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Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Atlas ( Gizmag)

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
What if you’ve only ever been an iPhone user, and you’re thinking about switching to an Android phone? Here’s a little background on what makes each gadget tick, along with what you can expect from the user experience and a few leading phone options should you decide to take the leap.   Read more
Broadly speaking, there are two types of virtual reality headset in the world: the high-powered, PC connected ones like the Vive and the Rift, and the ones that are run by a phone. The new Alcatel Vision, however, is neither.   Read more
Commissioned by Canada's National Music Centre as part of an ambitious vision to create a world-class exhibition of musical innovation and technology, Studio Bell is a new landmark building for Calgary that's designed to resonate with its audiences – literally.   Read more
Sony threw its hat in the noise-canceling headphones ring this week with the launch of the MDR-1000X. The wired/wireless headsets can personalize the experience for each user, quickly pause the noise cancellation effects, and feature a system that upscales the quality of compressed music files.   Read more
Smart material mixes are making trucks lighter, and turbocharged engines have opened the door to improved fuel efficiency with no payload penalty. Chevrolet has given its Colorado a smartening up, fitting an eight-speed gearbox and a thoroughly reworked V6 for better performance and economy.  Read more
Yuneec is known for a few professional-grade drones like the feature-packed Typhoon series, but now the company is targeting a more casual breed of pilot with the selfie-taking Breeze.   Read more
Look quickly at the all-new Kode57, and you'll swear you're looking at a Ferrari ... you just won't be able to recall the exact model name. That's because the aggressive roadster isn't a Ferrari but is designed by someone with experience sculpting them.   Read more
From the capable Superb through to the punchy Octavia vRS, Skoda is proof platform sharing benefits all the brands involved. The Kodiaq is yet more evidence, picking and choosing the best bits from the MQB parts bin, and packaging them up in a practical Czech SUV body.   Read more
​​If you've been to Poland recently, you may have seen a bug-eyed little three-wheeled electric car driving down the streets. It's known as the SAM, and it's about to start selling in the US.   Read more
Withings has always been a top choice for those wanting normal watches with a little taste of smartness, and today it added heart rate monitoring to its classic Steel watch. The Withings Steel HR has launched at IFA 2016 in Berlin and New Atlas was one of the first to be able to strap it on.   Read more
3Doodler is taking 3D pen printing into a more serious sphere, with a brand new Pro pen that aims to provide a more refined experience to professional users such as architects, engineers and fashion designers.   Read more
​If you saw The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises, then you no doubt remember the Batpod. Well, if you're a true fan (and a rich one), you'll soon have the chance to own it for yourself. One of the bikes that appeared in both films is heading for the auction block.   Read more
New research focusing on a coastal rainforest in Canada has found that human occupation over thousands of years is causing the region to flourish, with a penchant for shellfish and need for warmth a big part the reasons why.  Read more
Newly discovered pterosaur fossils suggest a smaller species of the dinosaur order that could have implications for the extinction that took place at the end of the Cretaceous period.   Read more
​Last year, DJI introduced the Osmo – a motor-stabilized rig that smooths out the shakes in handheld video footage. Now, it's unveiled the Osmo Mobile, which utilizes the user's smartphone instead of a DJI-supplied camera.   Read more
Garmin has announced its latest action camera with the Virb Ultra 30. Boasting 4K video recording, 3-axis image stabilization technology, and voice control, the new tough camera could give GoPro something to worry about.   Read more
A clinical trial of the antibody Aducanumab has yielded positive results, slowing cognitive decline in patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Larger-scale trials of the treatment, which attacks the brain plaques central to the condition, are now underway.   Read more
The excitement around smallish tablets isn't what it used to be, but if you're currently in the market for a mini-slate, Huawei is ready to launch a real beauty. We've been using the just-announced Huawei MediaPad M3 since last week and have some thoughts on this silky-smooth slab.   Read more
IFA 2016 is only just getting underway and already we've seen a wave of new tech announced by the big names. Today Sony took its turn, with two major new major Xperia X handsets to show off, and New Atlas was there to take a look.  Read more
​A possible signal from ET turned out to be a false alarm as scientists confirm that a message seemingly from the stars came from Earth. Recent reports had suggested that a powerful radio signal might be a deliberate message, but an old Cold War military satellite is the culprit.   Read more
The harsh reality is you waste time typing the same thing over and over, whether you notice it or not-- but that's where TextExpander comes in. This highly popular app allows you to create custom shortcuts that populate any set of text or images you want to save you the time and effort of typing. Whether it's HTML formatting, a salutation, or even a lengthy email, you'll find minutes and hours freed up. Your powerful collection of snippets is now available everywhere; wherever you are, on any device, and instantly shareable with friends.   Read more