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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Curbed San Francisco

Judge expels eviction protection for SF teachers

City lawmakers unanimously passed a law making it all but impossible to stage a no-fault eviction of teachers and students during the school year. Landlords sued, and a California judge broke for the plaintiff this week.

What old-school SF things do you hope never go away?

Besides your heart, what don’t you want to see go?

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

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An aerial video update of the new Apple Campus 

Coming into September, the latest aerial survey from local Apple watcher Matthew Roberts reveals a structure edging ever closer to those weird but compelling Norman Foster conceptual images.

5 last-minute things to do this Labor Day Weekend

While there promises to be little to no sun this Labor Day Weekend, that doesn't mean you should lie around all weekend mainlining Netflix. And if you didn't plan anything, here are five choice things to do should you need inspiration.

How to design the perfect living room

Living rooms are just that: The rooms where we live. "It’s where we now do everything," says Portland-based designer Lynne Parker. Here are her nine tips and tricks for making your home's most-used room the best room.

BART will pay you not to ride during rush hour

We have no idea what BART's new "bonus box" and "autoplay" ideas are all about, but they add up to being paid to ride BART, and we're behind that on principle.

Uber takes $8 million permit on Oakland building

Although the rehab work on the circa 1929 onetime department store is mostly done, there's yet more to be done to turn it into something that could serve as a Silicon Valley-style office for one of the world's wealthiest tech companies.

Burning Man 2016: Art and architecture under the sun, day five

As we enter day five of Burning Man 2016 in the Nevada desert, let's check out some new structures and art pieces that have seemingly appeared overnight. Ships, pop-art cars, illuminated skateboards, and more.

Everything you need to see at Burning Man 2016


What $2,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

Living small (in square footage, that is) in some of San Francisco's largest living neighborhoods: Dolores Heights, Nob Hill, North Beach, and more.
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Map of SF's ugliest buildings, according to Curbed readers

San Francisco shows us its worst

Bay Area rents drop, East Coast on the rise

New York, Boston, and Washington DC are up, while San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are down. That's good news in this context, because we're talking about rents, with the August fog cooling the market and shaving a few dollars off median rents.

Salesforce Tower update: 720-foot mark reached, surpasses Millennium

Salesforce Tower is throwing shade at the Millennium Tower. Literally. As of today, the hyper-anticipated high-rise has reached the 720-foot mark, bringing it well past the Millennium Tower’s 645-foot status.

Mammoth 10-bed Russian Hill Victorian asks $4.9 million

As far as designer office space goes, you can't ask much more than a four story 1906 Victorian with all of the trimmings. The positively titanic proportions of this 10-bed former boarding house make it a tough sell, but it's a true SF classic.

Escalating hillside Tiburon house: $2.1 million

If you've been in the market for the ideal strategic perch from which to survey all of San Francisco, consider this literally towering 1915 house on a Tiburon hillside, with windows all the way up to its vaulted celing.

Is the Mission burning?

After high-profile blazes in the neighborhood promoted David Campos to hint at the possibility of nefarious shenanigans at play, we took a look at city data to uncover whether the supervisor's worries about an arson cluster are hot air.

Burning Man 2016: Art and architecture from dusk to dawn, day four

While a well-known hotel heiress’s first time on the Playa has, alas, become the most talked about news story to emerge out of Burning Man 2016 thus far, let us not forget what actually matters at Black Rock City—cool pop-up architecture and art.

Long vacant Presidio army bunkers to become art hub

Sixteen of the long abandoned gun positions at Fort Scott will briefly become studios for artists from Iran, Syria, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and Korean. And the exhibition is titled "Home Land Security." We're going to leave the political vibe be.

Millennium Tower sinking: Everything you need to know


Bay Area is best home market, and it's hurting us

San Francisco's housing market is one of the most robust in the nation, and there's little danger of a significant downturn. Which is great news and also awful, awful news. Though always pricey, the buy-in price for SF is up 577 percent since 1986.

Marina teardown sells for way over asking

Marketed as a Marina teardown, this circa 1926 single-family home was listed for $1,999,000. While inhabitable, it had two things going for it—the prized block its on (37 Rico Way being the address), and the neighborhood its in.

New Atherton mansion asks $20 million

Designed and built by Pacific Peninsula, this tony home in the equally tony Atherton landed on the market recently. And from the bottom up, it’s all about sleek and contemporary.

San Francisco House Calls


Watch Burning Man 2016 live

Check out the awe that is Black Rock City, the pop-up metropolis that builds up around the playa during Burning Man.

Burning Man 2016: A look at even more art and architecture, day three

An estimated tens of thousands of people will attend the annual festival of sand, scorching temperatures, and super cool structures. Be it art cars, massive shelters, or a three-story Victrola, each day brings about a new batch of things to see.

Berkeley’s biggest, most expensive mansion asks $7.5M

The circa 1914 mansion modeled on an Austrian palace and so big it was once visible from San Francisco is one of Berkeley's most storied historical and architectural resources. It's also been a serious albatross on the neck of some past owners.

Cool dad hires skater/artist to create son's bedroom mural

Michael Kershnar, artist and ska8r boi, is known in art circles for this murals, typically involving nature and the spiritual world. He was recently tapped by Silicon Valley bigwig Neal Howard George to create a work for his six-year-old son.

What goes into George Lucas' narrative art museum?

Answering the $1 billion question that the museum's name has consistently failed to answer. Turns out, it's more than just "Star Wars." A lot more.

Pacific building marks first sale: $8.9 million

Ultra high-end building in most posh of all San Francisco neighborhoods attracts the richest of the rich buyers, selling out their first batch of condos and fast tracking plans to list the next set.

Bonkers Pac Heights Edwardian renovation asks $7.49M

Rebuilt from the foundation up between 2004-2008, this circa 1904 Pacific Heights renovation is for lovers of rich wood accents. No, seriously. It is drenched in wood. Dark, glorious wood.

What $6,300 rents you in San Francisco right now

New rentals on the crooked mouth of Lombard Street, the rent-controlled side of the Haight, the heights of Dolores Park, and the stylish end of the Richmond.

Untouched Glen Park midcentury asks $2.29 million

At the tail end of the midcentury aesthetic is this untouched midcentury house at 60 Laidley. It is nothing short of astounding. Also rare, insofar as the San Francisco market goes, is how it’s come away unscathed over the years.