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Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Atlas

Today, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The new iPhones have increased built-in storage, improved cameras and are water resistant and headphone jack-free. Pre-orders start on September 9; shipping begins September 16. Paired with the release is iOS 10, scheduled to go live on September 13.​   Read more
Star Trek is a cultural phenomenon that still reverberates half a century later, not only in entertainment, but in its impact on science and technology. New Atlas looks at the tech of the original Star Trek and why it still inspires scientists and engineers.   Read more
Parrot's newly-announced S.L.A.M.dunk is a development kit for drones equipped with hardware that suggests a particular focus on obstacle avoidance and navigation, but doubles as a desktop computer as well. ​  Read more
Pininfarina has developed an unparalleled reputation for beautiful design thanks mostly to its history of shaping some of the world's most desired cars. Can it make the same impact on the electric bicycle?   Read more
With four doors it's technically not a coupe, and that sloping roofline mean it's definitely not a sedan, but the Audi A5 Sportback proves there's a beautiful middle ground to be found between the two.   Read more
Robots need to avoid collisions. But if they're designed to be too careful, performance may suffer. A team has created new algorithms that aim to strike a balance between the two extremes, allowing robots to move in a swarm safely and efficiently.   Read more
The latest Hyundai i30 is the most impressive example of Korean car design we've seen, melding a handsome exterior with smart powertrain options to create a seriously enticing hatchback.   Read more
On July 25, the Cassini probe passed within 607 mi (976 km) of Saturn's moon Titan and sent back highly-detailed radar images showing long, linear, undulating dunes made of hydrocarbon sands that can shed new light on Titan's winds.​   Read more
As the Continental and Flying Spur have found their feet, the team at Bentley has been given freedom to explore their sporting heritage. Take the new Flying Spur W12 S. The fire-breathing engine under the hood makes it the first four-door Bentley able to top 200 mph (322 km/h).   Read more
​For months, Sony has been coy about the new model PS4. Today, the wraps finally came off the PS4 Pro. Along with a slimmed-down version of the basic console, Sony confirmed the Pro is powered by an improved CPU and GPU, features support for 4K, HDR and higher frame rates, and will be out soon.   Read more
Peugeot started life making coffee mills, before jumping into bikes in 1830. Although it's found a niche in the automotive world since, occasionally it dabbles in the two-wheeled game. The electric eF01 is the latest, aimed at making ​last mile ​​transport a sweat-free enterprise.   Read more
Stilla Motion is a "coin-sized" motion detector that can be placed on any object, and that will alert you if that object is subsequently moved.​   Read more
The Chile Drone Nationals held over the weekend saw pilots gather from around the country, and even across the border from Peru and Argentina, to compete for one of five tickets to the world champs in Hawaii next month.   Read more
To provide astronauts weightlessness training here on Earth, NASA uses the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) in Houston, Texas. Now, thanks to a new 360-degree YouTube video released by the space agency, you can get a sense of what it feels like to float around in this remarkable body of water.   Read more
Ground has been broken on what will be the tallest residential tower in Western Europe and, indeed, one of the tallest buildings in the UK. Once complete, Spire London will rise up to 235 m (771 ft). Occupants will have access to a concierge service, roof-top gardens, a spa, a bar and a cinema.   Read more
UK-based Young Driver recently unveiled its production model of the Firefly, featuring many of the same features found on a typical car for adults but sized and built for kids as young as 5 years old.   Read more
The stellar system Terzan 5 might be a relic from the Milky Way's past that could shed light on its history, as well as the nature of galaxy formation in general.   Read more
The second Apple Watch is now official, and it looks a lot like the first​. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel (or let you leave your iPhone at home), but the Apple Watch Series 2 does maintain its slim, sexy and square-ish build while adding a few internal upgrades.​​​   Read more
Earlier in the year, Volvo unveiled a fully autonomous construction truck that it planned to test in underground mines and that it said would "revolutionize the mining industry." Today, it has revealed more details of the planned testing and released footage of the truck operating underground.   Read more
Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with drone company Matternet to create a concept vehicle dubbed the Vision Van which, among other futuristic technologies, deploys drones from its rooftop to carry packages over the final leg of their journey.​   Read more
Hitachi has developed an offshore wind turbine to milk more power from light-wind locations. The 5MW turbine features a rotor sweep diameter of 136m (446 feet), 15 percent greater than the previous model from the company, suited for areas with average annual wind speeds under 7.5 m/sec (16.7 mph).    Read more
Approximately 5.8 million tons (5.26 million tonnes) of textile waste are generated in the European Union every year. That's why scientists are exploring a new use for the waste – they're turning it into interior wall panels. ​   Read more
SMFX is adjusted straight from your iOS or Android device so you can dim, brighten, change the color, or turn on/off your light without lifting more than a finger. SMFX will instantly transform the ambiance of your room, and knock some $$ off your energy bill in the process.   Read more