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Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Atlas

A $500,000 farm-find Aston Martin DB4, a $3.7 million copy of Newton's "Principia," a Hendrix acoustic guitar that sold for $260,000 and the only remaining Indian-Vincent prototype from 1949 are the highlights of this week's auction report.  Read more
The Apple vs Android debate. We're not here to take a side. We're here to let you pick yours. To that end we'll be giving one lucky winner $2k in credit to purchase whatever they want in either Apple or Android products. Best of luck.   Read more
On the basis that many hotel rooms for the disabled aren't that accessible, can be poorly fitted and have overly clinical designs, two firms have collaborated to create a new hotel room concept. AllGo is an approach aimed at creating accessible ​rooms that are functional, flexible and beautiful.   Read more
As more and more devices bathe our eyes in blue light at night, our sleep patterns will be disturbed and it's even possible that some cancer risks might increase​. So what to do? Do blue-light-blocking glasses, screens and filters do anything to help?​ We asked an expert to find out.   Read more
Each year, the UK's Chartered Institute of Building runs a competition showcasing the very best digital photography of the built environment. The Art of Building highlights the creativity of the construction industry, the passion of the people who work within it, and the impact their work has.   Read more
It can be tricky to keep track of road signs on the move, especially in heavy traffic or poor conditions. The Volkswagen Dynamic Road Sign Display makes it easier to check how fast you should be going, flashing an image of new speed signs in front of the driver.  Read more
As part of NASA's CYGNSS mission, a three-stage booster fired its engines in midair before soaring into orbit with its payload of eight microsatellites designed to monitor hurricanes with a new generation of remote sensors.   Read more
The Hoff may be known for patrolling Los Angeles beaches, and now his namesake, a new type of hairy-chested "Hoff" crab is among six new species that have been discovered living in the bizarre landscape around hydrothermal vents deep in the Indian Ocean.   Read more
Some folding scooters fold in half for carrying in and out of buildings, while others fold and trolley along by their wheels. The GoTube provides an even cleaner solution, folding into a smooth cylinder for strapping over your shoulder or carrying under your arm.   Read more
3D printing has been saving lives for years. Now a team at Georgia Tech is 3D printing exact replicas of patients’ heart valves, based on details pulled from CT scans, to help pick out the perfect prosthetic.   Read more
Built by engineers at Imperial College London, the new AquaMAv drone uses a collapsible wing to dive like a fish-hunting seabird and scoop up water samples from beneath the surface, and then launch like a flying fish when it's time to return to the skies. ​   Read more
This year, laptops trended toward thin, metallic, increasingly versatile builds and a decreasing number of ports. Many of their specs fall within a narrow range, but there are a few notable variations. Join New Atlas as we round up and compare eight of 2016's best high-end laptops.​   Read more
There's no better time than now to join the wireless revolution and simplify; once you've gone Bluetooth, it's hard to ever look back at a cable again. We have a choice selection of the best Bluetooth wireless earphones and headphones you can get in 2016.   Read more
When chicks are being sorted at hatcheries, most of the cockerels (male chicks) are culled. Needless to say, this practise is troubling to many people. It may soon no longer be necessary, however, thanks to a new technique that determines the gender of embryos while they're still in the egg.​  Read more
Prescribing treatments for lung cancer patients often involves invasive procedures like biopsies. However a new noninvasive blood test could change all this. Better yet, it costs less than $30.   Read more
How much would you be willing to pay for a camera which was ridiculously simple to use, and promised perfect pictures? Relonch is launching a US$99 per month service for its connected camera which uses LTE to send photos to its servers for AI post processing.  Read more
The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will play host to a new set of biometric scanning tools from Continental, opening the door for smarter keyless start systems in future cars.  Read more
Spotting your Uber is about to become easier, with the ride-sharing firm set to roll-out its new Beacon feature. The Beacon is an LED light in the shape of the Uber logo that attaches to the inside of a windshield and glows in a color that the rider chooses.  Read more
As pubs and bars in the UK get busier in the run up to Christmas, Barclaycard has uncorked a way to reduce the time people spend waiting to be served. Pay @ Pump is a beer pump that allows customers to pour their own pint and pay with a contactless card in as little as a minute.   Read more
A 2017 Kia Niro EX has set a new Guinness World Record for the fuel efficiency of a hybrid car being driven from coast-to-coast in the US. The crossover completed the 3,715-mile journey with a consumption of 76.6 mpg.   Read more
There's fast, and there's electric fast. Faraday Future is teasing its upcoming streetcar with a video showing a disguised prototype easily walking away from a Bentley, a Ferrari and even a Tesla P100D in Ludicrous mode on the drag strip.   Read more
​Looks like we are about to see what Mario can do on the, err, small screen. Super Mario Run, the first smartphone game to feature the adventurous Italian plumber, is rolling out on iOS devices today, with Android release to follow sometime in the new year.   Read more
In today's digital world, there's simply too much out there trying to distract you from what's important—until now. Pagico is a one-stop app that helps turn all of your tasks, notes, and projects into beautiful interactive flowcharts. They'll keep you in check so you can get things done in a much more effective manner. Plan better, organize smarter, and watch your productivity level reach new heights like never before.   Read more