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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brooks Brothers "Flatiron" store

Aha, so Brooks Brothers is now going aggressively after younger and hipper customers...that is the message here
Sounds sort of like "Star Trek, the Next Generation" or something --let's see what that generation says about the place...MIXED-- one person who likes it says " I do not understand the bad reviews," but some people really didn't take to this place..seems to me it is the older and more formal people who complain, --I get the feeling this store is making it with its target audience OK.

Brooks Brothers

3.0 star rating
10 reviews Rating Details
901 Broadway
(between 19th St & 20th St)
NEW YORK, NY 10003
Neighborhood: Flatiron
(212) 228-3580
Nearest Transit Station:
23 St (N, R)
23 St (4, 6, 6X)
14 St - Union Sq (N, Q, R)
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:
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10 reviews in English

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    5/14/2013 3 photos 2 check-ins here
    I don't get the bad reviews. Staff were friendly and asked if I needed anything. Selection are decent although yes it's expensive but what do you expect from such designer brand? I've never visited a Brooks Brothers shop before but I liked what I saw and some of their stuff are similar to Thom Browne style which is a designer I truly appreciate.

    They have a second floor 'lounge' with couches and a TV showing sports where you can well 'lounge' out and use the complimentary WiFi that they provide if you're tired of shopping or just need a break. If I had enough $$$ I would come and shop here but other than that, a good place for men to 'window' shop or just browse around some high quality clothing. They have stuff for women too but quite limited.
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    I've never successfully bought anything here- I stop in thinking I can get some nice shirts, and invariably walk out shaking my head, wondering when Brooks Brothers merged with The Gap.

    This store is just an abortion of a branding exercise.  Things to accept: you are Brooks effing Brothers.  People who come here want to look business-y, potentially even banker-y.  If you're going to aim at Vineyard Vines, Lacoste, and Polo, do so as a sideline- not 80% of your floorplan.

    Dismal selection of shirts/suits for the working professional, and a completely different vibe than the flagship store.  Don't bother.
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    I am a HUGE fan of this store. The staff was super helpful and after browswing the upstairs and looking at the latest lines, we went into the basement where the "sale" items are. Don't get me wrong, 50% off a BB shirt is still going to cost more than most other brands but you get what you pay for! I picked up a bunch of great shirts and a pull over for my upcoming vacation and all for a reasonable price considering the brand. The dressing room was one of the nicest I have ever been in and had a "country club locker room" feel to it. I loved the decor and they have a picture strip machine in the back they turned on for me and my girl so we could take goofy pics! I am not sure of the one star ratings because someone is a crazy size and it wasn't offered. That is what big and tall stores are for. This BB definitely carries more of the casual lines vice the suits and dress shirts but for the area that it's in, it makes sense. Can't please everyone but they definitely pleased me!
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    11/25/2012 1 check-in here
    Came here with my then-boyfriend to grab a couple dress shirts for work. The associates were charming and nice enough to entertain me while he was in the dressing room. I agree with some other reviewers that the selection is limited here, as we did end up having to go to the Madison Ave store to get his sizes.

    Best part of the place? There's a free photo booth under the staircase downstairs. Super cute.
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    • 4 friends
    • 12 reviews
    I have a thing for cashmere sweaters -- three ply in great colors. Brooks sells the finest three ply cashmere's I have ever warn. I have several -- blue, tan, charocoal, yellow, light grey. If you stop in ask for Charles Odette, he's a great guy, an excellent sales representative, and is very helpful.
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    • 9 reviews
    Very cool store. More like the Madison Avenue Polo mansion than a traditional Brooks store. Lots of carefully collected clutter surrounds some interesting clothes.
    They are incorporating some of the Thom Browne influence that's in their Black Fleece line, but bringing it in at an affordable price point.
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    • 4 friends
    • 10 reviews
    The smallest selection of dress shirts. To top it off, they only carry slim and extra-slim fit. Being 6'5" (and not a skinny hipster), that wasn't going to work.
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    11/14/2011 1 photo First to Review
    This store just opened in time for the Holiday Season. The interior and decorations really makes you feel welcome when you walk in. They have a great selection of Men's and Women's clothing here. I can't wait to see what else this store will bring to the Flatiron District.
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    A new job means new clothes. Their prices aren't that much higher then other stores but the quality is great. I am so pleased with this company and location. Such an iconic brand
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    • 21 reviews
    Did not have a good experience with this store at all. The dress shirt selection was narrowed down to a couple of tiny and messy shelves. When I asked a sales associate to assist me with sizing, she brought out the wrong sizes, and they were all monogrammed with other school names. Even after telling her those were not my size, she continues going through the shirts as if I were going to buy something not my size. I would stay away from this store unless you are looking for more casual wear.