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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Treacherous Godiva Chocolates...Too Tempting

I for one will never forget the newspaper story about the important judge's wife who got poisoned ( but survived) when some evil doer sent a box of Godiva goldens to them--laced with God knows what.

I keep remembering what the woman said when people asked her how she could just start munching away on some mysterious package of chocolates with no known sender.

"But," she protested," They were GODIVA GOLDENS!!!"

This seems to still be the attitude of a lot of chocolate lovers...

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Godiva Chocolatier

4.5 star rating
4 reviews
Category: Desserts  [Edit]
560 Lexington Ave
(between 51st St & 50th St)
New York, NY 10022
Neighborhood: Midtown East
(212) 980-9810
Nearest Transit Station:
51 St (4, 6, 6X)
Lexington Av/53 St (E, M)
5 Av/53 St (E, M)
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4 reviews in English

  • Review from

    Manhattan, NY
    tear this place down! it is making me FAT!

    and the nice guy who gives me two free pieces instead of  one- we need to break up :'-(
  • Review from

    Manhattan, NY
    9/30/2012 1 photo 1 check-in here
    Welcome to chocolate heaven.

    I stopped by for my free monthly piece of chocolate. I felt a tad guilty just going in for my freebie and then leaving, but this time I was also actually really craving a chocolixir (now called chocolate shakes). My favorite is the dark chocolate raspberry, but I didn't see it on the menu. The girl at the counter named Rebecca said they discontinued that flavor, which made me sad, but she whispered, "If you still want it, I can make it for you." As Rebecca made my drink, another girl named Rachel was very friendly and helped me select my free piece of chocolate.

    After Rebecca gave me my chocolate shake, she whispered to me that if I ever wanted this flavor again, ask for Rebecca or Rachel, and either one of them would be able to make this special discontinued flavor for me. I was impressed by their customer service.

    I quickly headed out to my next stop on my list of errands as I had an agenda and wanted to get home asap. I took a sip later and thought it tasted weird. I looked down at my drink and realized they gave me white chocolate raspberry. I absolutely hate white chocolate and called them and informed them of their mistake. They said if I returned to the store, they would make me the correct one.

    When I returned to the store (which was an inconvenience for me, but I just could not bear a large cup of overly sweet white chocolate), Rebecca was apologetic and handed me a new one. However, a third girl (neither Rebecca nor Rachel) gave me attitude and questioned my motives and thought I intentionally came back to cause trouble, but it was a miscommunication. Rebecca and Rachel were able to make the service recovery and leave me with an overall pleasant experience.

    I was impressed overall by Rebecca and Rachel and how customer friendly they were. It is rare to find such nice people in New York City.
    • dark chocolate raspberry chocolixir
  • Review from

    • 104 friends
    • 513 reviews
    Manhattan, NY
    Godiva.  The very word is enough for anyone to drift into chocolate dreams.

    This particular store has wonderful employees and I appreciate them for that.
  • Review from

    • 106 friends
    • 362 reviews
    San Jose, CA
    7/28/2011 First to Review
    Dear Godiva,

    Everyone loves you because of your wonderfully displayed chocolate covered strawberries. They looks so good, they taste so delicious, and they are absolutely addicting. But, who in the world would buy chocolate covered strawberries for $4 a pop? Well, many people in New York obviously because there are Godiva Stores EVERYWHERE. Anyway, getting back to the point. The only reason why I come into your stores once a month is to get my free truffle! Sorry, I just had to admit that. But, in December, I do stumble in for your delectable hot chocolate for about $3-$4. That beats the price of Max Brenner's. Anyhow, even though I stop by to steal my free pieces of chocolate, I try to at least buy ONE thing so I don't feel so guilty. Usually I get a chocolate covered strawberry or ever a fruit kebob with chocolate drizzle -my favorite! But for $4-$7 you are left with the unsatisfied feeling of wanting more... So sad. The other day I decided to try a macaroon. I know I was crazy for asking, but I wanted one WITHOUT chocolate. But... That wasn't possible. The staff was nice enough to consider it and ask her manager, but I said it was fine. I got the chocolate dipped anyway.

    It was crunchy? Hard texture. Could tell they weren't fresh. They weren't gooey inside. Not at all like the ones from Two Little Red Hens which are $2.95 for chocolate dipped or $2.50 for no chocolate. But for some reason, they were still delicious and to my liking. They were different, but still good. Were they worth $3.50? Not really. I could really just live with the ones from Two Little Red Hens which are 50 cents cheaper. But if I'm looking to buy something to not look like I just walked into the store for free chocolate, I would go for the macaroon. Easy enough. I don't think all Godiva Stores carry them, but for the ones that do, you should sure try one. I heard they are famous for it. ;)

    Staff is friend and nice. Sort of a "empty" store most of the time. But very pretty and nice. I like how it's less crowded anyhow!
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