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Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Atlas

​In 2010, equipped with the biggest astronomical camera in the world, the Pan-STARRS1 telescope began scanning the sky in different wavelengths of light. Now all 2 petabytes of data gathered will become available to the public.   Read more
In less than 24 hours, one lucky person will be winning $2,000 in credit towards any Apple or Android products they want. If you haven't already entered, what are you waiting for?   Read more
With the release of "Assassin's Creed" we witness yet another failed video game to movie adaptation. Why can't Hollywood get this right? What is going wrong?   Read more
​Apple AirPods have finally hit shelves. These wireless headphones were first announced at the 2016 iPhone launch event in a likely attempt to paint traditional audio jacks as things of the past. Are the tiny untethered buds capable replacements for our favorite headphones?   Read more
Residential architecture often sees architects and designers at their experimental best. From an affordable home that can be built using only a hex key​ to a luxury house with James Bond villain chic, read on for our pick of the top 10 houses of 2016.   Read more
​If you've ever ridden a shuttle, there's a chance it was a Toyota Coaster. More than 550,000 have been sold since the model name was adopted in 1969, serving as shuttles and minibuses in more than 110 countries. After 24 years of loyal service, the Coaster is being replaced with a safer new model.   Read more
Sony has announced a new addition to its growing range of superzoom cameras. The new Cyber-Shot HX350 is fitted with a Zeiss lens with 50x optical zoom, giving it the equivalent of a 24mm - 1200mm range.  Read more
When a “health food” trend hits the tables, it's hard not to feel a little cynical. But a new animal study by US Department of Agriculture researchers suggests that red cabbage microgreens, now popular in restaurants and on cooking shows, offers a way to reduce weight gain and high blood pressure.   Read more
​Leaves are kind of like nature’s power plants, converting sunlight into energy for the plant. Now a team at Eindhoven University of Technology is using artificial leaves to produce chemicals, which could lead to solar-powered “mini-factories” that can create drugs and chemicals almost anywhere.   Read more
​With the aim of producing low-cost, portable, disposable batteries for use in remote areas, researchers at Binghamton University have developed a new design, mounted on a single sheet of paper that can be folded and stacked in different configurations to generate varying amounts of power.   Read more
​When a virus is going around, the earlier it's detected, the better. It's with this in mind that scientists are proposing doing analyses of communities' wastewater to detect rises in the amount of viruses passed by residents, identifying the microbes based on their DNA.  Read more
Philips has announced the third generation of its HealWell lighting system. Designed for use in hospitals, the system is aimed at providing a comfortable experience for patients and helping them to sleep well by replicating the natural patterns of daylight.  Read more
Tech can help bring your family together over the holidays with group games that keep everyone entertained and getting along. Here's our picks for the best party games for phones and tablets.   Read more
Researchers say they have discovered the secrets behind remarkably tough deer antlers, attributing the robustness to a staggered arrangement of nanoscale fibers, something that could lead to similarly "unbreakable" materials down the track. ​  Read more
Amongst everything else that 2016 was notable for, Google abandoned its Nexus line and replaced them with the Pixels – even purer visions of what Google phones should be. While the Pixel and Pixel XL may seem underpowered and overpriced, they have a real chance of taking on the iPhone.   Read more
A new study, in which adventurous salamanders were put to work on the treadmill, has found that they sometimes travel up to nine miles to find a mate.   Read more
Fresh from making it easier to spot your ride, Uber is now making it easier to get to the people you're actually off to meet. The ride-sharing service will now let users book rides to a location based on the reliable accuracy of a friend's phone, rather than their not always dependable directions.   Read more
Free your audio from wires with these wireless earbuds, perfect for working at your desk, exercising, or just making calls throughout your day without distraction. Featuring Bluetooth 4.1 technology and noise reduction, these earbuds stream crisp, powerful sound from your device without any lag, making them perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.   Read more