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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Samsung Will Replace, Refund Or Repair All Galaxy Note7s In Australia 

As part of Samsung’s just-announced worldwide recall affecting over a million Galaxy Note7 smartphones, every owner of a Note7 in Australia — even if they bought the phone overseas or online — will be contacted proactively to arrange their choice of a replacement phone, a full refund, or an expert repair. No battery fire incidents have been reported in Australia, but the company is taking unprecedented steps to address any potential issue to keep customers happy.

It's Official: Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note7 Worldwide 

At a press conference in Seoul, Samsung has confirmed that it will recall around a million Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that have been sold to consumers and shipped to retailers around the world. 50,000 Galaxy Note7 owners in Australia — will join a massive recall conducted over potential battery fire risks.

Hauntingly Beautiful Drone Footage Of A Boat Graveyard 

Video: Where do boats go when they’re no longer fit for the high seas? As it happens, they go to Staten Island.

Isolinear Chip Flash Drives Are Definitely Where Picard Would Stash His Data 

You’d have assumed that by the time the 24th century rolled around, Wi-Fi would be available across the galaxy. But Picard’s Enterprise apparently still relied on isolinear chips — Star Trek’s version of flash drives — to share data. ThinkGeek’s version probably isn’t quite as advanced, but you don’t have to tell your imagination that.

New Star Wars Rebels Footage Is Thrawnalicious 

Video: Thrawnalicious is definitely a word that Grand Admiral Thrawn would object to, but it is the best way to describe the new footage Disney has released for Star Wars Rebels.

Tech Hasn't Killed Books Yet 

For those unfamiliar, books are a collection of words that form some sort of coherent narrative, printed on paper and bound together. These objects are very much alive and well, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, despite the fact that we live in an age where you can download the same information onto various pieces of technology. Wild.

The Biggest Air Cannon In The World Would Dominate Vaping Competitions 

Video: Did you know there was an official vaping sport called Cloud Chasing? Competitors compete to make the most impressive smoke plumes, but few would be able to challenge the world’s largest air cannon that can blast massive smoke rings capable of toppling mighty box forts.

Beverage-Dispensing Burger King Vending Machine Is A LEGO Masterpiece 

Video: If YouTube’s AstonishingStudios was ever able to convince LEGO to turn all of its creations into real sets, we’d never have to leave our desks to get breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their latest creation is a Burger King (American Hungry Jack’s) vending machine that serves up fries, Whoppers and even dispenses Coca-Cola.

Even J.K. Rowling Can't Get The Harry Potter Timeline Right 

Thursday was September 1, which, as we all know, is the day that fictional British wizarding children find themselves on the Hogwarts Express, heading back to school. It was also 1 September 2016, which isn’t a special day at all… but everyone got confused about that, thanks to J.K. Rowling.

Jupiter Is 'Hardly Recognisable' In Juno's Latest Images 

The first close-up images of Jupiter as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft are finally rolling in — and the gas giant before us is barely recognisable.

Syfy Superman Prequel Krypton Has Cast Its Lyta Zod 

David S. Goyer’s Superman prequel for the Syfy channel, Krypton, has found its female lead in actress Georgina Campbell. If the pilot makes it to series, she’ll make her US TV debut, though she’s a BAFTA winner for her work in her native England, and will appear in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword next year.

Add All 19 Of These New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Your September Reading List 

September’s new books feature aliens, superheroes, time travel and what sounds like a wonderfully genre-busting new novel from Alan Moore. This list includes our picks from last week’s spring preview, as well as plenty of additional titles to add to your exponentially growing reading list.

The Old Lois Lane Really Doesn't Like The New Lois Lane 

The woman behind one of the most famous incarnations of Lois Lane is not pleased about the version that’s part of DC’s current cinematic universe. In an interview with HeyUGuys, Margot Kidder bashed the latest portrayal of Lois Lane as sexist and old-fashioned.

1960s Time Capsule With Questions About Nudity, TV And Smog Opened In California 

This week the city of Dana Point, California opened up a time capsule that the community sealed back in 1966. The metal tube, safely tucked inside a boulder in 1968, contained a lot of things you’d expect in your average 20th century capsule — like photos and newspapers. But the most interesting thing inside might be the questions that the people of the 1960s had for 2016.

Brilliant Hacker Turned The Classic NES Zapper Into A Kickarse Toy Laser Gun 

For the upcoming Hacked on Classics show being held as part of the Brighton Digital Festival in the UK this month, hacker Seb Lee-Delisle modified the classic NES’ Zapper accessory with LEDs, a green laser, the smoke-generating parts from an e-cigarette and a small blower to create the convincing effect of a functional laser pistol.

The Nintendo NX Is Bringing Cartridges Back: Report 

The glory days of Nintendo consoles will forever be tied to endlessly blowing in plastic game cartridges. With its upcoming convertible system, Nintendo will try to recapture that magic, a source told The Wall Street Journal.