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Friday, December 2, 2016

New Atlas

New York-based Vanguard Motorcycles makes a spectacular debut with the Roadster, a massive, frameless nakedbike built around and upon a giant 1917cc v-twin engine. Its Starship Enterprise tail section houses an integrated exhaust and rear view camer.   Read more
Mention virtual reality ("VR") and you’ll likely elicit one of two responses: either utmost enthusiasm and awareness, or something along the lines of Homer Simpson yelling “Neeeeerd!” But VR deserves to occupy a more substantive niche on the mainstream public radar, and here’s why.   Read more
The Icehotel, built annually in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, has always been as fleeting as it is beautiful, eventually melting away to nothing. Joining the 27th Icehotel this year, though, is Icehotel 365 – a newly opened hotel made of ice that will stay open all year round as the others come and go.   Read more
Project Cullinan was announced to Rolls-Royce shareholders in April last year, and testing kicked off with a chassis mule based on the Phantom. Now, the Rolls-Royce "all-terrain, high-sided vehicle" has been outed for the first time, albeit covered in camouflage from head-to-toe.   Read more
Most of us will probably never get to go into space, but thanks to an art project by Israeli artist Eyal Gever, your legacy could end up living forever in the deep, cold reaches of space – in the form of a 3D-printed sculpture of your laugh.   Read more
​After unveiling it in February, Milrem and ST Kinetics have conducted the first live fire tests of their weaponized UGV, the THeMIS ADDER. Armed with a heavy machine gun, the UGV aced the tests, paving the way for robots that may eventually support or even replace ground troops on the battlefield.  Read more
To save space and weight aboard the Orion space capsule, NASA is developing a next-generation breakfast bar that provides enough calories and nutrition to keep a busy astronaut going, yet remains appetizing enough to eat for weeks on end.​   Read more
Hydrogen has great potential as a future clean energy source, but it's difficult to store safely. Now a Japanese research team has invented a compact, flexible polymer that could lead to a plastic container of hydrogen that's safe to carry in your pocket.   Read more
Stanford scientists have uncovered a strange new finding: different sections of the brain cycle in and out of sleep all day, while you're awake, suggesting that the ability (or inability) to pay attention may be linked to brain wave cycles while asleep.   Read more
Bonhams annual History of Science and Technology sale is a regular feature on the auction calendar and this year it will be held on December 7 with another treasure trove of significant artifacts of humanity's scientific heritage.   Read more
In this episode of our ongoing Modern Relics video series we look at the cult of the Laserdisc, the first optical video disc to hit the market and a format that developed a rabid, albeit small, collective of followers throughout the 1980s and 1990s.   Read more
When someone has a heart attack, their heart is permanently left with a section of non-beating scar tissue. Several groups are developing "heart patches" to help address the situation, the latest of which can be attached to the heart without the use of stitches.   Read more
​With a pretty crowded launch manifesto and plans for deep space exploration, there are a few interested parties eyeing SpaceX's next move following the recent launchpad explosion that took out its Falcon 9 rocket. We've just gotten our clearest indication yet of what that will be.   Read more
NASA has teamed up with private space firm Orbital ATK to develop new technologies for in-orbit assembly of large space structures, all in the name of getting us to Mars and beyond.   Read more
​Although some smartwatches claim to be health-focused, a team based in the United Kingdom has set out to one-up them with the Cronovo​. Capable of tracking stress levels, metabolism and heart rate, the company says its watch is the world's smallest EKG. ​   Read more
There are a few balls to juggle when building flagship headphones these days, and Bang & Olufsen has just revealed its first attempt at squeezing wireless listening and noise cancellation into the one set of premium over-ear cans, the Beoplay H9s.​   Read more
Not even the loss of Volkswagen can dampen the excitement about WRC 2017, which will see faster cars with more downforce taking on gravel, snow and tarmac stages worldwide. Hyundai has just released the car it will be using in its search for glory in the coming year, the i20 Coupe WRC.   Read more
​The International Space Station (ISS) had another setback today as a Russian Progress cargo ship was destroyed shortly after launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.   Read more
What is claimed to be the largest "mass timber" building in the US and the country's first major wooden multi-story building in more than 100 years has opened in Minneapolis. T3, which stands for "Timber, Technology, Transit," provides 224,000 sq ft (22,000 sq m) of office and retail space.  Read more
Just Eat claims to have made the world's first ever online food delivery using a self-driving robot. As part of its pilot with Starship Technologies, the takeaway food firm dispatched its robot delivery droid to autonomously deliver a customer's order in London, UK.   Read more
Your phone has a ton of untapped customization potential, and the Dimple is here to show you just how much. Adding four easily installed, easily customized button to your device, Dimple allows you to launch apps, place instant calls, change settings instantly, control your smart home functions, and much more, just with the touch of a button. You'll be amazed and just how much you can do when barely doing anything at all.   Read more