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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


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Air Force Medical Service hosts 9th EMT Rodeo
20 years later, paramedics recall Tupac Shakur shooting
NY's attorney general investigates EpiPen manufacturer
Dallas rolls out trauma kits to help civilians treat shooting victims:Officials performed an active-shooter drill using the new kits
Ambulance agency sues Calif. city over monopolizing EMS: The agency was denied permission to operate in Huntington Beach last year
Pa. paramedic charged with sexually assaulting coworker: Parker A. Foster Jr. denied the allegations of his coworker, who claims he groped her at a hotel May 21
Ark. ambulance service plans to hire human resources professional
Kan. firefighters loan ambulance to EMS company following crash
Pa. conference targets first responders' stress
Police accuse man of stealing ambulance, evading arrest
Ohio medics find heart in plastic bag
Ga. first responders unsure what to do with donated luxury cruiser
Replace your Backboards with a WauK® Board
Choose the dolly-like function of the WauK® board to roll your patient into small elevators.
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4 top lessons for EMS as we remember
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
The 15th anniversary is a time for quiet reflection and remembrance as well as a chance to discuss top lessons learned from a multitude of events since 9/11.
Crucial lessons 
Kratom: What EMTs need to know about the drug the DEA plans to ban
By Keith Graves, EMS1 Contributor
Kratom, currently sold as a health supplement, is often used by individuals as an alternative to heroin.
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What we learned about EMS in the first year of the State of EMS report
By Fitch & Associates, EMS1 Columnist
The report is not only about measuring where EMS is today, but also how fast — or slow — it is moving, and in what direction.
Year one highlights 
How to buy a mobile incident command post
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Columnist
Consider these four emergency mobile command post vehicle types to see what best fits your needs.
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EMS Communication is gonna change ... IT'S ABOUT TIME.
EMS is a difficult job - so why are we still using technology that makes it even harder? On 10.5.16, that'll change.
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How to Make Community Paramedicine Work for Your Agency, Part II
Once you've established the need and identified your partners, follow these steps to launch a pilot program and measure results.
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1,416Ga. restaurant feeds paramedics on Labor Day
400Air Force Medical Service hosts 9th annual EMT Rodeo
394EMS contacted after 40 middle schoolers dared to eat ghost peppers at lunch
145Boy saves sister from choking after taking free CPR course
116Equipment for medical responders at special events
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