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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

With a cockpit hovering high above two massive water skis, the all-new SS18 from London's Glider Yachts looks more like an amphibious UFO than any yacht or boat we might compare it to. But it's designed for much more than just unique looks.   Read more
Among the flood of toys that accompanied Star Wars Episode VII last year, Sphero’s app-controlled BB-8 was a clear standout. With this year's version, Sphero makes users feel (kind of) like a Jedi (sometimes) with the Force Band, a wearable that allows BB-8 to be steered with motion controls.   Read more
As the tiny house scene continues to grow, we're seeing increasing numbers of large and luxurious builds. The latest example of this trend comes is the Freedom tiny house, which boasts some big house comforts in a small space, including a large bathroom and a walk-in closet.   Read more
Tesla has given Autopilot a significant upgrade. Thanks to more advanced signal processing, information from the inbuilt radar sensors can now be used to form a more accurate picture of a car's surroundings.  Read more
As a farewell to the summer, Seattle-based Freefly Systems has enlisted one of its drones for dronesurfing, a new take on kitesurfing where the kite pulling the rider across the water is replaced by a drone.  Read more
​NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent back some more snaps of its Martian road trip up Mt Sharp. A month after it captured the Murray Buttes region in a 360-degree panorama​​, new photos show off some layered rock formations in more detail, providing a glimpse into the Red Planet’s geological history.   Read more
When it's not turning out fire-breathing super bikes, BMW Motorrad has a knack for fun little scooters. The C evolution has come in for some attention, with the fitment of high capacity batteries from the i3 for better range and performance.   Read more
Most people would have used the "five-second rule" at some point in their lives, but is there any truth to it? Researchers at Rutgers University have tested the rate that bacteria transfers from various surfaces to various foods, and their findings may be hard to stomach.   Read more
Having previewed its arrival with a teaser last month, Karma has whipped the sheet off its the reborn grand tourer​. Although it's wearing a new badge, the Revero carries more than a passing resemblance to the eco-chic Fisker Karma launched in 2011.  Read more
The TR-909 drum machine was launched 33 years ago. Roland marked the 909's birthday with a 24-hour product release party that included a DJ controller, a new plug-out synth, some BOSS guitar amps and a digital saxophone.   Read more
Virgin Galactic has returned to flight status with SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity taking to the skies over Mojave, California. Though a full crew was in the cockpit, this was a captive-carry test flight, where the passenger-carrying spacecraft remained firmly attached to the mothership.   Read more
German e-bike drive manufacturer Brose is hoping to expand the relationship between bikes and motors. Its Visionbike concept, possibly the wildest looking bike at the recent Eurobike 2016 show, uses several motorized systems to slide and shift into different profiles.   Read more
​​As any good metallurgist will tell you, you can't just take any two types of metal and weld them together. You may instead be able to just join them together with glue, however, thanks to an electro-chemical etching process being developed at Germany's Kiel University.   Read more
The Apple Watch Series 2​ is far from a major upgrade over its early 2015 predecessor​ – in fact the two smartwatches look nearly identical. There are, however, some key internal changes between the two: Join us as we compare Apple Watch Series 2 vs. 1.   Read more
Flying drones may already be useful, but imagine if they could grab things. While we've already seen experimental "armed" drones, Japan's Prodrone has just unveiled a model that's actually in production. ​  Read more
Using terahertz radiation, a new prototype device from MIT researchers can accurately identify letters written in a stack of paper up to nine pages in depth.   Read more
A new study taking stock of the planet's intact landscapes has painted an alarming picture, revealing that since the early 1990's almost one tenth of the globe's wilderness areas have been lost to human development.   Read more
The team at Project Wing, a drone delivery service started by Google, has been quietly toiling away in the shadows and is now looking to ramp things up, partnering with fast food chain Chipotle to deliver burritos to students at Virginia Tech in new trials starting this month. ​   Read more
The first car built to take part in Volvo's Drive Me trial has rolled off the production line in Torslanda, Sweden. Described by Volvo as "the world's most ambitious and advanced public autonomous driving experiment," Drive Me will see real people using fully autonomous cars on public roads.   Read more
​The Hubble telescope has captured an image of a chaotic region of star formation located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The LMC is a satellite galaxy roughly one tenth the diameter of the Milky Way, with around one hundredth the mass.   Read more
​After its maiden untethered flight last December, Tactical Robotics’ Cormorant (formerly known as AirMule) has now spent the Israeli summer in the air, as the company tests it in different conditions and with various modifications.   Read more
​Cyclists in Canada will soon be able to pedal from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean, without having to share a road with a single car. The Great Trail will stretch 15,000 miles through each of the country’s 13 provinces and territories and touch three oceans.   Read more
Oliver Stone digs into the life of Edward Snowden in his latest biopic, but how does he portray this controversial figure? Is Snowden a hero or a criminal? A patriot or a treasonous spy?   Read more
In a match between the new iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which smartphone comes out on top? Here's how the the expensive, stylus-navigated Note 7 stacks up to Apple's latest and greatest, the iPhone 7 Plus.   Read more
Don't be a victim to computer hackers. Do spend some time with this bundle learning how to identify when your computer is being attacked, and how to prevent it from happening.   Read more