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Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Atlas ( Gizmag)

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
Today, as SpaceX was testing an unmanned rocket in preparation for a launch on Saturday, an explosion erupted sending a dark plume of smoke into the air. "Buildings several miles away shook from the blast, and multiple explosions continued for several minutes," according to the Associated Press.   Read more
We recently took the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II on holiday to see exactly what the powerful compact is capable of. Read on to find out whether its one-inch-sensor and fast zoom lens made the G7X II a good travel companion for us, and what it could do for you.   Read more
Huawei is the latest gadget maker to show off its brand new wares at IFA 2016, and New Atlas was there to catch the show. The Chinese giant has introduced two new midrange phones with sleek looks and some useful tricks for photographers: the Nova and the Nova Plus.   Read more
TomTom has announced a new fitness tracker at IFA 2016 which, in addition to logging your activity and monitoring your heart rate, can also measure your percentage of body fat and muscle mass.   Read more
Chances are that head-up display (HUD) systems are the next big thing in motorcycle helmet tech, with several startups developing such systems. Seemore’s HUD module is designed to be factory-fitted to helmets, offering an abundance of features that include a group interaction tool.   Read more
​We recently reported on a theory that says the Big Bang might have been prevented by the laws of quantum mechanics. As part of our "One Question" series, we asked theoretical physicist Steffen Gielen to help us understand more.   Read more
Drones are proving their worth in dangerous situations we don't want to expose humans to. Now a team from the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center have tested a new pair of unmanned vehicles that can be used to detect chemical and biological agents on the battlefield or in an attack.   Read more
NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to maneuver into a higher orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres. The move to is designed to get a new perspective of the dwarf planet​​ and prolong the already successful mission.   Read more
The race to make laptops thinner and lighter is really hotting up. The 10.4 mm (0.41 in) HP Spectre was labelled the world's slimmest laptop earlier this year, but the 9.98 mm (0.39 in) Acer Swift 7 used IFA 2016 to steal that crown.   Read more
Water injection has recently found a home on the BMW M4 GTS, but the technology hasn't really drifted down to more mundane metal yet. Bosch wants to change that, offering up its water injection technology with the promise of more power and better fuel efficiency from compact engines.​   Read more
Last year Sphero gave kids (and big kids) the chance to own one of the droids themselves, and now a special edition model gives the bot a new lick (or lack) of paint as well as pairing it with a wrist-worn controller that brings with it the power of the Force.   Read more
Never one to be satisfied with the basic diamond frame, Germany's Klever has released what could be called its most striking electric bike design yet at Eurobike 2016.   Read more
What happens when an artificial intelligence system is tasked with making a trailer to a horror movie about an artificially enhanced human hybrid? We now have the answer.   Read more
Once a power meter has been mounted on one bike, it's a hassle to transfer it to another. That's why Spanish company Luck has taken a different approach. It's developed a power meter that attaches to the shoe, not the bike.​   Read more
New Atlas is in attendance at all this year's big press events at IFA, and we've just been getting an advance look (and feel) of the Samsung Gear S3. It's an impressive device on paper – so how does it measure up on the wrist?   Read more
​​When Boyan Slat and his team at the Ocean Cleanup Project dragged their 100-m (330-ft) trash-catching boom out to sea in June, the Dutch entrepreneur gave the system a 30 percent chance of breaking. Unfortunately for Slat, these fears have now materialized.   Read more
Innomdle Lab has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new wearable that is looking to take a jab at convention by forming speakers from fingertips. The Sgnl smart strap is designed to transmit vibrations through the hand, which become amplified sound upon one touching an ear.   Read more
The 11th World Wheelie Championship ended on a high note after Egbert Van Popta set a new world record on his way to the title. His 213 mph (343 km/h) exit speed after a full kilometer on the back wheel was enough to edge Gary Rothwell’s previous record of 210 mph (337 km/h) from last September.  Read more
While removing the gold locked in electronics has heretofore been a toxic and inefficient proposition, researchers now think that a new process will make prospecting for the precious metals in electronics heaps more achievable than ever.   Read more
Starting next week you'll be able to buy a cheaper variant of the Moto Z that still works with the same innovative Moto Mods system. We've been using the Moto Z Play for about a week and have some early impressions.​​​​   Read more
​ESA's Sentinel-1A satellite has been struck by a fast moving space particle, creating a 40-cm-wide impact crater in one of the probe's twin solar arrays.  Read more
Today, Samsung unveiled the new Gear S3. This latest smartwatch incarnation is heavy on old-school luxury watch style and includes a few notable new standalone capabilities.   Read more
A team of scientists at UC San Diego has found a simple but effective way of encouraging stem cells to regenerate bone tissue. With successful animal tests already in the bag, the findings could have a big impact on the treatment of bone defects, and for healing traumatic bone injuries.   Read more
​Tiny droplets linger in the air for minutes in the aftermath of swirling tornadoes of fragmented mucus. This is the latest portrait painted by a team of MIT researchers who use high-speed imaging to study the fluid dynamics of sneezes.   Read more
Scientists claim to have discovered the world's oldest fossils in a remote part of Greenland that are around 3.7 billion years old, beating the previous record by more than 200 million years   Read more
The Panasonic HC-X1 is a 4K camcorder for professional videographers who don’t want to keep using a wide conversion lens. The handheld shooter features an extremely wide 24mm 20x optical zoom lens.   Read more
Amazon has brought its Dash Buttons to Europe. Dash Buttons let you order certain products from Amazon simply by pressing a physical button located in your home, which is perfect for shoppers who buy the same things over and over again.  Read more
We've seen some interesting approaches to the stopping of snoring, ranging from self-inflating pillows to noise-emitting nose pieces. One of the latest devices to take on sleep apnea, called the Snore Circle, goes about doing the job by buzzing you in the head. ​   Read more
​Today, Lenovo unveiled its 2016 Yoga flagships at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin: The Yoga Tab 3 Plus tablet, the Yoga 910 convertible laptop and the Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet, all slated to hit the market this October. ​  Read more
Microsoft Project, Excel, & PowerPoint. These are some of the most commonly-used softwares in business, and ones that your career would thank you for learning. This 5-course, 62.5-hour bundle will introduce you to these important products, including the newest versions for 2016.   Read more