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Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Atlas

From science fiction to science fact: Vitaly Bulgarov's work on Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters gave him a unique perspective to tackle his greatest work - a 13-ft tall, walking robot mecha suit with arms that mimic the motions of a human pilot.   Read more
In less than 24 hours, one lucky person will be winning $2,000 in credit towards any Apple or Android products they want. If you haven't already entered, what are you waiting for?   Read more
Could a nano array that can identify the chemical signatures of diseases bring us closer to the day when doctors might be able to use a medical tricorder a la Star Trek to instantly diagnose a patient’s conditions?   Read more
We're not sure 2016 quite matched the sheer off-road weirdness of 2015, and its nomadic minivans and recreational tanks, but it definitely brought a vast variety of off-road vehicles for all tastes and types. From 6x6 trucks to flying ATVs, here are the best new off-road vehicles.   Read more
At the recent SUNZ Summit we met up with Dr Amy Fletcher and asked her whether we should consider bioengineering animals that could live in the world we're creating, rather than in the one we're destroying?   Read more
The first production conforming version of the Textron AirLand​ Scorpion light reconnaissance/strike/training aircraft has made a successful maiden flight, with a series of tests carried out on the multi-mission, twin-seater, twin-engine jet during the one hour and 42 minute flight.   Read more
Machine learning algorithms are already aiding police forces around the world, with systems designed to identify crime hotspots with the goal of preventing crimes before they occur. The Dubai Police is the latest to have AI backup, in the form of SIME's new Crime Prediction software.   Read more
We've seen some fascinating movies and TV shows dive into the realms of sci-fi and speculative fiction this year. Here's our pick of those that got us thinking about how we inhabit this technologically dominated world – and what the future might hold.   Read more
In the recent past, we've seen systems that track eye movements in order to determine if a concussion has occurred. Now, scientists from Illinois' Northwestern University are suggesting that the way in which the brain processes sound may be an even better indicator.​   Read more
The Canadian telecommunications regulator has declared broadband access as necessary for the quality of life of all citizens, a claim backed by up to CAD$750 million (US$556 million) in new funding to bring every last Canadian online. ​​​​​   Read more
Bicycle racers want to brake hard enough to stay in control, yet not so hard that they lock up the wheels and fly over the handlebars. That's why an Italian startup has joined forces with Pinarello to develop the BluBrake system.   Read more
French Minister Ségolène Royal has today officially launched a kilometer long solar road project in Normandy. Nearly 3,000 Wattway panels are expected to produce an average of 767 kWh of electricity per day, peaking in summer months to as much as 1,500 kWh.   Read more
With overprescription of antibiotics one of the key drivers of drug-resistant bacteria, scientists are exploring others ways for us to stave off infection, among which is a new molecule that essentially blinds bacteria before it can latch onto healthy cells and grow.   Read more
​As many parents will know, getting a teenager out of bed can be an impossible task. Thanks to furniture rental firm Furlenco, such trials may be about to get much harder. Its Pod merges a bed, lamp, flat screen TV and speaker system into one piece of funky millennial furniture.   Read more
The switch to USB-C means the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro models don’t have the MagSafe power cord. Branch has jumped in to fill the gapand launched MagNeo, a magnetic, breakaway USB-C adapter that provides power, data and video streaming.   Read more
There’s a whole world of unconnected people out there, and companies are using satellites, drones or even balloons to beam internet to remote areas. Now Airborne Wireless Network plans to make use of the several thousand commercial aircraft in the sky at any given moment to create a meshed network.   Read more
​​When we hear about tires being recycled, it's usually their latex content and/or their steel fibers that are being harvested. They also contain fabric, which hasn't been nearly as useful. That may now be changing, however, as scientists have created a building material using tire fabric.  Read more
The Code Black is our top-selling drone of all time--and for good reason. This powerful, palm-size drone is not only insanely fun to fly, but can capture some serious video footage from up above. With a flight time of about 10 minutes and an ultra-smooth ride, it’s a great introductory drone for anyone looking to dominate the sky. This exclusive offer can't be found anywhere else on the web, so be sure to snag this great price before it flies away!   Read more