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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DryBar...rather odd idea for a hairstyling place...again, THIS decade definitely

This place arrived with some local controversy ...some people scrawled graffiti on its first ads mocking the idea of this place. "No color..Just blowouts..only $40."

These styles of blow outs ( blow outs of cash, it seems to me) have special names too
Well, it doesn't thrill me but then I am not the audience for this Murray Hill place by a long shot.

THOSE it is aimed at love it...maybe it is the idea of splurging on a luxury for yourself? 


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222 E 34th St
(between Tunnel Exit St & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10016
Neighborhoods: Midtown East, Murray Hill, Kips Bay
Nearest Transit Station:
33 St (4, 6, 6X)
28 St (4, 6, 6X)
Grand Central - 42 St (7, 7X)
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41 reviews in English

  • Review from

    • 45 friends
    • 4 reviews
    Civic Center/Tenderloin, San Francisco, CA
    6/20/2013 1 check-in here
    Had a great experience here. Was getting my hair done for a wedding the next day. Told the girl who was helping me that I wanted something that would hold up for 48 hours and she delivered. They run the gammet on hair styles. One girl was getting a super straight blow out, another pin curls, and I asked for something subtle with a curl, but not too much. My hair holds a curl extremely well and she tested my hair out before putting an iron to it. thank goodness she did, because I would have walked out looking like Sherly Temple.

    Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get their hair done for a special occasion or even just a fun night out, and who doesnt love getting their hair done. The salon itself is actually laid out perfectly for a small group, but make sure you schedule an appointment.
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 6/20/2013   
    Dear Katie,  Thank you for the five-star review! I'm so… More »
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    • 22 friends
    • 45 reviews
    Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NY
    6/6/2013 1 check-in here
    This is my second time at Drybar but my first experience at the Murray Hill location!

    I was super excited to come here and thrilled that they happened to have an 11:30am appointment open since I had to cancel my 2:00pm appointment at another location because of the timing of my graduation that day! (This past Friday..*proud*)

    Upon my arrival, the girl checked me in and asked if I would like a drink to which I requested a Mimosa.  I was sitting around for about five minutes when my stylist, Zoey, came to pick me up.  We sat at a station which was a small, hidden room around the corner from the register/check-in area where Zoey asked what I would like to have done.  It was difficult speaking to her in that environment because of the blow dryers and chatter so I tried my best to speak up but I had only just gained my voice back from a bad bout of bronchitis.

    I specifically told Zoey that I wanted the Cosmo-Tai but I wanted just a little bit more of the curls.  She replied asking what kind of curls I would like (loose, tight) and I showed her what kind of curls I would like by pointing to the Cosmo photo. With the noise in the background, Zoey immediately dismissed my original request and pointed at the Cosmo photo saying, "Since you want curls and you're showing me this photo let's just do the Cosmo. Ok? Ok, follow me!" ......Um, ok, no. I'm requesting something from you that you originally said okay to which led me to believe that that was possible and now you're telling me to follow you to do my hair in a style that comes off as being more convenient for you?

    We went over the area where our hair was washed and I put my head all the way back and adjusted myself for her.  She kept ordering me to put my hair and head back further and further until it defeated the purpose of the already amazing hair basins.  My neck was uncomfortable the entire time and during the middle of my wash did Zoey stop the conversation with her co-worker and ask me how my day was.  It was then I realized that that was the first time she had asked me. I said it was fine.  I did not feel up to having a conversation in general but even if I did, I did not feel like chatting with some one who gave me the impression that she was in control and left me feeling awkward.

    As we went back to sit, my Mimosa was waiting for me at my seat.  This was the first time since arriving that I began to feel good.  As Zoey went to work, I tried watching The Devil Wears Prada.  I was super happy that they were playing this movie and thought how I love that Drybar plays fun movies!  The only down side was that the tv in my area was not working and was only showing up in green and black, but I watched anyways.  Zoey tried to talk to me again and I figured we went off on the wrong foot so I tried talking with her but she didn't respond to me at all and we went back to awkward silence.  Hey, I tried.  Just saying.

    The result of my blow out was amazing! I ultimately decided to go with the Cosmo style because honestly, I did want to try this style but I wanted the style I had originally requested because mind you, this was being done HOURS BEFORE MY COLLEGE GRADUATION.  I asked her if it would last until at least after graduation and she said the curls may become a little bit loose but she would spray a little bit of extra hairspray for me.  The curls were adorable and only made me wish my hair could hurry up and get longer so I can do this style again! Although I'm not a fan of Zoey's attitude or personality, I do love the way she did my hair with such precision!! However, I won't be going to her or this location again only because this did not meet or exceed my expectations like the Flatiron location did!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 6/12/2013   
    Anna, thank you so much for reaching out and giving us this… More »
  • Review from

    • 25 friends
    • 47 reviews
    Manhattan, NY
    I have super curly hair, and I have never had a professional blow-out. I decided to try Drybar in my neighborhood before a special occasion - law school prom!

    The overall experience was nice. I got some free champagne and was able to watch Bridesmaids on a small TV. My stylist was Roxanne, and she did a great job. It took longer than expected to finish my hair, but she really cared that I was happy at the end of the appointment. I walked out with smooth and shiny hair styled exactly how I wanted.

    I don't believe in constantly straightening my hair (I am a Devachan-devoted curly girl), but once in a blue moon I'll go back for something different!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 4/15/2013   
    Dear Anne,  Thank you for the review! I'm so happy Roxanne… More »
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    • 1 review
    Manhattan, NY
    What an amazing experience--not for one minute did I feel like a disposable customer, always a welcomed guest.  Kate the manager went above and beyond, making this by far the best and most relaxing blow out I have ever had in the city (and coming from a 10 year NYC veteran with hair down the middle of my back, that is saying A LOT).  I couldn't be happier with her, and knew immediately I was in good hands.  She made the impossible possible with my last minute appointment and stellar customer service.  

    My blow out was impeccable, and just what I wanted!  I ordered the Cosmopolitan which can be difficult with my long layers.  It was stunning.  My stylist really delivered.  It lasted far longer than I expected!  In the blasting heat this summer, there were not any flyaways or frizz.

    This place is a MUST.  Ask for Kate, she's professional, friendly, and will make sure you are a smiling woman with gorgeous hair!  Can't wait to go back!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 7/26/2013   
    Dear Stacia,  Thank you for the shout out for our Murray… More »
  • Review from

    • 75 friends
    • 30 reviews
    San Francisco, CA
    7/11/2013 1 check-in here
    Bananas. This is the third drybar I've been too and by far the best. I believe my stylists name was Roxanne(?) she was amazing: professional, friendly, a god with a blow dryer, and oozed passion about her job. Every person in there made sure my friend and I had an excellent experience even though it was close to closing. Roxanne got exactly the vision I wanted. Bravo!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 7/12/2013   
    Dear Angel,  Thank you for the amazing review! I'm thrilled… More »
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    • 3 reviews
    Manhattan, NY
    I went to the Drybar @ the Murray Hill location last week for the first time...From the minute I walked in, I was treated like a Queen..Too old to be a Princess!
    My stylist was Precious and what perfect name for her..She took amazing care of me and my hair..I loved the way it turned out..She spent plenty of time talking to me and explaining the use for the products....When I was finished I was given samples of some if the hair products..I'm so glad...I went back today just to buy more and a brush.. Can't wait to go back...Thank you for opening  DryBar

    Blanche M.
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 7/12/2013   
    Dear Blanche,  Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm… More »
  • Review from

    • 6 friends
    • 29 reviews
    New York, NY
    Overall, I really loved my experience at DryBar. There were a few issues, which is why I've docked a star... but at the end of the day I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends and we all looked gorgeous for our night out.

    My friend- the birthday girl- had booked 3 appointments for her, another friend, and myself. We arrived on-time and were told they were running a little behind. Asked us if we would like some wine/champagne and cookies while we waited. Uhm, yes please and thank you.

    A little while later, we were told that they were short-staffed and had to push us back by about 30-45 minutes. Not ideal seeing as we had a dinner reservation., but we were able to call the restaurant to move it back 45 minutes.

    A little hiccup. But hey, stuff like this happens. I just wish they had been more prepared as we'd made the appointments well in advance.

    While we waited, the staff was very courteous to us and kept filling up our wine glasses. We were probably about 3 glasses deep each by the time we got started lol. No complaints! We were treating this as a birthday pregame...

    When we got started, they had some issues with the water temperature. It wasn't very warm. Again, not ideal, but what are you gonna do?

    Overall... our hairstyles looked amazing. We all got the cosmo-tai, and they lasted well into the night. My hair, which holds curls very well, even lasted until the next day!

    We were QUITE tipsy walking out of there... had about 4-5 glasses of wine each. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say there is not ONE place in NYC where I can get that much wine AND walk out looking fabulous for $40.

    I would definitely recommend this place if you want some quality girl-time with the crew. The UES location has just opened near my apartment, and I'll be checking that location out next week. Hoping to make it my new spot!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 3/3/2013   
    Dear Jess,   Thank you for sharing your experience with us!… More »
  • Review from

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    • 4 reviews
    Manhattan, NY
    Very sad... I want to love drybar so much but both of the blowouts I had at this location fell almost immediately after I got them. The first time I thought maybe it was because I had curls and my hair does not really curl well after it is blown out straight, so the second time, for a friend's wedding this past Saturday, I had a Straight Up. The stylist was very sweet, but said she was going to give it extra volume since I told her my hair didn't hold volume well. Did not see this "extra volume" in any sort whatsoever! I left the appointment for a makeup appointment, and when I got to that second appointment and sat down and looked in the mirror, I was very sad to see my hair looked very stringy and weighed down with too much product, definitely not sexy and voluminous like I had requested. I spent the whole makeup appointment thinking about ways I could fix my hair up before the reception. I was regretting not styling my hair myself with some Surf Spray and a curling iron (which holds very well!). I wish I could say this is just the experience at this drybar location so I could try another one, but the two girlfriends with whom I was attending the wedding went to different locations and had the SAME EXPERIENCE! We all had to touch up our own hair. drybar is such a clever, fun concept and I would have loved to treat girlfriends to blowouts here in the future, but I don't know if I would take the risk of not knowing how my hair is going to turn out on such an important day for a special occasion!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 7/16/2013   
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  • Review from

    • 3 friends
    • 5 reviews
    New York, NY
    I frequent DryBar all the time. This location is right by my office so its the one I hit up most of the time. The staff is always warm and friendly here.  I've never written a review for any DryBars but after recently trying another blowout place I thought I would give DryBar a shout out and make some comparisons.

    As long as you clearly articulate how you want your hair to be, you will be satisfied. The stylist I had last week on Monday was super great. She took her time to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. I really appreciated that!

    As far as the *other* blowout place vs DryBar goes - DryBar gives you free champagne or wine AND let's you watch fun fun movies... can't go wrong there!

    My only two complaints are that the water pressure and temperature at this location are AWFUL.  I love you guys but seriously who wants to get their hair washed in cold water. I come here a lot and its never warm. Even during the non-busy hours. Also - I have super thick hair. The water pressure is like a trickle here. It takes the stylists a long time to actually rinse between washing and conditioning my hair. Sometimes I can't help but feel that the wash job isn't at thorough as it could be if the water pressure was actually ON!

    other than that - I will definitely continue to go back to this DryBar location and would recommend it to others!
    Comment from alli w. of Drybar 4/1/2013   
    Dear Nina,  Thank you so much for giving our Murray Hill… More »
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    • 34 reviews
    Wow! I didn't know what to expect when I went into drybar to get a package of blowouts for my girlfriend. I was actually blown away by the cool decor, girly energy and the friendly staff. What an amazing concept and well executed. I'm pretty sure by my gf's reaction (lots of jumping up and down and smiling) that it was the best gift yet! Thanks.
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