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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brooklyn Industries on East Edge of the Village--Accessories and Clothing

This place has a Brooklyn attitude, someone says, but in a good way. I have no idea what that means.

People like it!If you are in the area, drop by and see for yourself...sounds worth it

Brooklyn Industries

4.0 star rating
14 reviews Rating Details
801 Broadway
(between 10th St & 11th St)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
(646) 478-8871
Nearest Transit Station:
Union Sq - 14 St (L)
14 St - Union Sq (4, 5, 6, 6X)
8 St - Nyu (N, R)
Mon-Sat 10:30 am - 9 pm
Sun 10:30 am - 8 pm
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:
Wheelchair Accessible:
1.7 Miles from Brooklyn Industries
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14 reviews in English

  • Review from

    • 27 friends
    • 44 reviews
    East Village, Manhattan, NY
    I love this store! Super cute, unique clothes with a bit of Brooklyn edge. Also, they have great sale sections in the back and downstairs in the basement.

    5-Stars for great customer service, unique designs, and affordable prices. B.I. has a new loyal customer.
  • Review from

    Danville, CA
    3/27/2013 2 check-ins here
    Been coming here for the last few years, frequent a couple of the their locations in the city. Love that they make their own clothing and really like their style. My husband loves their t-shirts and we find them great/unique gift ideas. I bought many dresses from BI and this last trip in I found a super cute dress I can't wait to wear for the warmer weather that's color blocked in red,white, and black.
    My cousin had never been in the store before, but she found this super fun sweatshirt that has a parallel zipper giving you two looks. I would love one of these in SF, since I know you guys are in Portland...(hint hint) Great store!
  • Review from

    • 5 friends
    • 8 reviews
    Glendale, NY
    Their clothing range are quickly becoming old hat, prices on T Shirts are wildly over the top and they have a return policy more suited to scammers in chinatown. Once you buy something you can give your greenbacks a big sloppy kiss buh-bye cos you will never see them again under ANY circumstances.
  • Review from

    Seattle, WA
    3/21/2012 2 check-ins here
    I have stopped by this store a few times.  I still have yet to buy anything from here, but maybe one day....  Their style here is really relaxed and fun, and very Brooklyn-y (well, duh) -- I guess their signature items here are those canvas messenger bags and the hoodies that say Brooklyn.  The other items make this place feel like a more grown up Urban Outfitters, but better quality.  And also, higher price tags.  Sale items were still around $30+ for a blouse or so.  Which is all right but you know me, definitely can go cheaper than that.

    I am not from Brooklyn and I've spent at most 5 hours in Brooklyn in my lifetime, so I don't have a strong affinity for Brooklyn itself... but this place is pretty cute and casual.  I will try to come back when there are more sales.
  • Review from

    San Francisco, CA
    9/17/2009 1 photo
    I fell truly, madly and deeply in love with my Brooklyn Industries Lexy bag soon after buying it this past winter, and when some of the interior stitching started to unravel last month, I was understandably bummed.

    Enter Brooklyn Industries' lifetime warranty. I filled out and emailed my registration card and repair request and since I was visiting New York shortly afterwards, I dropped the bag off in person (I couldn't resist the 50% off sale they were having when I visited and had to buy another bag) and they told me they would mail it to me (free of charge) in Canada 4-6 weeks later.

    Three weeks later, lo and behold, a parcel arrived on my doorstep from Brooklyn Industries, and it was my beloved Lexy, all fixed up and ready to be displayed all over again! Thanks Brooklyn Industries - what wonderful customer service!
  • Review from

    Los Angeles, CA
    I passed this place on the way to dinner and knew I had to go in and check out the threads but my stomach was calling for food so in between dinner and the theater, we stopped by.

    Loved the stuff I saw...just didn't love the price. That is,  on the first floor. I headed downstairs just to see what they had. Stopped by to admire the black and white pictures on the wall of the middle landing. Nice touch. Saw items for sale and then let loose. By the time I had ransacked the sale racks, I had 4-5 garments I needed to try on. The sales price were much better and although I came out empty handed, I'd fo' sure come back to see what's on sale or just wait for something to go on sale.
  • Review from

    • 14 friends
    • 17 reviews
    Astoria, NY
    i'm a fan, indeed. Catch any location when they have some 40% off sale happening and it is ON. if i want to be kinda girly, they have shirts for that and when you want to butch it out,  your covered -  that's my kind of store.  Also I never feel judged shopping in the mens section.
  • Review from

    Queens, NY
    Aside from really liking the clothing and accessories at Brooklyn Industries, the excellent customer service is why I rave about this store.  (And I'm fairly nit-picky about these things.)

    I purchased one of the canvas messenger bags and was using it to carry day-to-day stuff.  It wasn't like I was hauling bricks (or textbooks for that matter) in it or anything.  Part of the design on the bag had outer "clasp" turn-lock pockets.  I never really used the pockets for anything, either.  One day, one of the clasps just fell off.  Brooklyn Industries has a lifetime guarantee on its bags if the bag proves to be defective or has workmanship errors.  Although I never had the chance to mail in the registration card (it had been 2 weeks after purchase) and the bag was actually on sale, I decided to head downtown and see if I could reason with one of the employees.

    The manager I spoke with was one of the most reasonable people out there.  I told him what happened to my bag and asked how long I would have to wait to receive a repaired bag (Finding an interim bag is no easy task either.)  The manager didn't question anything, just excused himself for a minute or two.  He ran downstairs, and when he re-emerged he was holding a new bag (the exact design of my damaged one).  He explained that usually they don't do bag exchanges right there on the spot, but he was willing to help me out this time.  With this level of customer service, he's made me a customer for life.

    Now for some more general observations and comments: The Brooklyn Industries bags are actually quite durable.  The women's clothing is great -- very comfortable pieces and very unique.  The aesthetic is urban and put-together.  It can be pricey, but when they have a sale, BOY do they have a sale.  (Some of the items can be marked down around 60%, and it's not just ugly stuff either.)  The ambiance of the store is also congruent with the urban style of clothes.  I make it a point of dropping by (even if I don't actually make any purchases) when I'm in the area.
  • Review from

    • 104 friends
    • 340 reviews
    Brooklyn, NY
    10/2/2008 1 check-in here First to Review
    The store is huge and has a fun vibe.  The staff was super energetic and helpful.  I picked up a cute t-shirt and some gifts for my man.

    Unfortunately the buttons on the trench coat I bought fell off within a week.  Bummed me out since I paid over $150 for it!  Also my friend saw the exact same hat he bought from a street vendor....but they were selling it for triple the price.
  • Review from

    San Diego, CA
    I don't know how I first started going to Brooklyn Industries, but it's one of my favorite shops in the city.

    I moved far from NY over a year ago and just went back to this store in the village last week.  Now those "brooklyn" hoodies that I never would have worn before (it seems kind of corny to wear one when you LIVE in NY) now looked quite cool to me.  Funny how that works.

    There was a great post-Christmas sale going on, and I got a sweet sweatshirt and bag.  Price are steep, but the sale made it hurt not so much.

    Lifetime warrany on the bags!
  • Review from

    • 84 friends
    • 170 reviews
    Astoria, NY
    Oh Brooklyn Industries, I have such a love/hate relationship with you. Mostly the hate is "Gosh, I LOVE everything here, why can't I buy it all?"

    I really like how this location is set up. It's a huge space and everything is very well organized. The pricier stuff is in the front so if you want the sale rack head straight down the stairs. You can always find really good deals on the sales rack. You just need a little patience.

    Oh, and who can't help wanting ALL of the bags and tee shirts they have? Ugh, love/hate relationship in FULL FORCE.
  • Review from

    • 240 friends
    • 376 reviews
    South Richmond Hill, NY
    Yeah, the prices are kinda steep for what the stuff is. The bags are great though. Can't beat the durability and the lifetime warranty. Staff are very nice too.
  • Review from

    • 156 friends
    • 313 reviews
    Alexandria, VA
    I come here every time I'm up in NYC because even though they are a small chain within NYC, it's unlikely you'll see anyone else wearing your clothes.  The styles are quite diverse, so it's easy to find something that you'll like and looks good.
  • Review from

    • 34 friends
    • 484 reviews
    Brooklyn, NY
    bought four wool sweaters and a pair of jeans for 80 bucks.  so you can do alright if you hunt the racks. staff was super friendly.
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