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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jimmy Choo-East Side which may not be the Best Side of Town for this Store

I am no expert on women's fashions or shoes, but I know a lot of women love Jimmy Choo...

Hell, it may no longer even be fashionable, that would be Manhattan for you.

Well, on to Yelp--Oh, important note: there are only three reviews for this store, as opposed to a ton of rave reviews for their store in Midtown West!  Don't ask me why that is, but it just could be you might be better going to the Midtown West store...anyway

Jimmy Choo

2.5 star rating
3 reviews
Category: Shoe Stores  [Edit]
716 Madison Ave
(between 63rd St & 64th St)
New York, NY 10021
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
(212) 759-7078
Nearest Transit Station:
Lexington Av/63 St (F)
5 Av/59 St (N, Q, R)
59 St (4, 5, 6, 6X)
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:
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3 reviews in English

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    8/21/2007 First to Review
    I'm not really a shoe person, but I think I'm becoming one.

    We were walking down Madison, and I see the JC store.  SJT turns to me and says:

    SJT: Let's go into Jimmy Choo.
    ME: Are you serious?  Why?
    SJT: Because I know you like these things.
    ME: Awwwww...  OK! :)

    We walk into the store, and instantaneously I am in a shoe trance.  SJT is saying something to me and I am not listening because I have beautiful eye candy in front of my eyes.  The front of the house displays more everyday shoes with killer heel heights.  The real sexy shoes are in the back of the house... delicious.

    SJT says to me as we're walking out..."Babe, I think you should be a ninja so you can afford all your bags and shoes."

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    9/14/2012 1 check-in here
    Fashion night out review:
    I love Jimmy Choo...but I have to say I was not impressed by the small store layout or the shoes on display for fashion night out. I felt the shoes were more business or business casual but missing was the flair, the fun, high glamor that Jimmy is so known to stand for. And where was the champagne? There was only one saving grace... a black strappy shoe of marabou feathers cascading down from the T ankle  strap to the open toe like a waterfall of fun. Unfortunately, the sales people were not quick on the ball and with no champagne in hand to keep me, I kept walking on.
  • Review from

    On my first trip to Jimmy Choo, I bought  one pair of each: boots ,flats, and heels.  I took home the heels and the boots.  The first time I tried to get my foot in one of the boots, the boot completely tore and it wasn't because I was digging my foot aggressively into a boot that was too small.  The flats were supposed to ship in time for a special occasion and did not get to my house by the suggested arrival date. All in all, I had a terrible experience...Although, the saleswoman who initially helped me did send me a bottle of perfume when it was discovered that the flats did not arrive in time and I was given a refund because one of the boots broke before I even wore it out of the house!  Usually a store credit is only given for exchanges...I would have been extremely annoyed if I had only received store credit - the tear in my boot was absurd...I wouldn't expect to get a tear that big for shoes that cost 2% of  the price of my Jimmy Choo boots!