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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Regal Cinemas near Union Square

One of the newer movie palaces...still been around a while though, so there should be plenty of reviews ( my famous last words).

Certainly looks OK on the outside but again in NYC particularly looks are sometimes really deceiving..OH  WOW, yes, two people DO complain they got bug bites! But just two out of many.

One person says the crowd this place draws includes too many doubtful types...

On to reviews-well what do you know, people say this place is TOO popular and the crowd scene here is too much! One guy just says, "Get here early!!"

Its great location (near all those subway lines  and right off Union Square) are both a blessing and a curse.

Regal Union Square Stadium 14

3.0 star rating
288 reviews Rating Details
Category: Cinema  [Edit]
850 Broadway
(between 13th St & 14th St)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Union Square, East Village
(212) 253-6266
Nearest Transit Station:
Union Sq - 14 St (L)
14 St - Union Sq (4, 5, 6, 6X)
14 St - Union Sq (N, Q, R)
Good for Kids:
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288 reviews in English

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    7/29/2013 1 check-in here
    It is almost impossible to get a movie ticket on a Friday/Saturday night unless you buy the tickets two hours beforehand. This theater is always crowded, probably due to its convenient location right off of Union Square.

    My feelings toward this theater has consistently been "meh, it's closeby" except for the one time that a movie did not play right (the color of the screen was hideously off). Management made up for it though by providing everyone free movie tickets!
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    • 12 friends
    • 155 reviews
    I rarely go to the movies anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love movies. But with the ticket prices, crowds, and lackluster experience, I would so much rather stay at home and watch something when it comes on TV or rent it from Netflix. So I only make the effort to go out if there's something I'm dying to see, I'm going with a friend, or it's a smaller film that might be hard to locate later.

    This time I went out with a friend to see Despicable Me 2. Don't judge me. Those little minions are adorable. I know NYC ticket prices are going to be expensive regardless of the theater so I won't really hold that against this place. The theater was pretty clean but packed on a Saturday night. They have a station at the side where you can purchase tickets from a machine but it was a bit chaotic so I decided to wait in line. The line moved pretty quickly and the people behind the counter do not waste any time. They don't give you a lot of direction as to where you should head. Thankfully, we didn't have far to go so this wasn't an issue.

    The theater seemed pretty clean though it was almost sold out so we had to grab seats at the back. The chairs were nice and comfortable. They were wide enough that jostling for armrest space was not an issue. The movie ran fine. The sound was loud enough for you to hear everything but not deafening like some other theaters are nowadays. The crowd was pretty well behaved. They laughed at almost every joke and awwed at anything adorable (which is part of the reason I avoid theaters) but it wasn't anything too loud or over the top. I guess my major complaint was that while it wasn't as hot as the temperature outside, I didn't really feel like they had turned on the A.C. It might have just been that we were at the back of the theater but it's something to maybe take into consideration.

    Overall, it was an alright experience. I would probably go back to another theater where I had a better time but this is a perfectly fine place to go if you don't mind the crowds.
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    I have gone to the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 for the last time. I was not happy to see a mandatory bag inspection. This clearly had nothing to do with safety, as the process was without any protocol, training or discipline. Teenage staffers were just pulling bottles of water out of people's bags and  didn't seem to care if you just walked by.

    I understand the owners want to sell more $7 sodas. But this is only growing to drive even more people from the movie theaters. For me, it was the last straw.
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    7/4/2013 6 check-ins here
    I am a bit scared coming to this theatre because my friends has had experiences of being bitten by bugs at this location. That part scares me.

    The last thing I want to do is get bitten by bugs at a theatre or worse yet, bring it home with me.

    I come here mostly because it's near where I am during the day and it's playing a movie I want to see. It's not too busy during the weekdays, thank goodness.

    I just am not crazy about how the crowds on the street on the way to the theatre. It makes it hard to walk. It's a bit too busy around that area. It's not one of my favorite theatres but that is just a preference of mine. And the theatres are not cold enough for me. I wish there was more air conditioning in this theater. There was also a few times the sound was not loud enough. I remember watching Sherlock Holmes and the volume was really low. Not something I expect from a movie theatre.
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    These theaters are good enough for me. I'm not a huge snob, but I like to go and see the occasional movie. They have a good selection of movies and plenty of showtimes.

    If there's a movie I'm looking to watch, this is one of the first places I check.
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    6/6/2013 1 photo 1 check-in here
    How is it when I finally decide to cough up $14.50 and go to the movies, I get bitten by bed bugs?!?!?!

    I don't go anywhere...I just go to work and go I didn't catch it anywhere else..

    I went to the movies on Tueday, June 4th to see Fast & Furious 6 (funny, I always thought it was Fast and THE Furious, oops) to the 4:20 showing.  My leg started itching in the theater during the movie, so it was dark and I could not see.   I thought my legs were dry and that's why it was itching.   It happens, I don't usually lotion myself after showers...yea, I walk around with ashy legs...I kept scratching a few times more but eventually it stopped itching..went home and it didn't itch again...even the next morning I didn't feel it itch until I went to work and changed into my work uniform is when I noticed those 3 linear red fricking spots on my leg....O_O....FACK!!!!

    So I paid almost $15....wait...I also bought a drink and $26.50 to be exact for some cotdamn bed bug bites....

    Eh, the movie was good too but not worth these bites....this shit hurts more than it itches...

    Also I don't know what to do...if I call the theater, I'll feel like they'll doubt that I got bitten in their theater..
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    7/21/2013 1 check-in here
    Came here yesterday to see White House down .. the Theater is very clean & the staff was ok ...
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    6/5/2013 1 check-in here
    Kind of a maze of a theater!

    If the movie that you are watching has a balcony, definitely watch it on the balcony. No body could figure out how to get up there and while every seat was packed downstairs, there was no body on the balcony!
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    6/18/2013 1 check-in here
    Not my fav movie spot but it's close to the Q train and when I want to see a movie in the city.

    It's fairly clean compared to many other spots that I've frequented. It does tend to get super crowded especially when a new movie comes out and depending who's working the line may be all over the place. Definitely not cool.
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    6/3/2013 8 check-ins here
    Smaller theaters, gets pretty busy, exorbitant concession prices. Overall, just an average theater. It is particularly nice to be in on a 90 degree summer day as they keep it very, very cold inside.

    One major gripe I have is the Regal Crown Club cards only work on the kiosks if you have the older style with the magnetic strip. The new kinds, the ones with the barcodes and QR codes do not scan from the kiosks, thus, if you are adamant about getting your purchase points applied to your card, you are forced to wait in the always long ticket booth line to do so. It is probably enough of an inconvenience for me to go to any of the other theaters in my 1 mile radius instead, like the AMC.
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    6/28/2013 1 check-in here
    I was here to see an advance movie screening of Kevin Hart "Let Me Explain" (which was okay) and Kevin Hart was their promoting his movie. The theater was a bit small and the seats seemed a bit cramped. The movie is in a great location with public transportation right on the corner.
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    7/1/2013 1 check-in here
    The Regal Union Square has a very good location.  A block away from different subway stations which makes it very accessible to everyone.  The movie theatre is clean but of course, you cannot avoid people who just leave their trash and just because there is cleaning service doesn't mean you cannot pick up your own garbage.  I also like their comfortable, semi-reclining seats.  There is no footrest but you can stretch back the seats and be more relaxed.
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    7/16/2013 1 check-in here
    i only come here when i'm feeling lazy and don't want to travel to my usual theatre.  it's super crowded here and kinda sorta dirty.  last time i went the line at the ticket window was so long.... and there are cops hanging out in the lobby.  says much about the crowd that frequents this theatre?
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    6/30/2013 1 check-in here
    I recommend getting here early.  It is a busy theater, so unless the movie has been out for a while, if you stroll into the theater a few minutes before.. you wont have a good seat.  But, once you get past the crowds- their seats are really comfortable and new, the concession staff is always friendly, and I usually find everything to be very clean.
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    4/7/2013 2 check-ins here
    Like most movie theaters, tickets are expensive and food is overpriced.

    The seats in the large theaters are not stadium seats but rather... honestly, I'm not quite sure how to describe them. The screen is elevated and instead of looking forward and a bit downwards at it, you crane your neck backwards to look up at it, no matter how far back you are seated, and this has given me a headache on both occasions when I've come here.
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    6/9/2013 1 check-in here
    Due to the location, this place gets PACKED!! That being said, it's still a great theater and great quality picture and sound.