam Video From Mothers Day 2016

helmet cam fire 4
Here is a helmet cam and multiple pictures of the Sample Street fire on Mothers Day 2016 in Millvale that destroyed multiple houses. This video shows you what firefighters face during a structural fire and shows how rapidly a fire can progress and extend to exposure buildings. It also shows what the conditions are inside of a burning building and can give you an inside perspective of a fire.
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Helmet Cam Video from Ohio House Fire

helmet cam fire 3
Helmet Cam footage from Champions Tanker 21 crew on a fire in Warren Township 3/17/2016. Tanker 21 was the second due company and initiated a blitz attack before interior ops began. After about 10 minutes of interior work, crews were pulled from the interior due to a partial collapse of the second floor. No one was home at the time, and no injuries were sustained.
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Safe? Maybe We Picked The Wrong Word For Firefighters…

Paul combs does an amazing job telling an entire story in one illustration. Check him out at
However, the word "Safe" could have been replaced with "Smart" and even the dumb firefighters who think that "Safe" is trying to keep us all in the yard would understand it's intentions...even if they can't comprehend what the knowledge means. All we can hope for is that they have strong leaders.
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Aim to Leave a Mark!

Focusing on past failures is regret. Learning from those failures is knowledge. Not making the same mistakes twice is experience. Helping others so they won't make the same mistakes is leadership. 
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True North: Frontline Defender Pack – Product Review

Everything about the Frontline Defender™ has been rethought and redesigned. The main challenge in the red-zone is heat stress, and this pack has been specifically designed to minimize heat stress by putting the hydration on the waist and leaving the back uncovered. New H-style harness for rock-solid load control and stability. Removable New Generation shelter case can be rear mounted (fits Standard & Large shelter), and removable accessory pocket holds 1L water bottle. Built-in 3L Hydration System, plus built-in covered fusee holder. True MOLLE attachment for all accessories.
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