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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Citing e-biking as the hottest topic in the bicycle industry, Bosch revealed a new dual-battery pack at Eurobike 2016 last week. The new DualBattery system puts double the capacity into Bosch's electric drives, taking electric-assist pedaling new distances.  Read more
Are smartphone manufacturers and developers doing enough to keep users safe and healthy? Here’s a look at the most epidemic dangers associated with smartphone use, and how mobile technology companies are responding.   Read more
A new study shows that monkeys in captivity lose so much of the diversity of their natural gut microbes, that the bacteria in their digestive tracts starts resembling those of modern Western humans.   Read more
Plans have been submitted for a new mixed-use megatall skyscraper in China that would rise almost half a mile high. Designed by bKL Architecture, the H700 Shenzhen Tower is still in the early stages of development, but would reach a height of 739 m (2,424 ft).  Read more
Introduced on the latest 208, Peugeot's new design language set the foundation for some of the best looking family cars out there, but the 5008 might be the most successful application yet. It's not only stylish on the outside, but also has all the space to ferry families from A to B in comfort.​   Read more
Barking voice commands at devices is pretty commonplace these days, but these are designed with adults in mind. Kids have very different speech patterns, and Disney Research has developed a system that picks out key words from chatter and overlapping speech to let kids play a game with their voice.   Read more
BMW has unveiled what it touts as the first plug-in hybrid in the compact luxury SUV segment​ at the Chengdu Motor Show​. Destined for Chinese showrooms only, the X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance features a gasoline engine up front and electric motors at the rear.   Read more
What if you're after something a little more avant-garde, a luxury car which doesn't conform to traditional interior design ideals? One Polish company thinks it has solved the problem with its Varsovia Concept.​  Read more
LG has unveiled the latest addition to its flagship V series, the V20. Running Android 7.0 Nougat, the V20 continues the multimedia focus of last year’s V10 by bumping up the quality of video and audio recording and playback, and introducing deeper customization options when capturing media.   Read more
Downsized turbo engines capable of punching well above their weight are the new norm, along with clever gearboxes packing a huge spread of ratios. Kia is the latest brand to develop an efficient new gearbox, launching a new lightweight eight-speeder to work with its upcoming front-wheel drive cars.   Read more
They're not the first transistors created using carbon nanotubes (CNTs), but researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) claim their new carbon nanotube transistors are the first to outperform the best silicon transistors available today.   Read more
Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphone rivalry has bled over into the world of smartwatches. Ahead of the expected second-gen Apple Watch, let’s take a quick look at how the O.G. Apple Watch​ sizes up next to Samsung’s new Gear S3​.   Read more
Detection of E. coli bacteria involves tests that typically take several hours, and must be performed in a lab. That could soon change, however, as scientists have developed a portable sensor that can do the job in 15 to 20 minutes. ​   Read more
More robust connections would certainly help nudge things along and usher in applications like drone deliveries, and AT&T believes it has a role to play. The company will soon kick off trials designed to test how drones perform on its commercial 4G LTE and future networks such as 5G.​   Read more
A new study sheds light on a potential link between toxic nanoparticles in air pollution and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.   Read more
A new electric vehicle (EV) charging station that has opened in Norway is claimed to be the world's biggest. Located in Nebbenes, about 65 km (40 mi) and​ 45 minutes north of the country's capital, Oslo, it offers 28 charging points said to cater for all types of modern EVs.   Read more
Foster + Partners has designed a new Danish HQ for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the design of which is both striking and tailored for the firm. The 39,000-sq m (420,000-sq ft) triangular building will be located on the Copenhagen waterfront with views of Malmö and the Swedish coast.   Read more
​​Cars that drive themselves are going to free up a lot of time for us to do other stuff like read and become violently ill. Ansible Motion is looking to land a pre-emptive strike, with a driving simulator that makes people sick now so as to make smoother autonomous rides in the future.   Read more
We've already seen one way that artist Daan Roosegaarde has celebrated the renovation of the Netherlands' Afsluitdijk. Now, he's announced more light-based projects that will comprise the Icoon Afsluitdijk program, including reflective surfaces and bioluminescent algae.​   Read more
We've seen lots of innovative takes on luggage of late, but Bugaboo has been able to to approach it from a different angle to anyone else. The firm has drawn on its experience designing pushchairs with the aim of making an easy-rolling and convenient case called the Boxer.   Read more
Wildlife biologists Katy Gavrilchuk and David Gaspard recently embarked on a research expedition to study whale and dolphin species off the east coast of Canada. The pair built themselves an off-grid tiny house to serve as a mobile research base throughout their working adventure.   Read more
NASA's most experienced astronaut, International Space Station Mission Commander Jeff Williams, returned to Earth today after clocking up a cumulative total of 534 space-days. Along with fellow Expedition 48 Russian cosmonauts Williams touched down outside Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan at 9:13 am PDT.   Read more
If your dream is to master a foreign language, there's not better teacher than Rosetta Stone. With its intuitive, immersive method, Rosetta Stone will have you reading, writing, and speaking like a natural in no time. You'll start by matching words with images just like when you learned your native language as a child. Then you'll move onto interactive lessons where speech recognition technology works to evaluate and improve your accent with instant feedback. The reviews don't lie, Rosetta Stone is the best way to master a second, third, or fourth language from home.   Read more