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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More from New Atlas ( gizmag)

​The Blue Origin rocket family got a bit larger today as founder and CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the company's New Glenn heavy booster. Named after Colonel John Glenn, it's a heavy-lift version of the New Shepard rocket and will carry both astronauts and orbital payloads.​   Read more
Researchers have discovered that deactivating neurons in the brains of alcohol-dependent rats completely stopped compulsive drinking behavior. While the usual caveats around animal research apply, the study offers hope that drug therapy might one day help people gain control over alcoholism.   Read more
The Czech Republic's Pin-Up Houses has developed a prototype prefab tiny house that may lack in amenities, but excels in cost and speed of assembly​. Named France, it comes in at just US$1,200, and takes a team of three just three hours to build.   Read more
Kinetic energy from movement has been harnessed to charge batteries, and thermoelectric generators have powered wearable devices. Now researchers at NCSU have created a new wearable prototype that's lightweight, comfortable and much more efficient than existing TEGs.  Read more
Information can be a soldier’s most important weapon. Rockwell Collins has unveiled the Integrated Digital Vision System, a HUD that attaches to combat helmets and relays data from a command center, other warfighters or drones, as well as augmenting the wearer’s vision with multispectral sensors.   Read more
Jaguar is undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment. Having nailed down an attractive design signature for its cars, the next step in the resurrection is an efficient new set of powertrains and a brand new eight-speed gearbox.   Read more
American drone company xCraft previously impressed the TV sharks on Shark Tank with a quadcopter rig that turns a smartphone into a flying cockpit and camera. Now the startup is looking to impress drone racers with the beta version of its "Rogue" model, one of the fastest flyers we've seen.   Read more
With sport utility vehicles shrinking and lightening, smaller, lighter camping trailers have been following closely behind. The latest is the Airstream Basecamp trailer, which gives campers a lighter, more compact way of Airstreaming their way to outdoor adventures.   Read more
​Robots have been lending a hand in the operating theater for years, opening up a range of procedures previously impossible. Now, surgeons at Oxford University have used a remote-controlled robot to perform a delicate operation in the eye, with precision not normally afforded by the human hand.  Read more
Nissan has teamed up with the English Institute of Sport to help three-time Paralympic gold medallist David Stone get more from his trike. With a light, aerodynamic titanium frame, the new trike should give one of Britain's best medal hopes another small edge over the competition.   Read more
Proterra latest electric bus, the Catalyst E2, has logged more the 600 miles (966 km) on a single charge under test conditions at the Michelin proving grounds in South Carolina.​   Read more
Sometimes, the daily commute feels like a black hole where too much of your time and energy disappears. These handy apps can help convert mind-numbing to-and-fro travel into anything you want it to be, from educational to entertaining.    Read more
NASA's latest monthly analysis of global temperatures has found August 2016 to be the hottest August in 136 years of record-keeping, marking the 11th consecutive month such a record has been broken.  Read more
Given that transport trucks travel across continents, the advertising on them can't be for regional businesses … right? Well, it soon could. RoadAds has developed e-ink displays that are mounted on the back of trailers, and that automatically change content depending on their location.   Read more
When you wash your hands under a running tap, most of the water just flows out of the faucet and down the drain without being used. That's why Swedish company Altered created the Altered:Nozzle, which atomizes tap water into a fine mist.   Read more
From one angle it resembles a pyramid, from another the sail of a massive ship voyaging down the Hudson River. BIG's recently-completed 450 ft (137 m)-tall Via 57 West stands out even amongst Manhattan's many high-rises.    Read more
A new non-invasive brain imaging technique could benefit those with stress-related disorders by helping them regulate their amygdala activity and control their emotions.  Read more
What’s in a year between Plus-sized iPhones? Nothing dramatic, but, as Apple has a way of doing, there may end up being just enough newness to tempt upgraders. Let’s help you make that call, as we compare last year’s iPhone 6s Plus​ to the new iPhone 7 Plus​.   Read more
​Crafty bacteria that evade the forces of current drugs are a real concern. Scientists have built a new tool to study how the microscopic killers operate, developing a giant Petri dish where they can be seen evolving resistance to rising concentrations of antibiotics in a matter of days.   Read more
​A few years ago, Léo Marius released designs for a 3D-printable camera that captured pretty decent stills. The camera still needed some proper glass out front though. Amos Dudley has taken the idea a step further by printing an entire 35 mm-film camera – including the shutter and lens.  Read more
Researchers say that for the first time, they've spotted radiation's exact effect on the DNA in cancerous cells, which could help them distinguish which cancers are caused by radiation and perhaps develop cures specific to that form of the disease.   Read more
​Having previously shown off impressive capabilities dealing with uneven ground and being pushed around​, the humanoid Atlas robot built by Boston Dynamics has now demonstrated the ability to balance unaided on the edge of a plywood board less than an inch thick.   Read more
The hit FRESHeBUDS earbuds are back and better than ever with the new Pro model. Even more water and sweat resistant to stand up to any outdoor activity, these new buds have enhanced battery life, and automatically pair to your phone when pulled apart so you don't have to go through any setup. With a smoother fit and better sound quality as well, these are the earbuds of the future.   Read more