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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Atlas

Waterjet cutting is a proven method for creating precise cuts with nearly any kind of material, but the machines are expensive. Wazer is out to change that with the first desktop waterjet that can cut nearly any material with a precision similar to more expensive systems, but at less cost.​  Read more
There's gold in them thar asteroids – also iron, nickel, copper and, most valuable of all, water. The question is, where exactly is all this mineral wealth and how do you get it without going broke in the process?​  Read more
iOS 10 is rolling out from today, the latest major upgrade to the Apple-made operating system that powers millions of phones and tablets across the world. We've been using beta versions of the software since June, and here's what we think – and what to expect when the download lands on your device.   Read more
Miops Mobile is a camera remote which uses the sensors in a smartphone to take photos at exactly the right moment. The device, which is currently on Kickstarter, connects to the shutter release port of your camera, and wirelessly to a smartphone.   Read more
Every winter in Sweden, a magical hotel is constructed out of ice and filled with glittering ice sculptures and artworks. Then it melts away when temperatures rise. This year, though, an extra Icehotel is being constructed and the arctic circle's 24/7 summer sun will help it to stay cool.   Read more
Belgian sustainable architecture proponent Vincent Callebaut has unveiled his vision for renovating Brussels' Botanic Center. The concept sees the existing 1970s-era concrete structure transformed into an energy-producing and greenery-clad sustainable building.   Read more
The Peugeot 2008 DKR came, it improved, and it conquered. And now it steps aside to make room for an official successor, the equally angry and intimidating 3008 DKR.  Read more
​We’re wearing electronic devices, and soon we could be wearing clothing that powers those devices. Now a team at Georgia Tech has developed a fabric that gathers energy from both the sun and movement simultaneously, which could be used to create power-generating clothing or other textile products.   Read more
In spite of the changes going on in the automotive world, our love for big rear wings has largely remained constant. But there is another avenue to downforce. Ground effects became a fixture of Formula 1 before they were banned in 1982. Now they're back, stuck to the bottom of the Ariel Aero-P.​​   Read more
VR can be a hazard if the cord wraps itself around your legs. Developers are beginning to solve that problem by stuffing the brains of the hardware into a backpack. Now MSI has announced the VR One, a lightweight backpack PC with hot-swappable batteries and the graphical grunt to run VR games.  Read more
Hybrid tech has filtered into mundane metal like the new Nissan Rogue, promising to meld big car practicality with small car running costs. Launched alongside a new, faster version of the Sentra, the Rogue Hybrid is almost 20 percent more efficient than its plain petrol partner.   Read more
Google StreetView lets users the world's cities, roadways and landmarks. The Google Cultural Institute extends coverage to performing arts centers and museums, and now the company’s added a natural history flavor to its virtual tours, bringing to life creatures past and present.   Read more
Lexus has undergone a styling revolution over the past few years. Now, the car that kickstarted the change has been given a refresh. The 2017 Lexus IS might not look particularly different to before, but it's packing plenty of fresh tech under the skin. ​   Read more
Boeing with partner Saab took the wraps off their T-X military jet training aircraft in St. Louis. The single-engine is the focus of a major competition worth billions of dollars to replace the US Air Force's aging fleet of T-38 trainers.   Read more
Rather than following the motor show norm and putting priceless classics on plinths, Goodwood Revival sees them running around a track. Check out some of the highlights from this roaring throwback to the glamorous days of motor racing in our gallery.   Read more
The Electra Meccanica Solo three-wheeler only hit our radar back in June of this year, but it's already set to beat the more well-known Elio to market. Canada's Electra made things official last week, introducing the model and announcing 2017 deliveries.​   Read more
While tech products are more than lists of features, there has been a feature gap of late between iPhones and Galaxies. That dynamic changed a little bit with the arrival of the iPhone 7. Let’s see how it sizes up next to the Galaxy S7.   Read more
​​There may indeed be plastic waste strewn across the surface of the world's oceans, but most of it still enters the water at the shoreline. It was with this in mind that Richard Hardiman created the WasteShark. It's an aquatic drone that's designed to cruise harbors and gulp down garbage.  Read more
A new study suggests that belief about nicotine content in cigarettes can influence cravings and brain activity in chronic smokers.   Read more
Ford has announced the acquisition of crowd-sourced shuttle service Chariot, a collaboration with bike-sharing provider Motivate, and plans to establish a new team that will work with cities around the world to help people get around more easily. All are part of its ongoing move towards mobility.  Read more
Scientists have come up with a method that they are hailing as a game-changer for forensics, using analysis of hair samples to detect unique patterns of proteins that can identify humans up to 250 years after being left behind.   Read more
There’s a new Canon 5D heading its way into the expectant hands of photographers. But how will the Mark IV compare to its predecessor? Here we compare the key specifications of the two cameras to find out.   Read more
In January, Chevrolet unveiled a fully electric version of its formerly hybrid-only Bolt and then filled in a few gaps. One gap that was still remaining – save for an above 200 mi (433 km) promise – was range, but Chevy has now pinned that down to 238 mi (383 km) on a single charge.   Read more
The tidal power MeyGen project is now officially underway, with Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, unveiling four 1.5 MW turbines, which together make up Phase 1A of the project, at an event in the Nigg Energy Park in Scotland.   Read more
After trialling the approach for around a year, Dutch police are now preparing to welcome eagles into the law enforcement fold, with the animals highly trained to take down drones that pose a threat to the public. ​​   Read more
Last year, Uber set up its Advanced Technologies Center in the US city of Pittsburgh, with a view to rolling out a fleet of autonomous ride-sharing vehicles. It may have been beaten to the punch by NuTonomy, but, today, Pittsburgh​ residents will be the first to experience Self-Driving Ubers.   Read more
Recording guitarists who want to fatten up a guitar sound can record multiple identical riffs and layer them up to give richer tones. In a live setting, such things are not so easy. Denmark's TC Electronic is promising authentic monster tones every time from its Mimiq Doubler stomp.   Read more
Ever get the error message, "content not available in your location," when you're trying to stream your favorite shows and movies? You won't ever again with a lifetime subscription to TNT Stream Unblocker. Unblock hundreds of streaming services through a worldwide network of servers designed to offer IP addresses from 13 countries around the world. You'll never go hungry for Netflix again.   Read more