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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paddy Reilly's Music Bar in Kips Bay

This is another old war horse of a place that has been around since the 1980's as a music bar primarily..

As you might have guessed from all the Guinness Ads on the outer walls, the Guinness is  a big deal here... sign over door says " The World's First and Only all Draft Guinness Bar."

Irish bars are not all that "in" these days, but this place gets excellent reviews ...of course, it is playing to a certain audience already..

Paddy Reilly's Music Bar

45 reviews Rating Details
519 2nd Ave
(between 29th St & 28th St)
New York, NY 10016
Neighborhoods: Midtown East, Kips Bay
(212) 686-1210
Nearest Transit Station:
28 St (4, 6, 6X)
33 St (4, 6, 6X)
23 St (4, 6, 6X)
Mon-Sun 3 pm - 4 am
Good for Kids:
Accepts Credit Cards:
Garage, Street
Good for Groups:
Price Range:
Takes Reservations:
Waiter Service:
Outdoor Seating:
Best Nights:
Wed, Fri, Sat
Happy Hour:
Full Bar
Coat Check:
Noise Level:
Good For Dancing:
Has TV:
Wheelchair Accessible:

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  • "There was a few musicians playing some really good Irish music." In 24 reviews
  • "Live music, pool table and most importantly the guinness." In 24 reviews
  • "Love going most Friday nights to see The Prodigals." In 4 reviews
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45 reviews in English

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    6/11/2013 2 check-ins here
    I'm a long time Guinness drinker, and there is not a better pour outside of Ireland that I've had.  It has a dive-bar/pub feel but it's charming.  They only serve Guinness on tap but there are plenty of other bottled selections and liquor options if that's your poison.  They also have live music 7 days a week and have friendly staff.  All around- my favorite bar in NYC!
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    • 9 friends
    • 23 reviews
    10/21/2012 1 check-in here
    It might have been because it was just what I needed at the time, but I love this place. Live music is always a good thing, that night a folk/rock group called Whiskey Ginger was playing, and they were great...

    But here is why I loved it. It was Happy hour on friday in NYC and I didn't feel like dealing with lines of suits and $10 domestic drafts and all the other business nonsense. I was walking down the street and saw Paddy Reilly's, it looked unassuming, and I figured I'd check it out. Perfect. Kind of divey, not all the furniture matched, only Guinness on tap, and affordable.

    I sat down and made instant friends at the bar, two guys a little older than my age one local from Brooklyn the other from Boston... we all bought a round and had a few good laughs, talked sports, and enjoyed the music. This is one of those little gems you find by accident in NYC.
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    • 28 friends
    • 28 reviews
    2/26/2013 3 photos
    I went here on a Saturday evening to see a friend that was playing a set. The bar was pretty much what you anticipate from an Irish bar: dingy and a little run down. The only beer on tap is Guinness, which isn't a bad thing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and feels like a small town bar. The only knock for me would be that it doesn't offer food. I could see the added trouble of having a kitchen, but at least something to keep the hungry customer there. That said, if you're looking for a relaxing time with a pint of Guinness and live music, it is definitely the place to go.
    • The Bar
    • The Stage
    • Full glass of Guinness :)
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    Update - 4/28/2012 7 check-ins here
    One of my favorite bars, always and forever. Recently I went in, and the following exchange happened:

    Patron: I'm saving a seat for my friend Paddy Reilly.
    Bartender: Ah, Ya might be waiting a while.

    It's true, Paddy Reilly occasionally drops in, but nobody should expect him to saddle up. This place has constantly changed over the years. The windows used to be mostly covered, and now they provide a full unobstructed view outside.  They threw a fresh coat of paint on the back room walls, and the stage was shifted.

    No matter what changes are made, this place maintains its great comfort of a local pub. I wish I lived closer, as I'd be in every day. It's like a long lost love way over in the Murray Hill area of Manhattan.

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    • 5/27/2009
      They have replaced the Bud Light/Bud taps with Guinness! They are truly an All-Guinness On Tap bar… Read more »
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    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    12/10/2012 1 check-in here
    I absolutely fell in love with this place! My first visit was on Saturday night and I definitely will be back :) the manager is a great guy and definitely will make you laugh, if you're lucky he may even choose you to win a trip to Ireland ;) good prices, great staff and good music!!! I really recommend this place for anyone looking for a great Irish bar.
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    • 5 friends
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    6/15/2012 1 photo 1 check-in here
    A good friend introduced me to this place. It is the perfect not in my neighborhood, neighborhood bar. Live music, pool table and most importantly the guinness.

    Love Steve! Miss Raline.  If you're lucky They'll take you on a "Trip to Ireland"

    Will be back sooner than later = )
    • Thats the stuff . .
  • Review from

    Last time I strolled in here there were 16 credits left on the jukebox. Wicked man. Whiskey in hand this prompted us to of course play some classic hip hop along with some ign'ant music. After some more whiskey and hand clapping game shenanigans, we ended up playing some more of the same which probably isn't the best setup for live Irish music unless it's some House of Pain or La Coka Nostra. Sorry Paddy's, but we did throw some Ronettes in there which wasn't the move either I know. Bar is perfect for the female Benjamin Button.
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    Came here on St. Patty's day with two fellow yelpers. We felt like getting all Irish-y that day so we picked an Irish sounding bar, makes sense, no? It was a little out of the way from where I live in Brooklyn, but I wasn't guna pass Irishness, so came here and met up my peeps. We were kind of annoyed that there was a $10 cover charge that night to see a band that sucked, baaaaaaddd. But we had all already made it out there so might as well join the drunkenness. Plus, how could we pass this place up after having the pleasure of translating very drunk very heavy accented Irishmen outside. Those guys were hilarious!! It's enough we can't understand the Irish with those (cute) accents, but when they're wasted, it gets much MUCH worse lol.

    First thing we noticed when we went in was how frickinnnn hotttttttt is was in there!!! Imagine a sauna, then multiply that by ten.....and then add 80 people in attendance in said sauna.....and there ya go. The fans gave us absolutely zero ventilation, I mean HOT in there for realzzzz. But we stuck it out, because, although we weren't huge fans of the place for the first 20 mins, the crowd got much better and people were getting drunk, present company included, and it just turned out to be a great place to be in. The crowd was a little older but not so much as to be turned off if you're in your 20s. After a while though, crowd got lame. Understandable since the [crappy] band left and so everyone kinda just left to barhop in the area. So we peaced out. Thanx drunk Irishmen!

    D, by the way, that guy totally DID look like he should be on a show in the 80s!! I still have the pic :-)
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    4/4/2012 1 check-in here
    LOVED this place. It was like I was transported back to Galway. We walked in on a Tuesday night to a small crowd of women dressed up in full St. Patty's Day gear (only 2 weeks early?) and a few couples scattered here and there. First thing I noticed was that the only beer they had on tap was G U I N N E S S. Second thing I noticed was the jam band that was playing in the back corner. Just some random dudes making sweet Irish sounds happen. Perfect pours of Guinness.

    We had the back room to ourselves and played some darts/pool.

    Really cute place - the music never got too loud and we were able to have a conversation at a normal volume. Loved this spot. Definitely could become a regular here.
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    3/30/2012 1 check-in here
    Seems to be a running theme of Yelpers visiting this bar on St. Patty's Day! Makes sense. I came here with my friend who lives around the corner in an attempt to avoid the madness that was going down on 3rd Ave. We managed to escape the frat house drunks and found ourselves here with just plain old drunks.

    It was fun and rowdy. This is one of those places in New York that you enter and feel like you are being transported to another world (or country). There was a cover, but the band was getting DOWN so I didn't mind. The beers were about $7 or $8. I'm not a Guinness girl so I went with Harp. My only gripe was the bathroom situation but the guy at the door let me cut around back to avoid the crowd near the stage.

    I knew this place was legit when every single person I saw or met was Irish! O and as I was leaving the guy in front of me threw up all over the entrance. Now what St. Patty's Day would be complete without vomit?