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Friday, September 16, 2016


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Boy, 10, becomes honorary firefighter after saving stepfather
Va. EMS employee charged in fatal collision with motorcyclist
Paramedic gets heartfelt thanks, hugs from patient's wife
Orlando releases more 911 calls from nightclub shooting: The release of more than a dozen 911 calls this week comes three months after the Pulse shooting
Paramedics train NHL team's staff for game emergencies: One simulator dummy was set up to have a heart attack while on the bench and the other suffered a cardiac event on the ice
Infant dies at hospital after being transported in fire truck: There were no ambulances available because they were on other calls
Ind. dispatchers using exercise equipment to stay healthy, alert
EMS brigade chief pleads guilty in fatal crash
Ohio man convicted for assault on paramedic
Father stabs daughter in the heart, charged with murder
SD fire, EMS practice disaster scenarios
NH student rescued from sinkhole
How Do You Prove the Value of Your CP Program?
HealthCall clients consistently outperform the top 15 health systems nationwide. EMS agencies and healthcare professionals nationwide rely on the HealthCall patented system and method to empower their MIH-CP programs.
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EMS conferences: 10 reasons for volunteers to attend
By Nancy Magee, EMS1 Columnist
Here's why attending a national or state EMS conference is especially important for volunteer EMS providers.
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Community paramedicine program proves potential value
By Catherine R. Counts, EMS1 Columnist
Preliminary data published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society demonstrates early successes of a N.Y. community paramedicine program.
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Fighting off the reaper
By Daniel Sundahl, EMS1 Columnist
The image shows a behind-the-scenes look at EMS personnel trying to save a patient's life
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Which credit card should you pick?
By Megan Wells, EMS1 Contributor
According to EMS1 data, EMTs are 1.23 times more likely than other consumers to have a credit card. Are you selecting the correct one?
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Would you want your kids to have an EMS career?
By EMS1 Staff
Our co-hosts answer a question from a podcast listener wanting to know if he should leave his current career for one in EMS.
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Escaping Violent Encounters: How to stand on a scene
How does anesthesia work?
715Memorial artwork rallies support for Mich. EMS
481How to keep your EMT certification current
193Dallas Fire-Rescue to buy new dispatch system, expand community paramedicine
159Texas EMS agency earns accreditation by CAAS
120Secret Service officer hurt in crash waited 14 minutes for DC ambulance
How new technology makes mobile stroke units safer
Stroke care and treatment is extremely time-sensitive, and mobile stroke units help save precious minutes. Frazer, builder of the nation's first MSU, has developed several key safety features to better protect patients and medics in case of a crash.
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