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Monday, December 5, 2016

New Atlas

With Facebook's Oculus Touch controllers launching this week, it's time to re-evaluate the Rift – and how it fits into the high-end VR landscape.   Read more
Having made the move to a turbocharged V8 in the new 488 GTB, Ferrari has unveiled its first ever turbocharged car for its Challenge series. The 488 Challenge is more powerful, has more downforce and uses less fuel than the car it replaces, but perhaps most importantly, it looks drop-dead gorgeous.  Read more
Driverless vehicle systems are used in factories the world over, but traditional setups require the installation of special railings or magnetic guides. A fleet of self-driving EVs don't need any such help to navigate Nissan's Oppama plant, where they tow fully-built cars around the factory.​  Read more
The flexibility and experimentation that typifies tiny houses often encourages people to commission a project that suits their exact needs. This was the case with the Vintage Glam Tiny House, which has a motorized platform that reveals a bed, storage space, and more, at the flick of a switch.   Read more
Researchers at the University of Sussex claim to have produced a method that removes lasers from quantum logic gates, thereby removing one of the largest stumbling blocks to producing a workable, full-sized quantum computer system   Read more
Russia's famous Trans-Siberian Railway links Moscow to the country's huge eastern areas and serves as a gateway to China, Mongolia, and North Korea. Those making the journey will soon have the option of taking a pitstop in some odd-looking ​new wooden cabins designed by UK firm Kamvari Architects.   Read more
Having received a letter from motorcycle groups concerned about rider safety around cars running semi-autonomous driver assists, the agency responsible for granting type approval in Holland has decided to test new semi-autonomous driving systems to see how they deal with two-wheeled road users.   Read more
Perovskite solar cells hold major potential for the future of renewable energy thanks to being cheap, easy to produce and are so flexible that they can even be sprayed or painted on surfaces. Now researchers have set the efficiency record for the biggest perovskite solar cells so far.   Read more
Trains held the land speed record until 1907 when Glen Curtis ran 136 mph on a V8 motorcycle. Within a decade he would become the Henry Ford of the aerospace industry, but his motorcycle record of 1907 was not bested until 1930.   Read more
​High contrast is one of the main advantages that OLED has in the display wars, but now Panasonic has managed to squeeze a comparable ratio out of an IPS LCD. Boasting a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, the new panel displays HDR content and is intended for high-end applications – initially at least.   Read more
DARPA's goal to develop a UAV that can launch from small-deck ships in the US Navy and Marine Corps fleets, for ISR, as well as targeting and strike missions​, is a step closer to getting off the ground, according to Northrop Grumman's latest progress report on the Tern program.   Read more
Aimed at those suffering from afflictions like cerebral palsy and Huntington's disease​, the Liftware Level is a motorized utensil that flexes to compensate for a user's restricted movement so as to keep the utensil head level.   Read more
The latest iteration of the Audi lunar Quattro rover and its landing craft are now undergoing extensive testing ahead of a planned visit to the landing site of the Apollo 17 mission late next year.   Read more
​​Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity took to the sky's today on its first free flight. The company says the suborbital passenger spacecraft was dropped by the WhiteKnightTwo mothership at the Virgin Galactic test site over the Mojave Desert during one hour 20 minute flight.​   Read more
The Trakkadu All Terrain van from Australia's Trakka takes campers to all types of destinations, over pavement and bare earth, and treats them to a comfortable evening or three, complete with solar power and a hot shower.​   Read more
Twenty-nine guitars owned by Eric Clapton went on sale this week at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, with 19 already sold and the pick-of-the-bunch, a Martin 000-45, still available at $150,000 ​.   Read more
In 2010, after spending billions on research, Pentagon officials admitted that there was no better bomb detector than a dog's nose. Now scientists say the reason for this might lie simply in the way they sniff.   Read more
A discreet wearable, currently funding on Kickstarter, hopes to provide users with greater awareness and self-regulation. The Lief smart patch is designed to initiate calming exercises when heart and breathing rates show elevated levels of stress.   Read more
Mercedes has just announced a conceptual new set of lamps that can not only adapt their light distribution to cater to the environment, but can project high-res visual aids onto the road ahead, such as makeshift zebra crossings for nearby pedestrians.  Read more
Kudos to Google for infusing its search engine with warm, human touches like daily homepage doodles and abundant Easter eggs. Join New Atlas as we count down our favorite little jokes and bonuses within Google search results.   Read more
For the first time, scientists have observed how individual water molecules pass along electrical current, adding to our understanding of one of chemistry's most fundamental processes. ​   Read more
Dutch architect MVRDV is no stranger to designing unusually shaped​ buildings, but its Y House project is perhaps the most unconventional of them all. As the name suggests, it's a home shaped like the letter "Y," while its coup de grâce is a rooftop swimming pool set into its uppermost apex.  Read more
Training the body’s own immune system to fight cancer is steadily gaining traction as a successful way to combat the disease and may, one day, lead to a vaccine. To find out more, New Atlas asked a company working on one such vaccine just how close a cancer vaccine really is.   Read more
For casual drone pilots and expert racers, the International Drone Expo (IDE) in Los Angeles, California, next weekend will be the place to find top racing and business applications, and companies serving the growing drone industry.   Read more
​Autonomous underwater vehicles are already both smaller and less expensive than manned submarines. A British consortium has recently taken that concept even further, though, unveiling two "microsubs" that are about one-third the size of most conventional AUVs.   Read more
The world's smallest camera drone boasts an unrivaled flying experience, streaming a real-time first person view of the tightest spaces directly to your smartphone. With adjustable gyro sensitivity and 6-axis flight control system, this tiny drone is easy to control for even the most novice pilots. Heck, if you're just controller-averse, you can even use your phone as a remote control thanks to on-board WiFi. The skies are waiting!  Read more