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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Firefighter Nation

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September 6, 2016

Special interest for our Maryland readers is a training opportunity in Baltimore with nationally known instructor Christopher Naum on building size-up and tactical considerations. See the details HERE.

Bill Carey, Online News Manager

Video: Wind-Driven Fire Destroys Rhode Island Mansion 

Fire officials say strong winds from Hermine coupled with "water problems" made it difficult for firefighters to control the flames. 

Command: Ethical Leadership 

$subtitles.get($x)Leaders are measured by their ability to influence others to achieve common goals. They can use their leadership abilities for either good or bad, and the level of trust that they receive is directly linked to their ethical decision making and actions. 

Fitness: Transforming Your Health! 

$subtitles.get($x)When you are preparing to transform your health, you want to gather the right information within an appropriate timeframe. This will set you up for success without delaying the impact you will make on your health. 

Newark, New Jersey 4-Alarm Fire 

Firefighters face fire in two large multiple dwellings. See More Videos

HighRiseOps: Challenges and Solutions 

$subtitles.get($x)If you don’t have enough personnel, and most departments don’t, what options do you have? More from High-Rise Operations

Buildings on Fire: Baltimore 

An exceptional training opportunity for both a classroom session and then taking the classroom to the street with a facilitated walking tour of a wide range of buildings, occupancies and construction features to reinforce the classroom learning’s with street level perspectives and operational insight for the firefighter to the seasoned fire officer and incident commander. Read More from Fire EMS Blogs
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