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Monday, July 29, 2013 it worth it? Fifth Avenue showplace...

OK, there is Gucci on Fifth Avenue, and other places...but I decided to hit on Ferragamo because I have heard of it but know nothing about it except it is stylish and expensive.

So let us see what reviews say...Well, no doubt about, Yelp-ers really like it...however I personally do not expect to be doing any shopping there..people say it is a good store, so you might want to go in and look around if you are on that high class strip of Fifth Avenue...

Salvatore Ferragamo

4.5 star rating
19 reviews Rating Details
655 5th Ave
(between 52nd St & 53rd St)
New York, NY 10022
Neighborhood: Midtown East
(212) 759-3822
Nearest Transit Station:
5 Av/53 St (E, M)
51 St (4, 6, 6X)
47 - 50 Sts - Rockefeller Ctr (B, D, F, M)
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:
Wheelchair Accessible:

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    Top shelf.  I went here a couple of months ago in search of a stylish pair of dress shoes.  The person helping me was an Asian woman, tall, beautiful, (sorry though I don't recall her name), who was quite attentive, well educated on all the shoes she was showing me, and from the initial contact to the checkout process was awesome.  I settled on the Cipro monkstrap black dress shoe.  So far so good.  Many compliments, very comfortable, and the craftsmanship is second to none.  I've had all the big names in dress shoes and I must say the Ferragamo's are #1, with 'To Boot' as a distant second.  I will definitely visit this well appointed store again!!
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    My dad brought me here during a trip to NYC when I was 18, right before Christmas. We were visiting family for a week, which for an 18 year old isn't the most exciting thing, so he told me he would take me shopping in Manhattan for a day.

    This day changed my whole view on the little luxuries of life. Until then, I guess you could say I was a tomboy, more concerned with sports and studying than appearances. If you had put Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld in front of me, I would have no clue who these old, white-haired men were.

    Fast forward to the day my dad took me shopping. I will never forget going into Escada first - which I now know was not the place to start. I fell in love with a very simple sweater, and in my ignorance, I made the fatal mistake of looking at the price tag. I nearly died. As we went from store to store, something SOMETHING inside of me changed. Some switch flipped, some synapse connected. I saw the racks of beautiful shoes in Ferragamo and I realized why people would spend so much money on such inherently superfluous items. As I looked at the shoes, I knew I had to have a pair.

    "Dad, this is the store", I said, breathing in the beautiful leather.
    "OK daughter, go ahead and pick out whatever you want"

    To those who know me, know how dangerous this is. My ability to make a decision in a timely matter is inversely proportionate to how much freedom I am given. Two hours, 20 pairs of abandoned shoes, my father quietly weeping tears of boredom he could have never in his life imagined, I emerged triumphantly with my shoes. Note: the service was excellent. They never once batted an eye at my difficult feet and picky taste. I have been to boutiques in Paris where upon hearing my shoe size the salespeople have said 'Tu blagues!'. If only. Ferragamo never once made mention of my difficult to fit feet.

    As I walked out of the store with my shiny red box with the beige lettering, I knew a love, nay, obsession had been borne.

    Since then, I have bought many a pair of shoe, some more beautiful, some more expensive, but none hold as special a place in my heart as these. I should add that their leather is exquisite and the quality is amazing. Years later the shoes are still gorgeous. If my dad knew what a monster he was creating, he probably would have taken me to Canal St.

    I can't wait to come back to this store with him... maybe this time I will buy him a pair!

    5 twinkling stars for quality, beauty, service, nostalgia, and sentiment.
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    If your Steve Erkel candy ass wants to pay $5 for a braided belt that you tuck behind and pull then go to Canal St. Conversely, if you want quality and are willing to spend $290 + tax for a belt (reversible black/auburn too I might add) that lasts forever then read on. It even comes in its own white cotton pull pouch with red logo lettering on it. Don't even think of getting a fugazy one off eGay. Be a real man. No, Woodbury Commons doesn't carry it either. You have to pay retail just like the rest of us elitist label hog motherfuckers.

    Similarly, if you want to buy a generic looking no frills nylon jacket for the cost of a pack of Hubba Bubba then go to UniGlo. If you want a well made diagonally stitched designer look that stands out, fits like it's couture and lasts forever then get Ferragamo. It'll run you 8 bills though.

    They also make nice clutches for women. I'm not crazy about their mocs for men, as that is more the country club, preppy boy look. Sorry, I'm not forking over 6 bills to look like Zach Morris. No way, no how.

    P.S. I need to get something off my chest for a sec. Back to that belt. For the record, I've broken necks with seated diners staring at my belt buckle while waiting at restaurants before. Yeah, that's right. I caught you staring were mesmerized by my belt weren't you? Could you have made it any more obvious? Heck, I even saw your herby ass reflection bouncing off my belt buckle. Just admit it. It's ok fellow hater. Fret not. I don't blame you. *pat on head* Have a dum dum pop on me.

    Some eye candy:…

    Now go ahead and tell me you can fuck with that belt. Well? I'm waiting? I thought so. You can't. You can't even fathom a diss for it. It's okay. Neither will your next 5 generations homey. Face it. That belt is simply undissable. It's got superpowers that'll diffuse into your crotch, rub you the right way and make you more virile. Your sperm will be swimming like it had nitrous in it. It'll make you ejaculate faster than a speeding bullet. Heck, you might even be able to turn back time. Yes, I would know. I experienced it firsthand. Turning back time that is. You fuckin' perv!
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    Ehh, I like Ferragamo, but don't love it.

    Much much larger than the Chicago store, the leather goods are very nice.  I'm not so much a fan of their clothes.  It's a little too mature for my taste.

    They weren't too busy for a Saturday afternoon and the sales staff was very nice and not overbearing.  I really liked their shoes for SJT.  Personally, I wouldn't really buy anything here for myself.
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    I buy nice shoes.  Instead of telling you why I'll let you choose from the answers listed below.

    A.  Women like men who wear nice shoes.
    B.  The shoes a man wears tells men/women a lot about who he is.
    C.  8 out of 10 women say the first thing they notice about a guy's outfit is his shoes.
    D.  Good shoes can make an outfit whereas bad shoes can kill one.
    E.  Women like men who wear nice shoes.
    F.  A, C, D
    G. All of the above

    If you guessed "G" then you get an A.  If you chose "A" or "E" you still get an "A."  If you choose either "B" or  "D" you get a "C."

    I was in NYC recently for a business trip and wanted another pair of brown shoes.  Where else will you find the best shopping in Manhattan but on 5th Avenue.  I popped into Ferragamo's beautiful boutique and headed up the stairs to the second floor.

    I think I let out a little gasp as I saw the shoe selection.  They had so many shoes to choose from, dressy, casual, boots, lace ups, loafers, slip ons, brown ones, black ones, oh my!   I picked out 3, tried on 2 and ended up buying a pair of beautiful brown boots whose price tag was equivalent to what one of my friend's pays in rent in SF.  Yeah, they were a pretty penny.

    All I kept thinking of was damn these look good.  In fact, they looked so good I kept getting compliments from both men and women while I was parading around the store.  I admired them in the mirror walked a couple of steps and then looked down.

    I then proceeded to ask random people what they thought and got nothing but compliments and comments like ,

    "You should buy those."
    "Those are sexy, I'd jump you right here if I could."
    "Damn you have some BIG feet. (Smile)"

    I walked home with a pair of awesome brown boots, a big smile a phone number, and a date for that evening.  Nice.
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    And it was on sale!

    This store is HUGE.

    I currently live in Taiwan, but am a native New Yorker and am planning to move back to the homeland soon. Luxury items in Asia cost a crap load more than in the US*. So, although I was eyeing a beauty of a bag in Taiwan, then rechecked it said bag when I bounced over to Hong Kong and decided on buying said bag in New York. Ultimately, I ended up buying a different purse.

    Why, do you ask?

    because the flagship store in New York had a WAY huge-er selection than in either Taipei or Hong Kong. Although I was playing with the original purse i was doing the international price check on, I had a lurking feeling that a different purse, my true-love-purse was elsewhere. The sales associate was patiently listening to what i was describing as an easy-going daily use purse and pointed me towards just the right direction. I saw it sitting on a shelf and literally ran towards it.
    Bag and Lady soul mates.
    ahhhh, is there anything more beautiful?**

    It was on sale too ^_^
    Sale: $999 USD
    Orig: $1,350 USD

    My sales associate wasnt pushy or prigish at all. He was funny and could tell he was going to make a quick and easy commission; he just had to steer me towards the right direction.

    ALTHOUGH, the only complaint I would have is that he wasn't as patient as i would've liked. After he ran off to swipe the card, BF and I started wandering off towards the ties to stock his dismal collection. The sales associate came back with the bill to sign, but didn't take the time to offer any more assistance. So what, after you finally got your commission, i'm chopped liver to you??***


    *the price of the bag i was eyeing was way more expensive in Asia
    Taiwan: ~$1,800 USD
    HK: ~$1,600 USD
    NY: $845 USD (but it was on sale, but even the original price tag was lower. I think it was ~$1,200)
    I've also spoken to a lot of sales associates in a bunch of other stores, they all agree that the prices are way jacked up in Asia when compared to here.

    **please dont mention big eyed puppies playing sweetly with big eyed kittens, because thats a toughie

    ***Well, Ferragamo, thats why you lost that final star! Give a woman a man with patience, and watch her fall head over heels. No patience, means no lovin'
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    all shoes are NOT created equal.

    Let me start off with saying Salvatore Ferragamo isnt for everyone.

    I on the other hand LOVE ferragamo. My first time in this store was about 4 years ago, when i was new to the midtown area. I popped in here. The store is HUGE. I wandered around here and looked at the selection. They have a MASSIVE selection of shoes. I didnt really check out the clothes because even though ferragamo shoes is out of my price range i cant imagine how WAYYYYY out the ready to wear clothes will be.

    Anyway i skimmed the womens shoe selection and fell in love with the classic vara's. These shoes with an inch heel and the gold detailed bow in the front that almost every older woman on the upper east side owns, had to now be mine.
    Im not writing about my first experience though. It was my second experience in the store that im writing about and that has me now as a regular customer ( when i can.. ) to this store.

    I went back to the store maybe a couple months later and ventured upstairs to the mens floor. It was around christmas time. I have been seeing someone and things were getting serious. I wanted my boyfriend to elevate his style and how could i not start off by getting him his FIRST pair of ferragamo classic driver shoes. Now i know guys dont get excited about shoes like women do ( or i do... ) but i knew my boyrfiend wouldve appreciated them. there is NOTHING that turns me on more than a man with a great suit and EVEN better shoes.

    So im perusing the selection of shoes on the mens floor. A gentlemen approaches me after im in there for a bit.  ( i looked a hot mess) His name is Eric. I explained my situation to him and what i was looking for.

    I must have been there for over an hour deciding what to get , what size, what color etc. Eric was so incredibly patient. So understanding. I will always remember that day. after much deliberation i walked out FINALLY ( im so indecisive sometimes) with a FERRAGAMO shopping bag in my hand and with eric's business card.

    ps. my bf LOVED THEM.

    I have gone back many times to browse, to purchase, to chat with eric. It is unfortunate that i no longer am within that area so its a little out of my way to shop there now. But in the course of the several years it has been from my first time , i have brought my boyfriend there ( same guy now!! ) and he has met eric. my bf has purchased shoes for me from there ( i have over 15 pairs) and now i know that when it comes to gift giving time, either my bf or i consult eric for gifts on each other.
    (writing this review really reminds me how much i love this store and the brand lol...)  Needless to say, Eric has become a friend and knows my taste perfectly.

    Im a ferragamo for lifer fan. This wouldnt have happened without exceptional service and with the amazing collection that store has.

    Thank you Eric, Thank you Ferragamo for giving me some of the BEST shoes in my life. As a new yorker, comfort is everything when running around on these streets. Now i dont have to sacrifice comfort for great looking shoes.
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    After recently making a purchase here it was nice to receive a hand written note saying what a pleasure it was having me in their store and hope I'm enjoying my new purchase...this just goes to show that good service still exists in boutiques and it is not just about a sale....Thank goodness!!!

    Their flagship store is absolutely amazing and do have to say, the sales people there are very friendly.  Go and check them out...
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    I spend way too much here, but I love their stuff. I don't think the salespersons are pushy; they're actually very nice, especially the women. The one time I did a return, the salesperson literally whisked it away with no questions asked, and I was out the door in under 60 seconds.

    I'm gullible enough to buy again. :)
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    In a store that sells brand name stuff the only thing that could matter to me is customer service. This store had superb staff that was very helpful and caring. I'd definitely visit the store again
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    I slightly dread the sale staff snobbery every time I walk into a Ferragamo store.  I guess they're kinda old lady shoes and I'm not old.  Feels like the staff in the front sizes you up and decides if you're going to try to run out with a purse.  And if you make it to the back, you're less of a threat.

    In the back of the store is where the service excels.  I remember Getu from my NYC visit 2 years ago.  And he treated me the same this time.  This man brought me tons of shoes, which turned out to all be stored on the second floor.  I think he was tired, so he tried to sell me all the matching handbags from the front of the store. I tried to buy the store as well. Only ended up with two pairs for some of the styles are too old lady for me.
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    Beautiful leather goods and scarves but the salespeople are so pushy I'm always tempted to try on shoes at the store and then order them online.  I love my new pumps (patent leather with a bow) and it was definitely worth half a month's rent (I have to tell myself that everytime I think how much I spent on them).

    The store occasionally has sales, but finding your size when its marked down by 10% is pretty impossible.
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    I had to buy a new pair of black high-heeled peep-toes for work and of course Ferragamo was the first place I thought of.  My father has always maintained a die-hard devotion to this brand and refuses to wear anything else.  Another wonderful benefit of buying shoes here is that they carry both men's and women's shoes in wide, which is ideal for my feet.  Unfortunately, many people associate Ferragamo with more old-fashioned styles, but I strongly believe that the comfort and simplicity of their footwear is perfect for the working professional.

    The customer service here is wonderful, especially the French sales associate who helped me.  Unfortunately I can't remember her name, but she was very patient and was not pushy by any means.  In the end I settled for the "Ribes" style in black patent, which ran $490 + tax.  Worth every penny.
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    The service has always been professional, courteous and well-informed.
    At the same time the sales associates on the floor tend to be down to earth,
    as all good professionals are, and willing to engage in honest conversation
    about stock availability and what does and does not look good on you.
    As far as stores go, it is one of the very best.
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