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Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Atlas

Roaring, million-dollar World War 2 birds, chopped and tuned within an inch of disaster, wing to wing in a 400-plus mph circuit race over the baking Reno desert. New Atlas visits the world's fastest motorsport race, and meets some of its extraordinary characters.   Read more
The Apple vs Android debate. We're not here to take a side. We're here to let you pick yours. To that end we'll be giving one lucky winner $2k in credit to purchase whatever they want in either Apple or Android products. Best of luck.   Read more
2016 was a big year for the electric vehicle. It saw the much-anticipated Tesla everyman EV, production car-previewing EV concepts from major manufacturers, increased driving ranges, new lightning-quick electric supercars, and a few EV world records.  Read more
The recently-completed Tiny Adventure Home from Tiny Heirloom features a real rock climbing wall on its exterior, allowing its owners to do a little climbing whenever the adventurous owners are parked up.   Read more
Straddling the line between inspired and insane, the Quadrofoil ​Q2​ is a two-seater, four-legged hydrofoil ​watercraft that has a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). Four years in the making and expected to ship early last year, the watercraft is finally reported ready for production.​ ​​  Read more
Having announced plans to build a high-performance, self-driving electric vehicle earlier this year, Lucid Motors has taken the next step towards production, whipping the covers off its Air at an event in California yesterday.   Read more
The US Navy's Office of naval research (ONR) recently showed off the progress it's making in the area of robotic warfare with a demonstration of how autonomous swarmbots can patrol and secure harbor approaches.   Read more
Brown fat has been studied as a potential treatment for obesity and related health issues. Now a team at Boston University has sequenced the genes of different fat types and found that white fat may be turned brown through several different mechanisms, including by way of an experimental chemo drug.   Read more
Why are men hit harder than women when infected with the same virus? Researchers say you can thank evolution for this – viruses tend to be "kinder" to women to ensure they are passed on to their offspring.​   Read more
Harvard geoengineering researchers have discovered a new kind of aerosol they say could be safely introduced into the atmosphere to bounce heat back out into space, and help repair the ozone layer while it's at it.   Read more
Among the flood of faster World Rally cars being launched, the Ford Fiesta RS WRC stands out as one of the wildest. Prepared by British firm M-Sport, the RS is based on the brand new Fiesta, and takes full advantage of the extra aerodynamic freedom written into the 2017 FIA WRC regulations.  Read more
New research is throwing further weight behind the argument that unborn babies can benefit from vitamin D supplementation, linking its deficiency in pregnant mothers with autistic traits in the child a few years down the track.   Read more
Amazon has made its first-ever delivery to a customer using a drone. Amazon Prime Air, which was first announced in 2013 and for which drones ​have been tested in Canada and the US, is now being trialled in Cambridge, UK, where the first delivery was made on December 7th and took just 13 minutes.   Read more
Big motor shows still have a place for auto makers, but CES in Las Vegas is fast becoming a fashionable place to launch new connected concept cars and cabins. At CES 2017, BMW's HoloActive Touch Concept will preview what the connected, gesture-controlled interior of the future might look like.   Read more
A new world record for the highest wave has been recorded by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In the freezing, turbulent waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between Iceland and the UK, an automated buoy detected a significant wave height of 19 m (62.3 ft).   Read more
LG has announced a couple of new monitors that it will showcase at CES in January. The line includes a 32-inch 4K monitor with HDR capability, aimed at creative professionals and gamers, and an ultra-wide multimedia monitor with Chromecast functionality built in.   Read more
​​We've already seen several versions of touch-sensitive "electronic skin," that could be used to bring tactile sensation to robotic limbs. Scientists from China, however, are taking a different approach – they've created an array of hair-like sensors that protrude up from an elastic skin.​   Read more
Gmail inbox getting a little overwhelming? ActiveInbox reorients Gmail as an elegant task manager, allowing you to take control right from a task's origin. Easily integrated into Gmail on your browser and mobile, ActiveInbox gives you folders for projects/clients, scheduling to manage due dates, notes on emails, prioritization, it tracks whether you've received a reply to important emails, and even lets you schedule emails for sending later. Give yourself a breather - let ActiveInbox get your Gmail more organized and efficient than ever.   Read more