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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


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Researchers show off medical drones for disasters, shootings
Dallas paramedic refuses to cast electoral vote for Trump
Frantic rescue underway after Indonesia quake kills nearly 100
Shot EMT student meets doctor who treated him: Dr. Randall Cornateanu was driving home when he saw Daniel Wesley and others injured at the scene
Alaska paramedic program sweeps state competition: Fairbanks Paramedic Academy graduates and students took home first place in every category, crediting their training and education for their wins
NTSB: Driver in fatal Baltimore crash was speeding, had prior wrecks: The report stated that Glen Chappell, 67, was driving nearly twice the speed limit when he crashed the bus
Ala. ambulance crew shot at while on call
Pa. man threatens paramedics after stabbing himself
Canadian paramedics refute dispatch report
NY man jumps out of ambulance after bar brawl
Report: Missing 1 to 2 hours of sleep doubles crash risk
Ohio man calls 911, admits to fatally shooting father
The air-Q sp® is the Only Rescue Airway with a Self-Pressurizing Mask Cuff
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IV infiltration leads to $700K negligence award
By Margaret Keavney, EMS1 Contributor
Conn. judge and jury find that Good Samaritan immunity protects paramedics, not employers.
Be ready to testify 
Why fire rigs, ambulances need portable extinguishers
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Columnist
In addition to the ABCDs, fire apparatus need to carry Class K extinguishers for residential and commercial response.
Always be ready 
How to make improvement in EMS automatic thinking
By Mike Taigman, EMS1 Columnist
Improvement success comes from making the Model for Improvement a normal, regular System 1 part of the EMS organization.
Neuroscience of EMS 
Reality Training: Unresponsive teen after intentional asphyxiation
By Tim Nowak, EMS1 Contributor
How will you care for a teenager who intentionally asphyxiated himself and is now unresponsive with agonal respirations?
The right call 
Wake County EMS documentary
The film captures four decades of service from Wake County EMS told through each of the department's directors.
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Cadaver lab training for paramedic students
How to make a differential diagnosis
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426Dallas paramedic refuses to cast electoral vote for Trump
394Ala. ambulance crew shot at while on call
121Shot EMT student meets doctor who treated him
87NAEMT president urges Senate to pass emergency medication bill
70911 call captures Fla. homeowner shooting intruder
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