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Friday, July 26, 2013

Molly's Restaurant and Shabeen

I remember this from many years ago as being a really charming little restaurant and bar with very great waitresses from Ireland who sure had the gift of gab, as did most of the bartenders.

I do not know what the place is like now, and I wonder if they still have the fireplace going with all the concern about second hand smoke.

Well..let us try Yelp and see--well, sounds like it is still a really nice place


204 reviews Rating Details
287 3rd Ave
(between 22nd St & 23rd St)
New York, NY 10010
Neighborhood: Gramercy
(212) 889-3361
Nearest Transit Station:
23 St (4, 6, 6X)
28 St (4, 6, 6X)
23 St (N, R)
Mon-Sun 11 am - 4 am
Good for Kids:
Accepts Credit Cards:
Good for Groups:
Price Range:
Takes Reservations:
Waiter Service:
Outdoor Seating:
Good For:
Juke Box
Best Nights:
Thu, Fri, Sun
Happy Hour:
Full Bar
Coat Check:
Noise Level:
Good For Dancing:
Has TV:
Wheelchair Accessible:

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  • "...little touches like a fireplace, sawdust on the floor, and dankness." In 64 reviews
  • "There's even a wood burning fireplace." In 10 reviews
  • "I can't believe I forgot how huge Molly's burgers are." In 51 reviews
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204 reviews in English

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    • 73 friends
    • 62 reviews
    7/2/2013 1 check-in here
    4/5 - Very dimly lit and wooden, Mollys has ample seating for eating. There was sawdust all over the floor which was kind of cool though!

    Service 3.5/5 - The lady that served us was very nice and polite. She checked on us often and I really appreciated that.

    Food 4/5 - I got the 10 oz bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese. 10 ozs is a complete lie. It has to be at least a lb of food. Or at least it feels like it! Mollys was very generous with the bacon as well. There were at least 4-5 pieces on mine. The burger was enormous! And tasty! My only complaint was that the patty did seem a little under-seasoned but the rest of the ingredients made up for it.
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    • 5 friends
    • 20 reviews
    6/30/2013 1 check-in here
    We happened on this place while looking for a post graduation lunch spot.  We had excellent service and the waitress recommended the fish and chips, and I was NOT disappointed.  The battered fish was melt in your mouth good and the fries were abundant and delicious.

    The ONLY complaint (and I used complaint very loosely) was that the salad had too much meat on it.  I think thats a personal preference though rather than a problem with the restaurant.  I also think that the restaurant was slightly too dim, but in general the ambiance is nice.

    I absolutely recommend stopping in here for fish and chips or even a burger.   The service was excellent and we will absolutely be back.
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    6/19/2013 3 photos 3 check-ins here
    Decor: 3.5/5
    -as mentioned numerous times, the sawdust is all over the floor
    -lighting is very very dim, too dim!

    Service: 3/5
    -standard, nothing special

    Food: 4.5/5
    -being known for their burgers, I just had to go with a medium rare cheddar cheese bacon burger ($13)
    -the burger sat over 3.5" tall with about 4 strips of bacon and cheddar cheese drizzling over the thick patty. The beef was indeed juicy and tasty but as some have mentioned, it was not seasoned to their likings. For me, I just added ketchup, steak sauce and Gulden's spicy brown mustard.
    -The burger definitely lives up to the hype. Their thick fries are also great but I didn't have much room for them after I had demolished the burger (I was also leaving room for Pinkberry dessert)
    • Cheddar cheese bacon burger $13
    • cheddar cheese bacon burger $13
    • Mushroom cheddar burger
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    I spent the best St. Patty's day of my life at this pub. It's cozy, very green, laid back, and the food is stellar.
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    6/28/2013 1 check-in here
    Well, my night ended here. Maybe I was a little too drunk to notice the decor on the walls and get a feel for the vibe at Molly's, but I do remember receiving really good service all night. My friends and I took a few shots, and the bartender was usually pretty fast on getting us our drinks. Our water glasses were constantly getting filled too which is always a good sign! Lastly, I also got to sample my friend's Cheeseburger with Mozzarella cheese and fries, and I have to say that the meat on that burger was ridiculously juicy. Solid. Freakin'. Burger. Fries came unsalted but were fried to perfection. Overall, Molly's was a great place to end the night.
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    I'm old enough to remember when going out to bars with sawdust on the floor wasn't a novelty. I'm also old enough to know better than to drop $18 on an Irish breakfast with beans, since the food cost of that dish is about $3, tops. But Molly's is a perfect environment to indulge in this fabled hangover cure (or proof against tomorrow's hangover). Given how rarely I indulge I was more than happy to go for a morning overload of fat and salt as a start to drinking away a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

    How was it? Just fine. The puddings were seriously overcooked, which made me sad. When the black and white puddings are the same color on the plate something isn't quite right. That was a shame, since the flavor of the puddings was good, especially the white. The bacon rashers fared better, but the standout on the plate was the sausages - they were classic. The accompanying bloody mary looked to be mostly ice, but provided a nice kick and some bite. Service was excellent.

    Molly's is a good example of a classic dark New York Irish pub. A little more care in the kitchen and I'd consider them great.
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    • 27 friends
    • 60 reviews
    Solid, reliable pub grub. They make a good burger, can't go wrong with that. The bar is a little on the dark side, if you are into that.
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    • 10 friends
    • 31 reviews
    This bar is wonderful! Full of personality. I stumbled in thanks to this place having the only decent reviews for a 'dive bar' in the area on yelp; killing time before meeting friends on a silly boat cruise. On the way home to the 6 from said silly boat cruise, the bartender even let me back in to use the bathroom without offense.  ANYWAY, the bartender, Roddy, is enormously charming with his oblique cheeky responses to questions. This review cannot do him full justice.
    The crowd was nice and I spent my time talking to a longtime fan of the bar. Dark, low ceilings, food smelled delicious. I would go here for a cozy date; the place feels populated but at the same time you can hear others speaking, unlike many loud bars.
    I wouldn't call it a dive bar as Yelp seems to categorize it. It's more of a comfortable pub.
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    • 1 friend
    • 15 reviews
    This is my go-to pub whenever in NYC.  I love the atmosphere and history of this place.  While it is great anytime of the year, it is especially warm and cozy on a winter's day or evening, when they may have a fire going in the fireplace.  The food is fantastic and if you are a burger lover, you can't wrong here.  Everything I have tried is top notch.
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    No frills Irish bar with sawdust on the floor and all. What adds to this place besides the fact that you can get great beer, do some Irish Car Bombs and relax in a welcoming, low-key atmosphere, is the fact that you can get actually GOOD food, too! The burgers are incredible, the wings are great (but super spicy), and they have all the traditional Irish fare, too. I got the Salmon Sandwich which I thought was absolutely delicious. Fresh salmon and a creamy dill sauce, and they have awesome fries. I'm a sucker for Irish bars, and this one's legit.
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    • 57 reviews
    3/19/2013 1 check-in here
    *Disclaimer: I live close by Shake Shack!!!

    Pros: awesome combo of great burger and beer!!! :D actual wood-burning furnace
    Cons: really casual, dim lights

    So, before I begin, I live close to both Shake Shack and Molly's and I choose to go to Molly's over Shake Shack for burgers. :D

    The place itself is really humble and makes u feel like u walked into some old irish pub; the wood dust on the floor and the actual wood-burning furnace definitely add to it. I come here for some cheep beer and burgers most of the times, when I feel lazy to cook and get a hankering for burgers.

    The burger itself is outstanding!!! The patty is super juicy, thick, and kinda crumbles on the edges with cheese melted perfectly on top! The patty is definitely NOT dense, but super flavorful and just disintegrates in your mouth with that crumbly action. You can just tell from the taste that it's a beefy burger. :)

    Cold beer with Molly's burger makes my tummy happy. :D
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    • 1 friend
    • 18 reviews
    Opening the door to this place is like going back in time 20 years to when things were slower and simpler.  There's only one small TV, and it feels like cell phones haven't been invented yet.  Small wooden booths, and an old fashioned bar make the people you're with more important than surroundings.

    The burgers are amazing, and the prices won't break the bank.  If this place delivered I'd order from them constantly.  The only reason I don't go more often is that I know anytime I go in there I end up staying for hours.
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    2/6/2013 2 photos 1 check-in here
    I felt like I was stepping through a time portal when I gingerly nudged the door open to this quiet place. The front is nothing showy to look at. I probably would've walked by this place a hundred times and still never have considered walking in if it weren't for Yelp.

    I still remember the welcome surprise of discovering the sawdust-covered floors, the dim lighting, low ceiling, the heavy Irish accents coming from the bartender, the waitress, and even the rest of the gray-haired clientele. The place has a quiet murmur to it -- I think perhaps the sawdust muffles the sounds -- it's like stepping into a different world.

    I wouldn't come here alone, definitely a place to visit with a friend or a group, and we came for lunch on a workday. The service is a little slow, but friendly. The food was decent (we got burgers for $10-12), nothing to rant about, but the portions are great for the price you pay.

    I'm still enchanted by the experience. There are only so many places in Manhattan that I can step out of at 1pm and have to wonder if it was all a dream. Will certainly return.