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Saturday, July 27, 2013

One of the Manhattan's Best Cinemas--The Paris

OK, I am allowed my opinion here as much as anyone else's, and the Paris is one of the best, if not the best, movie theaters in NYC...but then I am older and really love movies so my opinion is not one that interests the Hollywood --"get the 18 to  35 demographic!!"--crowd.

Today when I was up there they were showing the tender movie, "Still Mine," and there was a long line of people waiting for the next show, which is unusual even for the Plaza..

I will give the Yelp reviews but I myself will take them with a grain of salt, as I know what I like and that's it, -- (and I especially like a movie theater where they do not blast you out of you seat with the trailers for coming films!)

The Paris Theatre

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Category: Cinema  [Edit]
4 W 58th St
(between Avenue Of The Americas & Grand Army Plz)
New York, NY 10019
Neighborhood: Midtown West
(212) 688-3800
Nearest Transit Station:
5 Av/59 St (N, Q, R)
57 St (F)
5 Av/53 St (E, M)
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67 reviews in English

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    4/18/2013 1 check-in here
    A wonderful little theater. A space that has character and usually a great film selection too. You won't be seeing Iron Man 3 here, but you will see some excellent indie films.

    I went last night for the Sapphires, a sweet film from Australia.  They often show French films here (very appropriately), but usually it will be an Art house or Oscar Nominee.

    My favorite thing about the theater is that it has a mezzanine. The mezz has great views of screen, and I loved the purple velvet lined walls.

    Tickets are standard Manhattan prices $14, but if you can get City Cinema passes, you can get in for around $8. Either way, this theater is worth the price because it is so special.

    One of the best in the area.
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    This is such a charming, old, one-screen theater, nestled in the heart of hustling and bustling midtown Manhattan.  The Paris shows just one movie at a time, but if it's one you want to see, you're in for a treat.  The theater itself takes up much of the building, with two floors (and awesome views from the mezzanine).  In the basement is a small concessions counter, complete with soda, popcorn, and vegan cookies.

    The seats were comfortable and spacious, the audio and video quality were great, and -- my favorite -- there were no commercials before the movie!  (There were no previews, either, which was kind of a bummer, but probably a bonus to some people.)  Everything was really clean, and the ticket prices were fair for Manhattan.  All in all, a great little spot!
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    • 15 reviews
    Beautiful cinema near Central Park. I think the prices are fair for the city and I've never seen a bad film here.  I love coming to this cinema for a treat, and I can see all of my preferred films I cannot find elsewhere.  It's also clean, the washrooms are never dirty, which is always a plus.

    I saw 'The Intouchables' here most recently - such a lovely film and experience! It's time I return again - this place brings me back to the cinema near my home in the UK. Quaint and lovely!
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    • 20 reviews
    This is a very cozy and quaint theater. Walking in, I'm almost transported into another era, because the screen is set up on a stage behind a curtain. There's even a slight "musky" smell to it (if you're optimistic about aromas...)

    What I love even more about it is that there's usually only one film playing at a time -- it's a reminder of how simplistic and uncomplicated watching movies really can be.

    Also, the matinee is $7.50.
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    1/11/2013 2 photos 1 check-in here
    What a pleasant surprise in midtown!

    - $14 tickets
    - velvet curtain... awesome
    - decent popcorn
    - clean bathrooms
    - plenty of seating: mezz & orchestra
    - very nice staff
    • Velvet curtain, so great
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    8/23/2012 1 check-in here
    If the romantic, plush Ziegfeld is the Marilyn Monroe of movie houses, the Paris Theatre is the Audrey Hepburn. Sleek and alluring like her Little Black Dress, this is a single-screen movie theater featuring an intimate lobby, a balcony, and curtains that remind you of Moulin Rouge.

    With a polished location directly across the street from The Plaza and Central Park, being here is an event in and of itself. Perhaps as an extension of both the location and the event, the people that come here tend to behave accordingly. This is the most dignified theater in Manhattan. And apparently dignity, cell phones, and sugary/caloric snacks do not go together, or so it would seem. Nothing edible is available inside and your cell phone will probably not receive service inside either. Simply put, it's just not that kind of experience.

    If you have a tender affection for the city and/or movies, you absolutely must come here. It's almost inexcusable not to.
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    8/17/2012 1 check-in here
    This place is such a nice classy theater!

    It makes you feel special and movie going becomes a major event.
    I love the velvet curtains and seats and the fact that they have an upper level!

    Very romantic atmosphere and since it's right across from Central Park,
    you can make a nice movie + park date on a warm/breezy evening.
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    11/5/2012 1 check-in here
    Cute and cozy theatre.  I dropped in while roaming around Manhattan trying to kill time and saw a great Indy film! I always get popcorn, and assumed the popcorn would be stale, but surprisingly it was fresh and the staff was friendly.

    Next time I'm in N.Y., I will go again!
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    3/5/2013 1 check-in here
    What a great little theater. Small and cozy. It's like going into a different time.
  • Review from

    I love it when big swooshy curtains open to reveal the screen at the start of the show (or previews, anyway). Really adds a touch of glamour.

    The staff is polite, and the place is in good condition. The seats are not that comfortable, unfortunately, so perhaps I'll try the mezzanine next time.
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    2/19/2012 1 check-in here
    This little art house theatre may attract the older, well-to-dos of society but it really is one of the few of its kind. You won't be seeing a movie with tons of explosions on the screen because it's not that kind of place. Save that for the multiplexes. This single screen, vintage movie theater is a real gem and I'm glad that places like this still exist.

    Sitting in this theatre really takes you back. It still has that really old look to it yet it has been kept in excellent condition. The seats could use a bit of an update but I guess it would be like a classic car without all its original parts. The interior of the theatre itself had this really great streamlined look to it that lent itself to the natural acoustics of the room. The screen itself is pretty decent as well. Unlike the stuffy Angelika, it's not like your typical artsy theaters where the screen is not much bigger than your TV at home.  There's also a balcony area which offers another great view. Really no bad seat in the house.

    I wish every movie I wanted to see screened at this place. I would definitely go out of my way to see a film here even though it's not the closest to me. It's almost right up there with the Ziegfeld. The only problem, if there is one, is that this theatre keeps it a little too classy. They are real selective on film choices so it might be some time before I enter this theater's walls again. Hopefully it won't be too long because this is one great theatre.
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    omg this theatre is so amazing. I went here last night to see The Artist. Mind you, I despise going to the movies. Unless I'm with a big group of people going to see a comedy or something- and I haven't done that since college.

    This theatre (and the movie, of course) have made me enjoy going to the movies again. As others have said, it truly does transport you back in time. It's so old school- one theatre showing one movie, mezzanine seating, and a ticket kiosk outside!!

    It was amazing. I definitely will go back.