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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Herald Square Hotel..not a landmark, a renovated boutique hotel near...Herald Square

Well, they sure did not spare the gilded paint on THIS place, did they?

This whole area is known for renovated boutique hotels and I believe this was one of the first.

Now to see what Yelp says...who knows, it may be like the Eagle's Hotel California LOL 

Herald Square Hotel

4.0 star rating
28 reviews Rating Details
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19 W 31st St
New York, NY 10001
Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Koreatown
(212) 279-4017
Nearest Transit Station:
28 St (N, R)
34 St - Herald Sq (B, D, F, M, N, Q, R)
33 St (4, 6, 6X)
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:

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  • "Such a great deal, especially in NYC during the holidays." In 9 reviews
  • "this place is awesome if you just need a bed." In 11 reviews
  • "Great coffee machine in the lounge area and free chocolates." In 3 reviews
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27 reviews in English

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    I found the Herald Square Hotel on and trip advisor with great reviews after hours of searching for an affordable hotel in Manhattan during May.

    Let me just say, the beds are amazing! I slept so comfortably during my stay for 3 nights! Not much noise from the cleaning staff either which was great.

    I was on the third floor, so my window faced into the interior courtyard with no view, but it didn't really bother me. Bathroom was very spacious, not much water pressure in the sink and spotty hot water in the shower, but everything was clean and new.

    Air conditioner, hair dryer, flatscreen tv, safe, everything was great.

    Free coffee and chocolates in the lobby, an added plus!

    The hotel in only a 5 minute walk to the nearest metro which made it very easy for us to move around the city.

    I will definitely return to the Herald Square on my next visit!
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    Friendly staff, super clean rooms, free candy in the lobby, no bed bugs, Empire State was visible from window. Definitely a step up from Carter and Hotel Penn.

    Only complaint:

    -Slow elevator

    The best deal for this hotel are on (was not listed on Expedia)
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    6/4/2013 1 check-in here
    Great small hotel - be sure to request a room above the 2nd floor.   Clean and nice with a very friendly staff.
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    If you're looking for an inexpensive hotel to stay at in NYC and you don't mind a few missing amenities, then I highly recommend the Herald Square Hotel.  Such a great deal, especially in NYC during the holidays!

    I was promptly checked in upon arrival.  The lady at the desk in was really nice.  When I called in with questions, they kindly answered them, and they also extended my checkout time by an hour and a half when I requested it.  Extra bonus points when I found out that this is a family business because I like supporting those.

    The room that I got was very tiny and quaint.  When I first stepped in, it just made me feel like I was really finally in New York City.  The queen sized bed literally filled up the room with about a foot of space on either side, and there was a little desk and closet at the end of the room, and a super mini bathroom.

    The room was highly lacking in amenities, but for that price, that's passable.  The four notable things that the room had was a large LG flat screen television with cable, a Sony Dream Machine for playing CDs and for a clock, free wifi, and they also had an Aveda soap bar in the bathroom.  Otherwise, it was lacking shampoo, lotion, mints, hair dryer and telephone.  I did really enjoy this one amenity in the lobby though: there was a coffee machine with complimentary coffee and bowls of candy! :D

    By the way, the location of this hotel is great.  It's in the Flatiron District by many subway stations, as well as the Penn Station, which was fantastic for me because I arrived by Amtrak from Philly and ended up being able to walk to the hotel from the station.  It's pretty hip and happening in the area with plenty of stores, restaurants and people.

    If you're looking for an affordable hotel in NYC, look into this one.
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    Room was small, but clean, Affordable as far as NYC goes with a good location.  Walking distance to almost every subway line in the city.
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    Excellent hotel in pricey NYC... if you hunt around for deals, one can get a good price for a very nice hotel. When I stayed there earlier this year, my room had been redone and had a bathroom area that was bigger than the rest of the room! Figure that one out...

    Great coffee machine in the lounge area and free chocolates.

    A block from Koreatown and a couple of blocks from the Empire State Building.

    And this hotel appears (so far) to be one of the few in N YC without a bedbug problem. I really checked out the room from corner to corner and found no evidence of that pesky insect that seems to be in most NYC hotels.

    Excellent staff as well....
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    1/1/2013 2 photos
    Rates are hourly at $75.00 for three hours.

    Hurricane Sandy created wreak havoc for many New Yorkers as it inconvenience me.  Receptionist window partition is separated by a two inch bullet proof glass when visitors check-in.  Valid photo identification is required for all visitors age 21+ checking-in whether it is one person or a two person party per room.  Staff is capable of conversing fluently in Spanish and English.  Lobby area is beautiful with a home-like atmosphere rather than a hotel.  A restaurant is located on the premises.

    It is an extremely cramped room with one queen size bed and no surrounding space to maneuver.  Every hotel/ motel room contains a desk right?  Herald Square Hotel contains a ledge attached to the wall to serve as a desk.  There is barely any space to place a book or one's personal belongings on this built-in ledge.  Temperature is stifling hot where the heat is hike up to 1,000 F degrees fending a sauna atmosphere upon my entrance and entire stay.  The hot water of the shower and sink were dangerously hot as I burnt my little hand.  It was impossible to shower away the stains of the daily grime without hot water as it was dangerously fiery hot.  One giant HVAC unit sticks out above the room buzzing loudly.  One small TV is attached to the wall with bad clarity for image projection.  The bed is draped in pure white Egyptian cotton sheets and very firm like new comforters with pinstripe white pillow shams.  The color of the bed linens emits the supposedly purity and wholeness of one's stay.  Quiet room, clean and bed bug free.

    Herald Square Hotel is conveniently accessible within the vicinity of Koreatown.
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    Booked a king size advanced room purchase for $150 on a saturday night in February. I'm not sure why it was so cheap, but i was pleasantly surprised to see how nice and big the room was for that price.

    Everything seemed new & clean in the room. The front desk was nice, they even let us check in early at 1pm (instead of 3). I didn't use any of the additional amenities.

    Would definitely stay here again
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    I give this hotel five stars for several reasons.  I am looking at the value and the comparative real-estate value.  Personally this is one of the nicest places that I have ever stayed.

    We made the mistake of coming to NYC with out prior reservations.  We found a holiday inn in the area, they charged us over 300 for a regular room.

    This place completely surprised my girlfriend and I.  We got the room via price-line for half of the cost that we had paid for the holiday inn a few blocks away,  I was expecting something dumpy.  Wrong.

    though the lobby doesn't pretend to be particularly luxurious, we were paying half of the holiday inn.  So I had low expectations.

    the fact is we entered our room, which was larger than our room the night before, looked to see that we had a brand new bed, a scarlet red chandelier and plenty of space.  this all resting on beautiful wood floors.

    Onto the Bathroom:

    huge,  it was larger than anything that you could expect in manhattan with out spending a ridiculous rate.  The bath and shower:  rain style shower into a massive bathtub.  Oh, I forgot about the chandelier in the bathroom as well.  Gorgeous.

    Great deal and a great centrally located place to to stay if you want to enjoy NYC.
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    Single worst hotel experience of my life. There were blood stains in the carpet of the room they gave us. The staff was extraordinarily rude and unhelpful through 2" of bulletproof glass (yes, you read that right). I saw actual prostitutes coming and going here. It's a real family place for sure.

    Oh, and when we refused to stay there they refused a refund.  We paid $400+ a night and it was the biggest mistake we have made in terms of travel. Would give less stars if I could.

    AVOID THIS HOTEL. You'll thank me.
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    Having lived in NYC for a few years I was hesitant to stay in a cheap hotel but I read every review out there and the Herald Square came out on top on my list due to its cleanliness.

    When we got there there was no line (thank God, cause I was freezing) to check in. We booked the room on priceline. The check in process was very quick.. they have pay when you check out. The lady at the reception desk was very rude though, we never had to deal with her again so whatever. They should make her take some classes on customer service. We took the elevator to the 7th floor to our room.

    The room that my husband and I stayed in was very small but more then comfortable. It was one of the regular rooms with a double bed. The room itself was very clean, it smelled clean and the bed was so comfortable I never wanted to get out of bed in the morning to the freezing cold. In other websites I read about the room being cold and was very glad to find it a very comfortable temperature since I'm usually cold natured. The thought of taking an extra personal blanket cross my mind but I'm glad I didn't. The bathroom was a regular restroom although a bit on the small size.

    The Hotel does have a machine that offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate in a lounge are. They were all nasty but I'm picky with my drinks maybe other people might be ok with it. They also offer free wi-fi.

    I would definitely stay here again, great price and location.
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    This is a great boutique hotel at a great location. I stayed at the renovated queen size room with hardwood floors and big bathroom with high ceilings and huge bath tub. Price can't be beat during off season, around $135 (that's including taxes).
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    Great hotel, in a great location, at a great price. What more can I say?
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    Great location for a reasonable price. The room was small but the bathroom large. Good bed. Our room had no outside window so it was very dark at night. But also very quiet.