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Sunday, September 11, 2016

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Swedish PM rules out talks with 'racist' SD party
Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, predicted in the summer that the Sweden Democrats would be a normal part of Swedish politics after the next election. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT
“This is a party with racist roots, which has come out of the white supremacist movement," Stefan Löfven said. "I can never work together with that type of party. I will never do it.” 
    Majority of Swedes oppose welfare profits: poll
    Ilmar Reepalu at the Almedalen festival in 2014. Photo: Lisa Abrahamsson/TT
    As Social Democrat veteran Ilmar Reepalu prepares to announce proposals to limit profits from welfare, a new poll shows that a majority of Swedes support curbs.  
      SAS bans use of exploding Galaxy Note 7 on flights
      An SAS Airbus 330-300E launches from Stockholm's Arlanda airport on its way to Los Angeles. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
      SAS is first European airline to announce a ban.  
        Ikea killer brutally beaten in Swedish prison
        Abraham Ukbagabir sitting in the middle between his lawyer and interpreter. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT
        Abraham Ukbagabir stabbed a 55-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son to death with a kitchen knife pulled from the display at a branch of IKEA in Västerås.  
          Put more women on your boards or be fined, firms told
          Should all boards be gender equal? Photo: Henrik Trygg/
          UPDATED: The Swedish government wants to fine companies who don't have enough women on their boards of directors. 
          Have two Swedish amateurs made the last real Bond film?
          Ever wondered what a Swedish version of James Bond would be like? Photo: Jerry Gladh/Lukas Pålsson
          Could two Swedes with no experience and zero budget make a James Bond movie? Watch the trailer and decide for yourselves. 
            In pictures: Sweden's Prince Alexander's royal christening
            Prince Alexander of Sweden. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT
            All the best and cutest pictures from Prince Alexander's big day. 
            Zlatan Ibrahimovic ready for his derby debut
            Ibrahimovic after scoring against Southampton in August. Photo: Jon Super/AP/TT
            The Swede will make his first derby appearance for Manchester United on Saturday, when he takes on old enemy Pep Guardiola.  
            Ethical reviewer: Macchiarini's research 'misleading'
            Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Photo: Lorenzo Galassi/AP/TT
            Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini has been judged to have committed research misconduct by the Swedish organisation in charge of reviewing research, the Central Ethical Review Board (CEPN). 
              Swede charged in Britain over supermarket 'fraud'
              A Tesco store in London. Photo: AP Photo/Alastair Grant
              A Swedish ex-finance boss is among three former senior directors embroiled in an accounting scandal grabbing international headlines. 
                Don't let size fool you! Meet Sweden's tiniest firefighter
                Louise Carlsson, part-time firefighter. Photo: Private
                Part-time firefighter Louise Carlsson, who stands at 148cm (or 4ft 10in), tells The Local she hopes her story will help break down barriers. 
                What's on in Sweden
                Eight great free things to do in Sweden this weekend
                The Stockholm Half Marathon is one of the highlights this weekend. Photo: Leif R Jansson / TT
                Feeling the pinch after spending all your summer cash? Luckily, Sweden has plenty of fun to offer this weekend that won’t cost a penny to enjoy. 
                'Male rape should be taken more seriously'
                A file photo of a man. Photo: Simon Paulin/SvD/TT
                Though it is more common for women to be victims of rape, male rape must also be seen as a serious problem in society, write Umeå University's Jens Lindberg and Stefan Sjöström.  
                My Swedish Career
                'Sweden is a country that has children at its heart'
                Jill Leckie and her family. Photo: Private
                Having children can be a daunting experience, even more so in a new country. Meet the Scotswoman helping international parents navigate family life in Sweden. 
                The Local List
                Travel: The six most beautiful autumn walks in Värmland
                The gorgeous Finnskog area of Värmland. Photo: Clarissa Hirst
                Värmland-based travel writer Clarissa Hirst introduces you to six of the most delightful places to stretch your legs this season. 
                More news
                Muslim girl, 14, attacked outside school in Borås
                File photo of a Swedish police officer. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
                Police have confirmed that it is being investigated as a hate-related attack. 
                Man's 'offensive' number plate banned in Sweden
                All good and well until you look at it in the mirror. Photo: Jurek Holzer/SvD/TT (image manipulated by The Local)
                This driver was outsmarted by transport authorities. 
                Refugee crisis
                Sweden unveils new refugee age assessment model
                A Swedish residential home for unaccompanied minors. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT
                The previous system for assessing the age of unaccompanied minors who apply for asylum in Sweden has been criticized.  
                The Local List
                Ten places to get a perfect cup of coffee in Stockholm
                Finding good coffee can be tricky in Stockholm. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
                Sick of paying a premium for tarry lukewarm filter coffee? This guide to Stockholm's best brew is for you.  
                How to make your own Swedish pheasant burgers
                Pheasant burgers are a new twist on an old Swedish classic, the veal burger. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish Food
                The Swedish recipe for veal burgers dates back to 1879. Using pheasant gives them a unique gamey flavour. 
                From our other editions
                Red Bull race pilot dies in mystery helicopter crash
                Hannes Arch. Photo: Phil Guest/Wikimedia
                Austrian Red Bull race pilot Hannes Arch has reportedly died in a helicopter crash in the Austrian Alps.  
                Swiss space firm boss left badly injured in violent attack
                Pascal Jaussi. Photo: Swiss Space Systems
                Pascal Jaussi had previously received threats against him, according to reports. 
                The Local List
                9 simple things Germans have way too many words for
                Photo: DPA.
                If you're baffled by what the heck you’re supposed to call a pancake, it's not your fault. 
                Why Danish flags will fly nationwide on Monday
                Photo: Colourbox
                Danes love their flag but Monday will see more of them flying than usual. Here’s why. 
                Catalan independence debate
                La Diada: Five things you need to know
                A good day to be a flag seller: Catalonia will be festooned with millions of 'senyeras' and 'esteladas' on September 11th. Photo: JOSEP LAGO / AFP
                Crowds will take to the streets on Sunday for 'La Diada', the Catalan National Day. Here's what they are marching about. 
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