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Saturday, December 24, 2016

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LODD: NY chief dies at home after call
Dozens injured in Manhattan high-rise fire
NY volunteer firefighter receives new heart for Christmas
2 fire trucks stolen from Okla. fire departments found: Authorities discovered the fire trucks via a helicopter search in a heavily wooded area
Mayday: Mass. firefighter falls through floor at fire: While battling the fire, the lieutenant fell through the third floor and became trapped in a closet
Investigation finds gender bias at Wash. fire dept.: The investigation revealed women were being singled out for struggling to learn new techniques and felt unwelcome
Ky. fire chief recounts harrowing fire truck crash
Trial set for man charged in Ohio firefighter's death
Fire chief: Electrical line sparked deadly Calif. wildfire
Calif. firefighter stripped of EMT license after hotel fight
Firefighters meet couple they saved in Tenn. wildfires
Watch: Calif. firefighters rescue crash victim using GPS location
Sick Leave Abuse: Trends, Technology, and Real-World Solutions
Using technology and policy changes to reduce sick leave abuse in police and fire departments. 
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5 ways Santa can steer clear of the law
By Will Wyatt, FR1 Columnist
With the war on Santa in full swing, here's some humble advice to keep the jolly guy from running afoul with the law and curmudgeonly neighbors.
Naughty or nice? 
How much fire hose should a pumper have?
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Stepping outside the "that's how we've always done it" mindset will set the rigs up for current and future needs.
The right fit 
How a fire chief's happiness is contagious
By Billy Hayes, FR1 Columnist
A fire service leader's positivity or negativity will be passed on to the entire department; it's up to each leader to choose which it will be.
Uplift your crew 
Why you always remember your first fire truck
By Rebecca Volent, FR1 Contributor
We shared some great experiences together and at times was my only friend out in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.
A special bond 
How would you handle crummy CPR?
This discussion explores how to handle coming on to a scene where first responders are using poor CPR techniques on a patient.
Watch the video 
Fire dept. celebrates holiday with ambulance lights show
Demo: Christmas tree fires
1,400Ill. man with Down syndrome becomes firefighter
850Firefighter PPE rule change in the works
722What I wish the public knew about firefighting
470LODD: NY fire chief dies at home after call
364Survivor of SD building collapse asked: 'Am I going to die?'
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