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Thursday, September 1, 2016

PBS Update

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9/11 Inside the Pentagon – A Must Watch Special Early Next Week
Learn what happened behind the walls of the Pentagon told by those who lived it. Watch a preview and other rare video footage from the day that forever changed our nation. 
Indian Summers Returns With Season 2 – Premieres September 11th
Find out what journeys and surprises lay ahead with Season 2. Watch actors share their personal thoughts of what you can expect without giving away too many secrets. 
The Contenders 16 for ’16 – 8-Part Series This September
Go inside 16 of the most influential presidential campaigns of the last 50 years and see how previous elections are still influencing today. Watch a preview of this eight-hour series.
Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War – Late September
Ken Burn’s latest film looks at the courageous mission of a husband and wife to help refugees escape Nazi-occupied Europe. Watch the preview and related clips.
NOVA’s Video Library – Stream Old and New Episodes
Watch stories from the frontline of science and engineering. Learn about topics such as what made North America and if Alzheimer’s can be stopped. Stream full episodes now!