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Thursday, July 25, 2013

275 Madison Avenue-- another architectural gem (architect: Franzheim) we all take for granted

This is the kind of great Deco building that we just take for granted in Midtown...I did not see any memorial plaques but maybe there should be some!
Buildings like this just add so much to the everyday charm and classiness of a business district...where again, most people are hurrying by so fast going to do their thing that they don't give it much of a second glance. But that's Manhattan for you!
Well, I will look but I do not expect to see any great listings for this place..I hope I am wrong..

Well, I DID find a great website for it ( it dates from 1931, peak of the Deco era)-this is well worth checking out, nicely designed website too--mentions the architect, a Mr. Franzheim etc.