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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor is another one of those fixtures of Midtown ( and not to be confused with ANN Taylor)-- not on the level of Saks and the big Fifth Avenue stores but a big favorite with a lot of shoppers, women shoppers, for a long time..
They have really nice window displays and I apologize for not showing any here ( once again, I really need that polarizing device to get rid of store window reflections).

Here is what Yelp has to say--well, looks to me like no one is going bananas for this store, but people count on it just like the do on Macy's, and look for sales here especially

And, of course, some real sour apples in here..some of which say this was wrong and that was wrong but they intend to come back!

Lord & Taylor

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424 5th Ave
(between 39th St & 38th St)
New York, NY 10018
Neighborhood: Midtown West
(212) 391-3344
Nearest Transit Station:
5 Av (7, 7X)
42 St - Bryant Pk (B, D, F, M)
Grand Central - 42 St (S)
Price Range:
Accepts Credit Cards:
Wheelchair Accessible:

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  • "Lots of great designers, and awesome sales." In 55 reviews
  • "...have great stuff for work from Calvin Klein to Ann Taylor to Tahari..." In 10 reviews
  • "I've gotten Ralph Lauren sweaters for under $40.00, Kenneth Cole..." In 9 reviews
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140 reviews in English

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    7/6/2013 1 check-in here
    After I went to Saks and Bloomingdales, I stopped at L&T. They had many of the same brands in a larger range of sizes and they run ongoing 20-25% off coupons.

    I got zero customer service getting a cocktail dress for the Best of Boston party and they wouldn't let me husband into the dressing room with me to help me zip. We aren't going to do it in L&T, sillies. BUT, with all the dresses I managed to haul back, I found one that was perfect. For $125. Score.

    So with all that "savings" I dragged my husband to Eileen Fisher, where the customer service is always outstanding, and blew the rest of what I had intended to spend on the dress on another dress, a vest, leggings, and a top.

    Now I need a bigger suitcase.

    But seriously, L&T is the bomb. I always score there, and the store in NYC has a lot more options than the mall stores in Boston.
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    6/10/2013 1 check-in here
    This is a step up from Macy's; there's something for everyone.

    I have shopped here four times in the pass year.
    You rather go to Sephora for the make-up.

    I don't know where are the fashion rings on the jewelry floor - didn't see any.
    The second or third floor I think is for misses and juniors - don't remember.
    The fourth floor has a huge sale section for women's and the sixth floor is for plus sizes. I feel as if everyone goes to those two floors.

    I get something every time.

    It's well-worth it when they send you 20-30% off coupons for regular and sale stuff.
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    Update - 6/7/2013
    I decided to update my review of Lord & Taylor, especially their men's section since it has all gone down hill. Over the years, the sales staff has become more rude and less helpful. In some cases they try to be helpful, but they seem more clueless now. That, however, is not their biggest problem. The ground floor is likely the nicest section of the store for men, and that's a bit cluttered. The shirts are still decently priced and likely on sale. The slim fits are still hard to find, but at least they are there, unlike pants. The upstairs men's section is a mess. The styles are tremendously outdated, including pants with legs so wide it looks like a small blanket. This is a store for older people who think they are fashionable, but really rather unfortunate. If you are a man who is a little chubby and a bit threatened by style, then you will find something you like here. Their Black & Brown labels may be one of the worse labels I can think of. They for some reason have the worse Ben Sherman and Kenneth Cole clothing that I have ever seen. You won't find Theory, John Varvatos, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Sandro, or Hugo Boss (that doesn't look like their 1990s collection, except for suits). Oh, and don't get me started on their shoe selection.

    There are some decent finds, but I have been treating L&T like a full-priced thrift shop where I hunt for that one decent item that somehow made it's way into the store.

    They do have some nice labels, but the sizes will mostly be on the larger size. Apparently, they are renovating their men's section and moving it to the 9th floor. Hopefully, this means that they are coming into the 21st Century. Oh wait, maybe they ARE in the 21st century. Maybe they have embraced the fact that America is kind of chubby.

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    • 12/19/2010
      I have a mostly love, but a hate for Lord & Taylor. I agree with other posters that it is spacious,… Read more »
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    Absolutely ridiculous. Their shoe department has the worst help. They're eager to help but very helpless. I was in the store yesterday and found a pair of shoes I need for a wedding in just a few days. The young lady helping me tried to find the mate which was in the store but instead just roamed around helping other people because she had no interest in searching through the clearance shoes...not that I blame her but at least two people searching were better than just her.

    Eventually after watching her aimlessly walk around helping others and avoiding me, she told me she had done everything she could. I left my name and number within the shoe box so when they found the other shoe they would see my contact and call me...doubtful. So I called the following day- the woman who answered the phone dismissed me by telling me she was not a saleswoman sooooo what did I want from her? I asked to be transferred to someone that could help me. The next woman who answered the phone told me I had to wait for the saleswoman that originally helped me with the shoes yesterday. Thats when I lost it. I explained to them this was ridiculous, I wasnt going to wait around for their employees schedules I was calling for help and not to be drawn around in circles because everyone was too lazy to help me find the other shoe. Eventually she looked and said she couldnt find it. She suggested I talked to a manager- then ended the call.

    I may have had somewhat of a helpful experience when finding the shoes but even over hearing other sales associates speak to customers it was rude. Another associate kept demeaning a girl for asking if they had a clearance shoe in her size.

    Moral of story- lazy and rude rude rude sale associates. If you want anything within their shoe department dont rely on anyone but yourself.
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    5/27/2013 1 check-in here
    Lord and Taylor strikes a nice balance between the crazed desperation of the giant Macy's and the general feeling that I'm too poor to be there that some of the higher end stores exude.

    Good selection of men's clothing as well, however, it skews a little bit older sometimes. The associates are very helpful, and don't be afraid to ask if they have more in stock if you don't find the size you want out on the floor.

    The store brand, Black and Brown, is one of the best kept secrets of the store. It's great clothes and usually on sale or just generally cheaper than the designers around it. I highly suggest checking it out.
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    It is a terrible place. I bought  some Clinique products through their online store while it clearly stated a gift would be included after spending a certain amount of money. I put the order in around 11 pm, and the next morning around 9 am  I was told the gift was out of stock.  I felt being cheated and asked for canceling the order , they refused to do it. I was asked to pay for the returning fee. I never had this kind of experience with any other store. They have the gift ad on their website to lure customers to buy their products while the truth is that they do not have that gift any more.  What is worse, u can not cancel your order. A terrible company. I will never buy from them.
    Amazon, Dillard, Macy are much better with their services.
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    3/28/2013 1 check-in here
    I'm not a fan of huge department stores because I hate shopping in crowds. However, Lord and Taylor's shoe department makes up for the overcrowded circus during their sale season.

    The shoe section is a madhouse! Women, men, babies, shoes... everywhere!  I do like their computerized system of scanning the shoe that you want  and checking for the size on their handheld before going back into the stockroom and looking for it.  However, having to fight for a seat to try on a pair of shoes is ridiculous.

    I ended up with two pairs of shoes for a fantastic price, so Lord and Taylor is back in my good graces.... for now.
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    4/1/2013 3 check-ins here
    I love L&T's shoe department because of their:

    - massive selection
    - openness and organization of the space
    - cleanliness
    - ample supply of seats
    - attentive staff
    - discounts/ coupons
    - easy return process

    I could definitely do without the staff being so blatantly obvious about fact that they work on commission. It's to the point where they make customers feel uncomfortable and stupid. They are VERY territorial over their customers and will cut you if you try to get more than one person to help you.

    As for the clothes, as far as affordable retail shops go L&T has nowhere near as fine a selection as Bloomies. But if you need something casual, this place gets the job done. And always ask for a coupon! I never buy anything from here without one.
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    • 6 friends
    • 190 reviews
    I used to frequent this place for dresses, etc. The service staff are often rude - once I was returning a skirt I never tried on at the store as I only realized that it would flash my body parts if I ever sat down when I tried it out at home. Sales person was trying to trap me to say that I wore it, although the item was obviously new with tag on and I was returning it the very next day. I know ppl work on commission, but that's just ridiculous! The skirt you sold is unwearable, okay?!!!

    I haven't gone back since, but went today to look at men's dress shoes. It was uncomfortable as I could hear associates were making absurd, snarky comments about my partner who forgot to bring dress socks. Also, walking around the tiled area at the suggestion of an associate is not "really breaking them in." It doesn't matter how much sales jobs suck. He tried out one pair of shoes and made a $250+ purchase in 10 minutes.

    Lack of sales team spirit = Unpleasant shopping = Lost future commission.
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    • 5 friends
    • 96 reviews
    I really miss Lord & Taylor.  Both locations in Houston, TX closed many many years ago.  Glad I could return to one of my favorite department stores in NYC.  The building itself is beautiful.  I love how they play the national anthem before the store opens in the morning.  Makes you very patriotic to shop and help the economy.

    My favorite things about this store:
    -  great jewelry department (lots of nice fashion brands)
    -  floor 2 is a shoe lover's paradise
    -  petite's department  (picked up some nice clothes)

    Best thing, they handed out $20 coupons for purchases of $40+ to all customers entering the store.  Great deal.  Lord & Taylor is a great place to stop by and do some shopping without being run over, ahem Macy's.